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September 2016

SEP 16
The 4th ICSD 2016 will be held at the: Roma Eventi – Piazza della Pilotta, 4 - 00187 Roma - Italiy Pontifi...


SEP 22
The 3rd International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH) 2016 organized by The International Institute of Knowled...


March 2017

MAR 15
The Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment is a special interest meeting of London Symposia, an ...

United Kingdom

December 2018

DEC 18
International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (ISEES; is pleased to announce the organi...


March 2019

MAR 16
Proceedings: All accepted (Registered & Presented) papers of ICGEA 2019 will be published in the conference proceedings...


July 2019

Introduction Energy and Sustainability 2019 is the 8th International Conference in a very successful series which start...


All selected papers will be published in conference proceeding with ISBN and few high-end papers will be published in ...

New Delhi, India,

October 2019

My Science Message (MSM) gathers multidisciplinary scientist(s), scholars, editors, writers, advocates, and any scientif...

December 2019

DEC 11
✪ Brief Introduction: The 3rd international academic conference on «Green Urbanism (GU)» this year (2019) is in ass...


April 2020

APR 20
World Energy Congress has been booked during April 20-21, 2020 at Tokyo, Japan. Energy Congress tends to current issues ...


APR 23
Longdom Conferences proffers our immense pleasure and honour in extending you a warm invitation to attend Renewable Ener...

New York,
United States

June 2020

JUN 22
The 7th Residential Energy Storage Forum will be held on 22 June – 25 June 2020 in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Joi...


JUN 23
Submission is Open now! 2020 ISEAS will take place from June 23-25, 2020 in Okinawa, Japan. Prospective authors are inv...


September 2020

SEP 23
The International Conference on Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics (ICEETE) is organised by the Internati...


October 2020

OCT 13
The Ascend Meetings is honored to invite the leading academic Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, Research Scholars, Stu...

Paris, france,


An Introduction to Sustainability and Aesthetics

The Arts and Design for the Environment

by Christopher Crouch, Nicola Kaye, John Crouch (eds.)


This book introduces the idea of sustainability and its aesthetic dimension, suggesting that the role of the aesthetic is an active one in developing an ecologically, economically and culturally healthy society. With an introduction by Christopher Crouch and an afterword by John Thackara, the book gathers together a range of essays that address the issue of the aesthetics of sustainability from a multitude of disciplinary and cultural perspectives.

Getting from Here to There?

Power, Politics and Urban Sustainability in North America

by Ernest J. Yanarella and Robert W. Lancaster


Getting from Here to There? seeks to take the study of sustainable cities into a realm of analysis and critique that has not been seriously investigated in any explicit and systematic manner: the sphere of power and politics. Using detailed case studies of selected urban sustainability programs--some stillborn or short-lived, others celebrated, still others most promising--it focuses on the political agencies shaping them and the structural elements either impeding or facilitating efforts to build sustainable cities. To accomplish this task, the authors utilize three theories or models of urban power--growth coalition, urban regime, and neo-Gramscian hegemonic--to explore the dynamics of power and politics to better understand these cases and to derive important lessons about getting from ...

Geoparks and Geotourism

New Approaches to Sustainability for the 21st Century

by Neda Torabi Farsani, Celeste Coelho, Carlos Costa, & Carlos Neto de Carvalho (editors)


This book aims to identify geotourism and geoparks as gateways to socio-cultural, socio-environmental, and socio-economic sustainability in rural areas. At present, geotourism is a new movement helping travelers to increase their knowledge about natural resources, the cultural identities of host communities, and ways of preserving them. The ‘emerging tourism’ niche of geotourism is still at an early stage of commercial development in most countries, and geoparks as a sustainable development model for protected areas are pioneers in the development of geotourism marketing. The establishment of the European Geoparks Network and the Global Geoparks Network are positive steps toward the preservation and presentation of geo-heritage as a new tourist attraction. Geoparks and Geotourism prov...

An Alternative Framework for Community Learning Centers in the 21st Century

A Systemic Design Approach Toward the Creation of a Transformational Learning System

by Michael F. Reber


Public Community Learning Centers (CLCs), at least in the context of the United States, are social structures that have been established to address particular community needs. In the beginning, they were instituted as extensions of state departments' human services in order to assist communities with programs such as adult literacy and high school graduation certification. Today, they have taken on a broader role as a result of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Title X, Part I) that gives rural and inner-city public schools nearly $2 billion over five years (1999-2004) to develop CLCs for programs such as mentoring in basic skills or helping high school students prepare for college. Despite these noble efforts, public CLCs are still not integral parts of community sustainabil...

