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January 2015

The symposium will provide a valuable opportunity for nurses from different cultural backgrounds and diverse fields to c...

Los Angeles,
United States of America

February 2015

This year’s conference will feature four halfday interactive workshop pre-conferences followed by two full days of...

Santa Clara,
United States of America

FEB 12
ICEAPVI is an interdisciplinary event for researchers in the domains of education, rehabilitation, information & communi...


June 2015

- event in Rehabilitation Medicine in the middle ot the decade - more than 3000 participants - experts in Physical& R...


JUN 21
The 9th World Congress of the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine will be held in Berlin, Ger...


January 2016

JAN 26
the World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference – 2016 (WDRC 2016). The conference will be held during 26th, 27th and...

Sri Lanka

February 2017

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) takes great pleasure in welcoming you to the 2nd World Disab...

Sri Lanka

November 2017

NOV 16
All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by independent reviewers. Best papers will be accepted for o...

Sri Lanka

March 2018

After the outstanding success of the first meeting. We would like to announce that the 2nd Annual Dubai International Mu...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates


Christian Psychotherapy & Criminal Rehabilitation

An Intregration of Psychology and Theology for Rehabilitative Effectiveness

by James Slobodzien


Recently, there has been a growing interest in biblically based approaches to counseling by spirit filled evangelical scholars and counseling psychologists. They are integrating the research of psychology and religion particularly the Christian Faith, for rehabilitative efforts. Since a review of a number of recidivism studies in various states and in the Federal prison system leads to the conclusion that roughly two-thirds of the offenders released from prison will be reimprisoned, usually for committing new offenses, within a 3-year period, there is a great need for change in our correctional counseling philosophies. When we consider that a large percentage of the inmates that go to jail and prison return to the community unchanged, it can paint a pretty frightening picture of how u...

Critical Ingredients of Intensive Case Management

Judgments of Researchers/Administrators, Program Managers and Case Managers

by Richard W. Schaedle


Intensive Case Management (ICM) did not evolve from a single, well-defined model format but from different case management models. As a result, it has been vaguely defined as meaning more "intense" than usual case management, thus highlighting the lack of consensus about ICM's definition and parameters. Despite these differences, ICM programs aspire to a set of common principles and core operational functions derived from the concept of continuity of care. Recent literature reviews have found mixed results regarding studies examining ICM effectiveness ( e.g., psychiatric hospitalizations, etc.). It has been difficult to make comparisons between studies because operational definitions have not been standardized. This study attempted to construct a program theory that unifies the various I...

by Nihad A. Almasri


It is important for professionals who provide medical, rehabilitation, educational, and community services for children and youth with cerebral palsy to provide a quality medical home, family-centered, and needs-based services to address their needs and improve child and family well-being. Knowledge regarding determinants and unique profiles of needs for families of children and youth with cerebral palsy is limited. The aims of this research were to (1) test structural equation models of determinants of three types of family needs of parents of children and youth with cerebral palsy; (2) identify and describe unique profiles of family needs; and (3) examine whether profiles of needs are differentiated based on child, family, and service characteristics. Participants were 579 parents of chi...

Chronic Complex Diseases of Childhood

A Practical Guide for Clinicians

by Shahram Yazdani, Sean A. McGhee, E. Richard Stiehm


This new book is a practical guide for physicians and other professionals who care for children and adolescents with complex, chronic diseases. These disorders are a challenge because they require multiple services, the information about the disorders are scattered, and the exact treatments are not available in standard texts. To overcome these barriers, this book provides a summary of the clinical features, laboratory diagnosis, and the general and specific treatments needed for optimal care of these children. The key points are presented in a clear, succinct format, providing recommendations that can be implemented within the time span of an office or emergency room visit. Furthermore, pitfalls that are encountered are emphasized and alternatives are suggested. For example, this resour...

by Duncan Aaron Borg Ellul


This dissertation examines the social context of underage drinking in terms of crime, mental disorder and social disability. The perception of risk and awareness of Maltese young people plays a significant role in the study. Through this study, it was found out that underage drinking in Malta is a problem and that students have misconception about Laws on alcohol. It was also established that the Law in Malta is neither being supported by the community nor strictly enforced. The study has reviewed the literature, which documented the importance, nature and extent of underage alcohol use in Malta. During the course of study, it was determined that young people are subjected to excessive pressure from school, parents, peers and/or other social reasons. The literature review has shown th...