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December 2019

Conducting a harassment investigation is important and the HR professional tasked with the same should be trained in how...

United States


by Gillian Towler Mehta


The thesis has one main focus, the purity laws of a religious group in Europe, an original piece of research never done before in the UK. The thesis uses diasporic theories of identity; theories of women and the body; theories of women, their bodies and patriarchal religion and theories of women, purity and pollution in religion, to explain why European Zoroastrian women continue to support six of the purity laws of Zoroastrianism in the year 2003. Purity and pollution are at the heart of the Zoroastrian religion and the research demonstrated that Zoroastrians belief in and knowledge of the six purity laws was strong in 2003. Zoroastrians are a diasporic religious group whose modern origins are in Iran and the sub-continent of India. They have been visiting and settling, from the sub-co...

by Dean Foreman


Dean Foreman's 28 Laws of Contracting Law #1 - Avoid the Fantasy Land of Wishful Thinking · Law #2 - Use Discovery to Control the Options · Law #3 - The Customer is Not Always Right · Law #4 - Good or Bad, the Customer Is the "Chairman of the Board" · Law #5 - If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, It's a Duck · Law #6 - Some Projects Are Better Left to the Next Guy · Law #7 - The Contractor is the "Captain" · Law #8 - Architects are Only Designers · Law #9 - Planning is Not Just Scheduling · Law #10 - Don't "Rig Your Ship" for the Wrong Voyage · Law #11 - Draw a Line in the Sand · Law #12 - Estimating Is Almost as Important as Scheduling · Law #13 - The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword · Law #14 - Use the Contract as a Rifle, Not a Shotgun · Law #15 - If the Contract...

Ten Equations to Explain the Mysteries of Modern Astrophysics

From Information and Chaos Theory to Ghost Particles and Gravitational Waves

by Santhosh Mathew


This book introduces ten equations that transcend the boundaries of time and space. It takes readers through a journey of self-discovery where they will learn the history, science, and significance of these equations in the context of their lives. Moreover, the mathematical beauty of these equations is presented in a profoundly modest fashion to highlight the idea that equations are eternal but humans are transient. Each chapter offers readers a sublime experience and provides insights into the laws of nature that address the ever-expanding intricacy of our universe. The history of humankind, according to Franz Kafka, is the instant between two strides taken by a traveler. Therefore, what remains eternal when we finish our journey on this tiny rocky planet is our deep desire to connect wi...

The Applicable Law to International Commercial Contracts and the Status of Lex Mercatoria

With a Special Emphasis on Choice of Law Rules in the European Community

by Mert Elcin


International commercial contracts in the context of increasing globalization of the national markets have posed some of the most difficult questions of the legal theory as developed since the emergence of nation states; those are, whether it is possible or desirable to allow international commercial contracts to be governed by the law merchant or, in its medieval name, lex mercatoria, a body of rules which has not been derived from the will of sovereign states, but mainly from transnational trade usages and practices, and to what extent those rules should govern transnational transactions. The traditional approach of legal positivism to the questions maintains that law governing contracts containing a foreign element should be a national law which will be determined according to choice of...

Economics in Antitrust Policy

Freedom to Compete vs. Freedom to Contract

by Mark Steiner


In the field of antitrust, the freedoms to contract and compete can and do contradict. Profit-maximizing companies desire perfectly competitive input markets to minimize their costs, but want monopolistic markets for their outputs to maximize their profits. Consequently, they have strong incentives to undermine competition in their output markets. In a world without antitrust laws, many companies would thus eliminate competition by using their freedom to contract, either by entering into legally enforceable agreements which fix prices or divide up markets, or by merging and acquiring rivals to gain market control. Therefore, guaranteeing and safeguarding companies' abilities to compete comes at the cost of restricting their freedoms to contract. The states role in this task is a delicate o...

