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Embracing Senior Leadership

Three Critical Factors Needed to Reach the C-Suite and Thrive

by James W. Browning, Ph.D.

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2022
Pages: 276
ISBN-10: 1627343792
ISBN-13: 9781627343794
Categories: Business Management & AdministrationBusiness & Economics


Why do so many leaders reach the senior level and fail? Simply, most are unprepared for the unique leadership roles and responsibilities a senior role requires. They hadn’t mastered the three critical factors necessary to reach the senior level and attain success. Embracing Senior Leadership provides the answers.

Whether you are a senior leader looking for answers, aspire to be a senior leader, support a senior leader, or play a role as a human resources officer, recruiter, or executive coach, you will find practical strategies to hone the skills required at this level. Embracing Senior Leadership will help you master the three critical factors necessary for success:
* The Job. Having in-depth knowledge and skillsets to meet the extraordinary challenges faced at the senior level and perform the required unique work.
* The Ability. Having the personal readiness to perform the unique work required at the senior level.
* A Plan. Having a well-thought-out transition plan once selected for a senior-level position.

Embracing Senior Leadership will help you find the keys to the necessary knowledge, power, and motivation to reach the senior level, grasp the leadership reins, and thrive!


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About the Author

Dr. James Browning is a recognized authority on leading at the senior level. He is the former faculty, consultant, and Chair of the Department of Strategic Leadership at the prestigious Eisenhower School, overseeing the annual development of more than 300 proven government, military, corporate, and foreign military leaders for the senior level. Previously, he served as the Director of the US Navy’s worldwide leader development programs and created and served as the Chief of the Library of Congress Corporate University. Dr. Browning authored the limited-edition textbook, Leading at the Strategic Level in an Uncertain World.