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Pearls for Primary Care

Integrating Biochemistry, Physiology, and Clinical Skills To Optimize Outpatient Medicine

by Michael B. Jacobs, MD, PhD


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2022
Pages: 560
ISBN-10: 1627343687
ISBN-13: 9781627343688
Categories: Biology & Animal SciencesMedicine & Health


Pearls for Primary Care is unique, integrating pertinent basic science information with clinical medicine. The resource bridges the information gap and provides insights for providers and students. Additionally, there are succinct yet comprehensive presentations on managing the more common outpatient problems. This book is for primary care providers and students, e.g., physicians, APRNs, and PAs who desire to improve their patient-education, diagnostic, and treatment skills.

Part One provides the biochemistry and physiology precepts to incorporate in understanding of the basics of diseases and treatments. There are chapters on basic biochemistry, fluid and sodium control, acid-base balance, bone marrow, vitamins, autonomic nervous system and control of vital signs, genomics, immunology, and updated treatments for cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Part Two takes this information to the next level, emphasizing approaches and insights for managing patients at the primary care level. Many outpatient presentations are covered in the first chapter, e.g., summary of testing, approaches to eye, ear, disease screening, male and female problems, mood disorders, syncope, headaches and other pain issues, while Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Dermatology are covered in the next three chapters. Practical anatomy and injection techniques are emphasized in the Orthopedics section. Basic tools for handling most outpatient cardiac and skin issues are introduced in the subsequent chapters.

The final nine chapters introduce subspecialities and typical outpatient problems. There are systematic and pertinent approaches for the management of these issues with guides for improving patient outcomes, supplemented with germane physiology. Providers should be more confident in their abilities after reviewing the presented information.

PEARLS are interspersed in the book to embellish and emphasize important concepts. The book’s focus is to improve the delivery of outpatient medicine, as knowledgeable providers are keys to the process.


Pearls for Primary Care provides the PA student, Nursing Student, Medical Student, practicing PA, NP and medical resident with a broad but concise and well written summary of basic science principles and clinical skills to “optimize outpatient medicine”. It serves as an excellent supplement to the many large text books that cover the same topics but are difficult to carry on clinical rounds and are very time consuming to use.
--Mitchell D. Forman, D.O., FACR, FACOI, MACP, FRCP, Dean Emeritus, Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, UNLV School of Medicine

I found this book most illuminating in helping improve my primary care skills. In addition, I used this book for my education and to better communicate with patients. The straightforward approach to biochemistry and physiology helped cement concepts I had forgotten, e.g., ketosis, omega-3 fatty acids.
--Samuel Auerbach, MD, Las Vegas, Nevada

I enjoyed the book’s completeness which is unique in a primary care textbook centering on outpatient medicine. I have used the book as a resource when a patient presents with unclear diagnoses; the book presents the biochemistry and physiology underpinnings of disease, plus concise treatment plans for outpatient management.
--Kathleen Menasche, DNP, CNM, Las Vegas, Nevada

I found the overall text very useful in my practice; the practical anatomy section is not usually found in primary care textbooks, which was primarily of use. I also learned injection techniques that I had been wary of in the past, e.g., occipital nerve blocks and carpal tunnel syndrome injections.
--Emmanuel Brandeis, MD, New York City

About the Author

Michael B. Jacobs, MD, PhD, is Board- Certified in Internal Medicine and has more than a 35-year career in academics, teaching, private practice, clinical research, and medical directorships. He currently has a private practice, complemented by clinical research, medical-school teaching, and preceptorships in Las Vegas, NV, and New York City, where he has a concierge practice. His commitment to both patient and provider education was the genesis of this book. His previous book, Demystifying Medicine: A Guide for Adult Patients, was published in 2010.