International Maritime Law from the Russian Perspective

A Comprehensive Guide for Shipmasters, Lawyers and Cadets

by Vasiliy Gutsulyak (HARDCOVER)


This book is one of the most comprehensive guides to international maritime law from the Russian perspective. It consists of three relatively independent sections: Russian Maritime Law, International Public Maritime Law, and International Private Maritime Law. First section discusses the development of the maritime law as a branch of the Russian law. It examines concepts and sources of the Russian federal laws, secondary legislation and customs, including the influences guiding the future of Russian law of the sea. . The second section examines International Public Maritime Law including the principles, sources, subjects, as well legal status of the vessel, including the vessel's state flag, her name, state registration, the problem of "flags of convenience", vessel's documents, the c...

by Duncan Aaron Borg Ellul


This dissertation examines the social context of underage drinking in terms of crime, mental disorder and social disability. The perception of risk and awareness of Maltese young people plays a significant role in the study. Through this study, it was found out that underage drinking in Malta is a problem and that students have misconception about Laws on alcohol. It was also established that the Law in Malta is neither being supported by the community nor strictly enforced. The study has reviewed the literature, which documented the importance, nature and extent of underage alcohol use in Malta. During the course of study, it was determined that young people are subjected to excessive pressure from school, parents, peers and/or other social reasons. The literature review has shown th...

Physics Practical for Engineers with Viva-Voce

15 Classic Physics Lab Experiments for Engineering Students

by Chandra Mohan Singh Negi


This is one of enumerable self-help or how to books with an emphasis on Engineering Physics Practical. The basic premise of the book is that there are certain simple experiments, involving no more than rudimentary Physics laws and the very basic laws of Engineering Physics for undergraduate college engineering students. But these practical are often not done or taken lightly, for several reasons. First, people don’t realize how easy they are to do. Second, and more fundamental, they are not done because it does not occur to people to do them. Finally, and tragically, no one in their elementary, middle, or high school educational experience has stressed the importance of doing them, and of course neither did they teach to do them. This book is to reveal to you what the experiments are, ma...

International Maritime Law from the Russian Perspective

A Comprehensive Guide for Shipmasters, Lawyers and Cadets

by Vasiliy Gutsulyak


This book is one of the most comprehensive guides to international maritime law from the Russian perspective. It consists of three relatively independent sections: Russian Maritime Law, International Public Maritime Law, and International Private Maritime Law. First section discusses the development of the maritime law as a branch of the Russian law. It examines concepts and sources of the Russian federal laws, secondary legislation and customs, including the influences guiding the future of Russian law of the sea. . The second section examines International Public Maritime Law including the principles, sources, subjects, as well legal status of the vessel, including the vessel's state flag, her name, state registration, the problem of "flags of convenience", vessel's documents, the c...

by Pierre P. Infelta


The fundamental aspects of classical thermodynamics are presented in a simple compact way. The equations derived are illustrated by numerous (111) examples, often direct application of the relations just obtained. The (four) laws of thermodynamics are presented and illustrated. The need to define thermodynamic temperature, the meaning of auxiliary thermodynamic functions, the origin, usefulness and use of partial molar quantities are all examined. Gaseous systems, phase equilibria and chemical reactions are quantitatively treated. It is shown how chemical reactions can provide work. Ideal and non ideal solutions are presented with the various standard states and activity coefficients. This book will be of use to a wide audience of students and professionals in the fields of Chemistry,...


A Population Reduction Proposal

by Rob Ord


The author proposes that the democratic institution of laws promoting one-child families for 100 years is the only non-violent and fair solution to the economic and ecological problems now squarely facing us. As such the book presents a palatable alternative to the now-suspect 'sustainable development' paradigm, and examines why such a proposal has not been made before. The book ends by assessing the justification for instituting and changing current 'population law', both nationally and internationally.

