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January 2015

JAN 28
2015 Global Conference of Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network (EMAN)", hosted by the Departm...

Galadari Hotel,
Sri Lanka

March 2015

MAR 22
Selected papers (after presentation) from the special session 3rd International Conference on Innovation & Engineering ...


May 2015

MAY 18
As financial markets integrate and business operations diversify, the need for adoption of common global accounting pra...


MAY 25
Welcome to ICAF 2015 TIIKM’s 2nd Annual International Conference on Accounting and Finance 2015 (ICAF-2015) with a t...

Sri Lanka

June 2015

JUN 18
his Microsoft excel training course will introduce you to Microsoft Excel dashboard that helps to condense large amounts...

JUN 25
"Training session for startups on the importance of investor relations, angel capitalists, venture capitalists, investor...

August 2015

Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Warm greetings! Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) & SDMIMD, Mysore, Karnataka State...

Kuala Lumpur,

February 2016

FEB 12
The upcoming conference in the city of Mumbai makes an attempt to achieve the following objectives; a) Analyze the im...


FEB 18
Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Warm greetings! Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) & SDMIMD, Mysore, Karnataka State, ...


May 2016

MAY 24
On 13 January 2016, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) published IFRS 16, 'Leases', which replaces the ...

Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

MAY 29
PwC has been involved in helping organizations around the world apply and adopt IFRS across all industries of all sizes ...

Saudi Arabia

MAY 30
Important Dates *Extended Full Paper Submission Deadline: 12 February 2016 Early Bird Registration Deadline: 4 March...


July 2016

This conference in Paris, France aims to closely examine the major factors that contribute to recession and undertake re...


Please submit your full research paper/abstracts/case studies/posters in all areas of research in business studies. We d...


February 2017

FEB 20
"This 2-day event brings together more than 1,000 finance, credit and accounts receivable leaders and practitioners from...

Spring, Texas,
United States

March 2017

MAR 10
Overview: Grab a cup of coffee and join us to learn how to analyze the numbers, and use this intel to juice up virtua...

United States

MAR 13
Overview: This presentation will help you become acquainted with the latest information regarding IFRS for companies in...

United States

MAR 14
Overview: In this webinar, we apply the Theory of Lean documents and its corollary Theory of Lean Configuration to pr...

United States

June 2017

As financial markets integrate and business operations diversify, the need for adoption of common global accounting prac...


October 2017

OCT 12
Applied Finance, Behavioral Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsi...

Arusha City ,
Tanzania, United Republic

December 2017

DEC 21
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Business, Econo...

Pacific Business Center, Teipei.,
Taiwan, Province Of China

January 2018

JAN 30
OVERVIEW Wire Transfer fraud has been around almost as long as the payment system itself and shows no signs of stopping...

Aurora, Colorado,
United States

February 2018

FEB 13
OVERVIEW The passage of Sarbanes-Oxley back in 2002 forced many companies to look deeper into internal Accounts Payab...

Aurora, Colorado,
United States

July 2018

JUL 23
As financial markets integrate and business operations diversify, the need for adoption of common global accounting prac...


September 2018

SEP 19
On behalf of Organtransplantation2018, we extend our warm welcome to the distinguished Nobel laureates, Heart surgeons, ...


October 2018

Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Greetings! Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) & Greater Vision are greatly pleas...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

August 2019

This upcoming conference in Singapore provides opportunity for academicians, researchers, industry experts and scholars ...


October 2019

OCT 11
Global Business, Economics & Sustainability! Business Ethics, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Business Perf...

United Arab Emirates

September 2020

SEP 18
We could say we have created a valuable opportunity for those people to expose their knowledge. All papers have publicat...


November 2020

NOV 20
We could say we have created a valuable opportunity for those people to expose their knowledge. All papers have publicat...


December 2020

DEC 11
Contemporary Issues in Engineering & Technology Research The conference will cover important issues in Engineering an...

