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September 2018

SEP 13
OVERVIEW Understanding Emotional Intelligence can help everyone in an organization to collaborate and communicate more ...

Aurora, Colorado,
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January 2019

JAN 29
OVERVIEW When I interview CEOs and other executives they bemoan the fact that it is so difficult to promote competent p...

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January 2020

JAN 14
OVERVIEW This, do not miss, webinar gets to the heart of what matters most in our daily interactions with colleagues, c...

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JAN 29
OVERVIEW In today’s workplace, it isn’t enough for your managers, supervisors and professional staff to be smart; w...

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles

Exploring the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles Among Information Technology Professionals

by Eniola O. Olagundoye


All around the world, information technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and it could be challenging keeping up with the growing changes that we are witnessing with it. This paper explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership styles among information technology professionals. Does emotional intelligence predict leadership style and do leadership styles predict emotional intelligence components? A total of 185 participants were involved in this study. The leadership styles, which are comprised of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant, were measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire - MLQ 5X (Bass & Avolio, 1995). The emotional intelligence components, which are comprised of perception of emotion, managing own emotions, managing others...

Boosting the Mind's Eye

Visualizing for Social and Emotional Intelligence

by Erin Phifer


Boosting the Mind’s Eye is a theory-based program guiding parents, educators, counselors, and psychologists through progressive steps bolstering emotional intelligence in children and adults through the development of visualization and language skills. This program was originally designed to address the emotional and social deficits of individuals along the Autistic Spectrum; however, it has become a useful tool in aiding the social understanding of all individuals presenting social weaknesses, regardless of diagnoses. The book offers theory, research, a step-by-step guide, photos, and sample dialogue to improve upon many skills, such as reading facial expressions, body language, emotional vocabulary, visualization, expressive language, and role-playing. This program creates a marria...