The Right on Abortion

Comparative Approach Concerning Croatia, Federal Republic of Germany, and US

by Dalida Rittossa


I. Introduction The actuality of the abortion issue is explained in this chapter. The author expresses his determination to explore philosophical and historical background of this problem in the United States and Germany emphasising the legal development of abortion regulations. The comparative legal method was used as a proper means to illuminate Croatian controversial situation concerning the termination of pregnancy and to contribute in a modest way to probable law reforms. The objective of this thesis is to prove, despite very different substantive rules of abortion regulations in these countries, the similarities behind formal differences which witness about the universality of abortion dilemmas. Bearing this in mind, it is possible to propose suitable legal solutions and to foresee...

by J. Brent Hanchey


The goal of this dissertation is to provide research on the educational and societal needs of incarcerated youth by examining teachers' perceptions, both academically and socially, which will result in successful student transition into the traditional environment. Many of the educational approaches within incarceration school settings are instituted using the traditional school model, which is not conducive to the needs of incarcerated youth. Within incarceration educational pedagogy, youths also need socio-emotional skills when faced with the transition into the traditional environment in order to avoid recidivism. Community-based support and prevention-oriented collaboration are also required in their quest for a successful transition to mainstream society. Students' progress should be ...

Soaring on the Wings of Genius

A Chronicle of Modern Physics, Book 3

by Dr. Andrew Worsley


Is there a unifying solution to myriad physical laws of Nature that govern the Universe? String theory represents the closest yet to such a unifying solution. However, after 20 years string theory has been unable to predict the physical constants of Nature and still has not provided the answer to quantum gravity. Recent strong evidence for the presence of a newly discovered energy, which affects the entire Universe may be the first clue to an as yet unlocked scientific paradigm. Dr Worsley argues forcibly that the answer to this paradigm opens a new window on the truly unified nature of the Universe. The arguments presented are clear concise and compelling.

The Process of the Cosmos

Philosophical Theology and Cosmology

by Anthony B. Kelly


This thesis argues that with the advance of scientific knowledge, particularly in cosmology, Natural Theology can now provide an answer to the question as to the reason for the existence of man and the world. Aristotle had reasoned from the contingency of the world to the necessity of a God. He had also concluded that the world was unworthy of God's concern, as God could not be concerned with a world which was significantly different from God himself. Aristotle's reasoning from the world up to God, together with his inability to reason down from God to the world, established an antinomy. The history of subsequent attempts to avoid this antinomy, and to provide an explanation for the existence of the world, is considered. No such attempt is found to be successful. A hidden assumpti...

Sharia Law and the Arab Oil Bust

PetroCurse or Cost of Being Muslim?

by Glenn L Roberts


The delayed development of the Islamic world, in defiance of the formulaic approaches long favored by economists, suggests that the traditional Sharia and Islamic values and principles are at least partially responsible for the region’s persistent backwardness. By analyzing the impact of the legal regime of the Sharia on Saudi Arabia during the Arab Oil Bust of the 1980s, this thesis concludes that Islamic social values and the Sharia’s de facto role as an uncodified pre-emptive Arab common law implemented with high regard to precedent by ulama with extraordinary power of judicial review had the effect of accentuating the effects of the Oil Bust, making the theory of the Petrocurse a subset of a larger Cost of Being Muslim. On the other hand, the author concludes that not only is th...

A Study of the Effects of Abortion in the United States

The Reasoning Behind Abortions and Improving Access to Care

by Rudolph Gurtovnik


This research study examines legal, political, and social factors influencing women's decisions to undergo or forego abortion. It also suggests ways to increase accessibility of abortion services. Due to time and budgetary constraints, the study was conducted by utilizing secondary data, such as academic studies, scholarly publications, and newspaper articles. Studies have shown that common reasons for women having abortions are financial difficulties, rape/incest, and fear of life change. Barriers to abortion include lack of adequate information on abortion services or proper contraception use, fear of pain, geographic barriers, and state legislation. Factors that affect utilization of abortion include medical technology, anti-abortion movements, and laws limiting provision of abortion, a...

Reasons for Disclosure in the Physician-Patient Relationship

How Physician Conduct and Reimbursement Methodologies Lead to Fraud and Abuse in Medicare

by Kathleen Johnson


The solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund has been debated for the past twenty-five years and despite various stop-gap measures, fraud and abuse continues. Public policy in the form of Stark legislation, anti-kickback laws, and false claims acts were enacted to reduce over-utilization of services and prohibit self-referral and inducements for patients and services. Despite public policy and continued prosecution of fraud, Medicare reimbursement methods fail to control physician conduct of over-utilization and inducements for referrals. Following the concept of the informed consent doctrine and the theory of fiduciary trust in the patient-physician relationship, it is the author's thesis that transparency and disclosure with respect to physician prescription and referral practices can mit...

