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Adventure Education as Cultural-Historical Activity

A Study of Experience, Learning and Social Processes in Project Adventure Workshops

by Jayson Seaman


The present study aims to illuminate the way participant learning in adventure experiences intersects with broader social, cultural and institutional contexts, and was guided by the following questions: How is participant experience constructed in a facilitated, small group adventure setting? How is the construction of the adventure experience related to the intentions and orchestrations of the trainer? How is the construction of the adventure experience related to the institutional and social context in which it occurs? This study used grounded theory methodology (Strauss & Corbin, 1998) and cultural-historical activity theory (Engeström, 1987; Leontiev, 1977; Vygotsky, 1978). Activity as an analytic device facilitates the mapping of historical, social and cultural influences on local a...

How to Stop Dying for a Cigarette

A Workbook-Diary to Enable Smokers to Break the Habit Without Drugs, Substitutes or Withdrawal

by Ruthe Price


Are you serious about ending your addiction to cigarettes? Are you ready to break free of tobacco without drugs, patches or the agony of withdrawal? HOW TO STOP DYING FOR A CIGARETTE uses the how, when and where of your smoking habit to attack the root cause of your addiction. As you dissociate smoking from the activities to which you’ve attached it, you begin to resent its intrusion into your life. The more you lessen your intake of nicotine and reduce your physiological cravings, the more smoking becomes downright annoying. Before long, you won’t want to be bothered to light up anymore, and you’re free. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not! This workbook-diary, a pen or pencil and the sincere desire to get out of the clutches of tobacco companies are all you need to get ...

by Himanshu Soni (Editor-in-Chief)


This book is a collection of papers from the 2009 International Conference on Signals, Systems and Automation (ICSSA 2009). The conference at a glance: - Pre-conference Workshops/Tutorials on 27th Dec, 2009 - Five Plenary talks - Paper/Poster Presentation: 28-29 Dec, 2009 - Demonstrations by SKYVIEWInc, SLS Inc., BSNL, Baroda Electric Meters, SIS - On line paper submission facility on website - 200+ papers are received from India and abroad - Delegates from different countries including Poland, Iran, USA - Delegates from 16 states of India - Conference website is seen by more than 3000 persons across the world (27 countries and 120 cities)

Towards Improved Project Management Practice

Uncovering the evidence for effective practices through empirical research

by Terence J. Cooke-Davies


Projects are important to industry, but project performance continually disappoints stakeholder expectations. Organizations react to this performance problem in many ways, and purchase consultancy, training, methods and tools as possible solutions. There is no published evidence that any of these solutions are consistently successful in improving project performance. This thesis answers the question, "What can be done to improve project management practices, and thus project performance?" by demonstrating that a novel form of continuous action research can contribute such evidence. Firstly a community of practice was formed from practitioners with major corporations interested in answering the question, and commercially motivated to implement changes. A programme was developed that c...

Towards Healthier Ageing

The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Proactive Health Promotion Intervention for Older Adults

by Jason Aaron Fox


Promoting healthier ageing amongst older adults has never been more important. Most conventional health promotion interventions for older adults take very reactive approaches, typically attempting to minimise specific age-related functional losses. This implies an underlining assumption that such age-related losses are inevitable. However, we know that it is possible to take proactive action to prevent or mitigate negative health events in later life before they occur. Research suggests that proactive coping and future investment strategies may work harmoniously with adaptive definitions of healthy ageing. However, this concept has not been tested as part of a proactive behavioural intervention for a broad perspective of healthy ageing. This research explored the implementation and cont...