Bangkok ,

DEC 15
The 4th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics will take place on December 15-17, 2020 in the hi...


August 2021

AUG 20
Welcome to the 4th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics and Accounting. IARMEA 2021 wil...


September 2021

Join us on the 03-05 of September in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic for the 3rd International Conference on Research i...

Czech Republic

October 2021

OCT 20
The 9th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting will take place on the 22nd-24th o...


April 2022

APR 22
Welcome to the 5th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics, and Accounting. IARMEA 2022 wi...


September 2022

SEP 16
If you are a member of academia, a researcher, a scholar, or a representative of a non-profit or governmental agency in ...


May 2023

MAY 26
If you are a member of academia, a researcher, a scholar, or a representative of a non-profit or governmental agency in ...


June 2023

The 10th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting (OMEACONF) is ...


July 2023

JUL 28
Welcome to the 7th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics, and Accounting. IARMEA 2023 wi...


November 2023

NOV 20
Publication: Submissions will be peer-reviewed by conference committees, and accepted papers will be published in the I...



by Bronwynn Adamson Nosworthy


This research seeks to examine the issue of lack of staff resources within the office of the Auditor-General of NSW, with reference to the Australian Audit Office (AAO). In particular, the lack of staff resources and the implications given the changes which have occurred sine the 1970Ís, when efficiency audit responsibilities were introduced into the public accounting sector auditing, are examined. The present responsibilities to conduct not only regularity/compliance audits but also efficiency audits, coupled with the increasing complexities within the public sector, have placed significant pressure upon the staff resources within the offices of the Auditor's-General. The intention of the research is to provide empirical evidence of these changes on the utilization of staff resources. ...

The Paradox of the Good Bribe

A Discussion Defining and Protecting the Public Interest

by David J O'Regan


What do Plato and the Bible tell us about bribery? Does it even matter? When it comes to ethical guidance on bribery should we look less to traditional wisdom and instead be seeking understanding and guidance primarily from modern sources? From economists with their talk of efficient markets, and from the critical theorists who focus on inequities in power relations? This book explores such questions in depth.Taking the form of a Platonic dialogue, the book contains a discussion of claims made for recognition of the positive aspects of bribery. This goes beyond the well-known "harmless" bribe - the facilitating or “grease” payment which encourages an official to speed up the performance of his or her existing duties, without additional favors. This type of baksheesh may be unattractive...

Engineering for Sustainable Development and Living

Preserving a Future for the Next Generation to Cherish

by Jacqueline A. Stagner & David S-K. Ting (editors)


What can we do to preserve a future for the next generation to cherish? A potent answer is to exercise good stewardship in realizing more sustainable living and development. This volume brings together experts from around the world to disseminate the latest knowledge and research toward this end, i.e., engineering for more sustainable development and living. Let us learn from a living cell that utilizes inherited biological intelligence to organize its resources for current needs and future existence. We also have the responsibility to ensure universal access to electricity and increase the share of renewable energies. Cost effective hybrid renewable energy systems should also be considered and furthered. Advancing energy storage is a necessary striving for managing a future "toilet paper ...

Testing Semi-Strong Form Efficiency and the PEAD Anomaly in ATHEX

An Event Study based on Annual Earnings Announcements

by Stavros I. Derdas


Semi-strong form efficiency is generally supported by event studies, especially these on daily returns testing the market's reaction to accounting earnings. Nevertheless, the Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift (PEAD) anomaly, being inconsistent with semi-strong form efficiency, seems to have survived robustness tests through the years. This paper examines the reaction of ATHEX in response to fiscal year 2006 annual earnings announcements of 20 high capitalisation companies. The common event study methodology is being used in order to define expected returns and trace the abnormal performance of these stocks. Three portfolios are constructed based on the unexpected component of the reported earnings per share (EPS). The abnormal performance of each portfolio over time is identified by the dai...