Unveiling the "Invisibility Cloak"

Investigating the Extent to Which the Kingdom of Thailand's Failure to Address the Issue of Enforced Disappearances Violates Their Responsibility towards the Protection of Basic Human Rights by Comparison with the International Human Rights Jurisprudence

by Sarah M.J. Muzart


Despite being an act that is widely practiced under the guise of a significant number of States, little is known about the intrinsic realities of enforced disappearances. General literature on the topic is lacking, and laws that address the problem are scarce. Enforced disappearances have only come to the attention of the international community fairly recently. At the dawn of this century, Thailand understandably remains one of the most active countries in the practice of enforcedly disappearing people as a means of removing them from the protection of the law because of no legally justifiable reason for arrest or detention - an ultimate breach of the Rule of Law. This book aims to attribute responsibility to the Kingdom of Thailand for failing to introduce legal mechanisms and safeguard...

Challenging Modern Physics

Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories

by Al Kelly


Newton's Laws held for 300 years until Einstein developed the 'special theory of relativity' in 1905. Experiments done since then show anomalies in that theory. This book starts with a description of the special theory of relativity. It is shown that Einstein was not the first to derive the famous equation E = mc2, which has become synonymous with his name. Next, experimental evidence that cannot be explained by special relativity is given. In the light of this evidence, the two basic postulates of the special theory of relativity on the behaviour of light are shown to be untenable. A new theory (universal relativity) is developed, which conforms to the experimental evidence. The movement of a conductor near a pole of a magnet and the movement of that pole near the conductor does not...

The Wayward Comet

A Descriptive History of Cometary Orbits, Kepler's Problem and the Cometarium

by Martin Beech


Comets have not only blazed across the celestial vault throughout human history, they have embellished the night sky since the Earth itself formed some 4.5 billion years ago. Comets were among the first-born solid bodies in the solar system, and their frozen nuclei tell of the primordial chemistry and chaos that ultimately resulted in the formation of the planets, the evolution of life and us. For all this, however, comets have long been celestial oddities: they baffled our distant ancestors, and human society continues to marvel and speculate wildly at their appearance even to the present day. Cutting against the perceived constancy of the stars, comets seemingly present themselves at random times and they are often interpreted as harbingers of terrestrial change - both good and ill. How ...

Industrial Hydraulic Systems

Theory and Practice

by Joji Parambath


Industrial Hydraulic Systems provides an in-depth coverage of conventional hydraulic systems encompassing  fixed-displacement pumps, control valves, and actuators as well as the most modern hydraulic systems encompassing highly efficient variable-displacement pumps, electro-hydraulic proportional valves and/or servo valves with integrated electronics. The coverage is further supplemented by many typical hydraulic and electro-hydraulic circuits. Details of different types of auxiliary devices such as reservoirs, filters, accumulators, and piping have also been described in this book. Topics on hydrostatic transmission, cartridge valves, load sensing pump controls, fluids, filters, and seals are given in detail. Design, installation, and maintenance aspects of hydraulic systems are add...

by Patrice M. Broderick


This thesis reviews the transnational problem of human trafficking, a form of slavery. Women and children are trafficked within and between countries at an alarming rate and it has become a prime agenda for the Bush Administration and the Department of State to call for action and solutions to. This thesis opens with a defining of this problem and overview of the scope of the problem on a global scale. It reviews social, political and economic factors which play a role. It describes laws enacted and police responses and describes what research has been conducted to get a grasp of what is involved and what might be done. This author decided to explore factors that other researchers have suggested are “compelling factors” in victimization. This research hypothesis for this thesis explor...