Agricultural Innovation in Rural India

The Paradox of Farmer Nonadoption in Bajwada, Madhya Pradesh

by Natasha Malpani


Farmer adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is key to sustainable development, as changes at the farm level are essential to ensuring food security and environmental protection. Reasons for converting to sustainable farming have been studied in a number of instances. However, the underlying rationale that motivates this behaviour is not always made clear. The village of Bajwada in Madhya Pradesh is used as a case to investigate farmer perceptions and attitudes regarding sustainable farming. An innovator has been promoting what seems to be a highly productive and lauded method of sustainable farming called Natu-eco farming for the past five years. Strikingly, this technique has had practically zero adoption in the village. This study aims to examine this paradox by exploring fa...

by Sherrie Steiner Aeschliman


The theory and data of environmental science suggest that growth in rates of population, consumption and environmental degradation, as a result of the activities of industrialized societies, has created an ecological crisis to which modern societies must adapt. However, adaptation is problematic. Max Weber studied adaptive social change during the industrial revolution. The evolution of this new way of life was initially problematic because individuals who established industrialism were socialized under feudalism. In this dissertation, I consider The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism as a theoretical treatise framed by modern human ecology in order to study social change in the context of the ecological crisis of industrialism. The Protestant Ethic is known for descr...

Fuelling the Future

Advances in Science and Technologies for Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage

by A. Mendez-Vilas (editor)


Fuelling the Future offers the latest research results in materials, processes and systems involved in energy generation, transmission-distribution and storage as they were presented by active researchers in the field at the Energy and Materials Research Conference (Spain, June 2012). In our current situation, where the world's energy system is likely to radically change in the next several decades, research into these technologies has become a critical aspect in the development of cleaner and more efficient energy. Readers will find a major collection of knowledge, approaches, methods and discussions on the latest advances and challenges in materials for energy generation. The topics covered in this single volume include energy from biomass- biofuels, solar energy, fuel cells, hydrogen...

by Evon M. O. Abu-Taieh


Defining Simulation in its broadest aspect as embodying a certain model to represent the behavior of a system, whether that may be an economic or an engineering one, with which conducting experiments is attainable. Such a technique enables the management, when studying models currently used, to take appropriate measures and make fitting decisions that would further complement today's growth sustainability efforts, apart from cost decrease, as well as service delivery assurance. As such, the Computer Simulation technique contributed in cost decline; depicting the "cause & effect", pinpointing task-oriented needs or service delivery assurance, exploring possible alternatives, identifying problems, as well as, proposing streamlined measurable deliverable solutions, providing the platform fo...

On Hunger

Science, Ethics and Law

by Laura Westra


On Hunger focuses on the interface between food and public health and on the flawed regulations intended to protect us. Food not only represents nourishment for the body; it also possesses other valuable aspects that are protected by international legal instruments. Westra argues for the importance of effecting radical changes: to protect and improve the present system of food production and distribution. Starting from several reports produced by the FAO and the WHO, Westra argues for the need of a complete and radical re-evaluatio of current practices and systems in order to meet the obligation of the international community to prevent hunger. There is a particular emphasis on the problems facing the poor in the third world, but also the different but equally grave problems of those in ...

by Hiroshi Fukushi


The global environmental crises motivated many companies to investigate and develop the concept of environmentally sustainable business. The objective of traditional business strategy is to maximize profit but, with real imagination and a fresh approach to business strategies, environmental sustainability can actually increase both annual profit and long term shareholder value. This article analyzes several examples of such strategies, not only for companies operating in a capitalist economy, but also for companies based in countries that retain a traditional economy. These strategies are illustrated by matrices that show when to apply which strategies.

by Steven R. Pollock


This doctoral dissertation performs correlational analysis using a validated instrument to collect data from internal coaches and certified Six Sigma Green Belts about their perceptions of the key drivers of project outcomes. The data were collected from a large healthcare organization in the United States. The conclusion of the study is that internal coaching positively influences project outcomes. The internal coaches and Green Belts studied, however, do not agree on how collaboration occurs. The internal coaches did not perceive they support Green Belt teams in a consistent manner. The general theme for the internal coaches was the value they placed on their coaching expertise and education level when supporting Green Belts. On the other hand, the Green Belts perceived the support gi...