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April 2016

APR 14
The congress aims to advance the quality of eye care and ophthalmology education and research in the region, through dis...

United Arab Emirates

November 2017

NOV 21
"Open Access Pub will be honored to invite you to the International Conference on Ophthalmology will be held in Dubai, U...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

December 2017

DEC 14
The Emirates Society of Ophthalmology (ESO) was formed by pioneering UAE Ophthalmologists as a society within the Emira...

United Arab Emirates

June 2018

JUN 14
We invite all the participants and attendees from all over the world to attend 3rd Edition of International Conference o...



Vision Facts

Questions about the Human Eye

by Jason Yang & Charles Pidgeon


Vision Facts is a question and answer guide to the wonders of the human eye, its complex structures and the process of visual perception. It traces the journey of vision from a ray of light entering the eye to the processing done by the brain, to the development and aging of the human visual system and common disorders associated with both processes. Organized in an intuitive question-and-answer format and accompanied by clear diagrams, Vision Facts provides answers regarding your vision in a manner accessible to all who are interested. Each topic includes references to external resources such as lecture notes and research papers for those who wish to delve deeper. It is a perfect handbook for anyone who is interested in visual science, sensory processing, neuroscience, or physiology; and...