The Generic Challenge

Understanding Patents, FDA and Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management (Fifth Edition)

by Martin A. Voet


This Fifth Edition of The Generic Challenge provides important new updates on current regulatory, legal and commercial issues affecting brand and generic pharmaceutical products, including new laws establishing generics for biologics, and changes brought about by the recently enacted America Invents Act. It explains clearly and understandably the roles of patents, FDA regulation of drugs and the Hatch Waxman Act in commercial drug development in light of generic challenges and how improvements in innovative drug products provide benefits to patients while extending the commercial lives of the drugs. There is simply no other book of its kind on this important subject. REVIEWS [W]ho would benefit from a book toeing the line of enabling appreciation without going into too much detail? .... ...

Comparative Analysis of FDI in China and India

Can Laggards Learn from Leaders?

by Swapna S. Sinha


Some emerging markets have been leaders in the world and have grown at a higher rate benefiting from higher Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) by Trans National Corporations (TNCs) and some have been laggards and have not able to attract as much FDI and grow that efficiently. Why China gets 60 billion dollars FDI annually as compared to India which does not even get 6 billion dollars, is an intriguing question? This dissertation explores the determinants of FDI in such emerging economies to answer the above question. What has India done till now to attract FDI? What has been China’s strategy to become the most FDI attracting country in the world? What lessons India can learn from China and improve its FDI inflow? The study attempts to theorize what lessons emerging markets that are laggard...

by Paulina M. Irigaray


The majority of the people who make up the United States' seasonal agricultural workforce are nonimmigrant Mexican citizens. Immigration policies such as the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and the H-2A agricultural guest worker program were meant to encourage growers to employ legal labor workforces. A study of the laws and practices that eventually resulted in the H-2A program shows how and why the demographics are predominantly Mexican. In addition, such study is revealing as to why the US enacted the H-2A program-including definitional details of the program itself. However, does this program really work? This question has radically different answers. In theory, the program seems to be well designed; but, in practice, it does not function as intended because of its many short...

Environmental Policy Processes Surrounding South Africa’s Plastic Bags Regulations

Tensions, Debates and Responses in Waste Product Regulation

by Godwell Nhamo


This study was conducted in South Africa. South Africa is the first country within the Southern African Development Community to have regulated plastic shopping bags waste through the imposition of both a standard on thickness and a levy. Given this scenario, the Plastic Bags Regulations present an illustrative case for researching complexity, uncertainty and controversies surrounding a new trend in environmental policy making, namely waste product regulation. The thesis focuses on understanding and investigating tensions, debates and responses emerging from the policy process as actors and actor-networks put not only the Plastic Bags Regulations into circulation as focal actant (token) but also other actants and actant-networks as well. To this end, a research question that addressed envi...

by Richard C. McLendon


Since 1991, the Russian Federation has dealt with extreme political, economic, and social change. On the national level and at the local level, opponents of democratic reforms have retained their control of many important offices. This has resulted in contradictions and confusion in regards to national and local laws and policies, and has had little impact on local educational policies and practices. Added to this general crisis of Russian education reform is the inability of so-called Western education experts to comprehend the complexities and cultural differences of Russia and its education system when compared to the west. There have been several studies of business management ideology since the breakup of the Soviet Union, but American and Russian comparative educational leadershi...

by John R. Harrison


This book reviews natural health product laws and regulations for Canada's primary natural health products (NHP) trading partners, namely, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, USA, United Kingdom, and the European Union and compare them to Canada's natural health product regulations. The study was also undertaken to identify priority areas where policy research should be focussed and then propose strategies to address these selected policy research areas. The Canadian NHP definition was used to compare similar classes of products for these other countries. Further, the major components of the Canadian regulatory framework for NHPs that were used for research purposes were the following: Product Licensing including Standards of Evidence, Site Licensing, Good Manufacturin...


A Social Milestone or Millstone?

by Herbert B. Siegel


When politicians redistribute public wealth by privatizing State-Owned Enterprises ( SOE ), they divest themselves of public accountability, and profoundly affect laws, economics, and social behavior. Data gathered from respondents in twenty-eight countries including lawyers, investment bankers, bureaucrats, and educators, identify beneficiaries and victims of privatizing processes. Results are then explained by statistical analysis, concluding with compensatory arrangements that can humanize privatizing.