by Antonio Lobo Gallardo


(Complete work in Spanish) The doctoral thesis contributes to some related Management Control areas such us Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and the informal components of Control Systems. The objective of the research was to analyse how this process of business concentration may impact on the Management Control System of the acquired firm. For this purpose an alternative theoretical model have been developed from the review of Management Control literature and M&A in Management Accounting. This model builds on contingency theoretical insights and extends it with elements of informal control. To test the prepositions a single ethnographic in-depth case study was carried out. It was conducted in a Spanish subsidiary of an English chemical group during 31 months. The main findings of this res...

by Thanh T. Nguyen


The Fuller School is one of the six elementary schools in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a small urban community known for shipbuilding and fishing. Fuller students come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds (from public housing facilities to affluent families) and a variety of ethnic groups (including Italian, Hispanic and Vietnamese). With its diverse population, the Fuller School represented an excellent environment to test the use of Multiple Intelligences (MI) as a foundation for its curriculum. This study aimed to examine one of the ten objectives of the FIRST Schools and Teacher Program Grant: "To improve student achievement on standardized tests" by using "multiple intelligences instruction." The results of the California Achievement Test/5 (CAT/5) given at grade 5 tended...

Isoquantal Capital Modulation

A Harmonic Modeling Approach to Understanding and Managing the Investment Decision

by William J. McKibbin


The purpose of business is to employ capital factors in such a manner as to generate value for its customers and profits for its owners. To achieve these ends, management must make at least three distinct decisions – the operating, investment, and financing decisions. The purpose of this study is to formulate a modeling methodology that harmonically analyzes and explains how the investment decision and capital elasticity influence competitive advantage. The research explores the descriptive literature for the current states of computational modeling, accounting theory and practice, managerial finance, macroeconomics, capital theory, and harmonic analysis in order to provide evidence supporting the content validity of a proposed modeling framework, which encodes, m...

by Dr. Mike Fred Balm


The introduction of fair value accounting for stock options has required private companies to apply stock option valuation methodologies that were designed to be applied to their public counterparts. The two recommended methodologies, the Black-Scholes formula and the Binomial Lattice model, require the valuator to provide an input for estimated volatility; for private companies that do not have a trading history there is limited guidance regarding the determination of volatility, which results in diverging and incorrect estimates. Based on a sample representing 178 companies who filed and completed an IPO in 2006, this study analyzed the accuracy of the recommended valuation methodologies when applied to closely held US corporations. The study outlines the importance of volatility to the ...

by Andrew Ferraro


How to invest like the Very Rich illustrates the author's experience, knowledge and familiarity with the financial markets. It is skillfully written, clear and jargon-free. The historic references are timeless. Nelson W. Diebel, Jr., PhD Professor of History (retired) How to invest Like the Very Rich is an excellent, easy to understand, overview of financial investments written in an elegant style. Larry Bridwell, PhD Professor of Management Accounting Pace University This book puts a human face of the ghostly specter of money and finance. His historical references to the evolution of our system of financial markets demystify a rather complex international structure. Use his book as a compass to navigate your portfolio through the new millennium. Michael Servodidio, JD, CPA, ...

Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance

The Case Analysis from Australia

by Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad


Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance seeks to contribute to the existing body of work in the area of Islamic finance through examining the extent of divergence in practice of Islamic financing from the traditional Shari`ah in the Australian context. The author makes a discursive analysis of the regulation of Islamic finance in Australia in terms of (a) the financing instruments used, (b) certainty of transactions between participants in the system, and (c) institutional risk management of Islamic financial institutions. The work's objectives are two-fold: (a) to analytically study the extent to which Islamic Financial Services Providers (IFSPs) of Australia differ from the traditional Shari`ah in their current practices of Islamic legal financial system by their use of different f...

Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking

Corporate Strategy Analysis of Four International Pharmaceutical Companies

by Hung-hsin Chen


This research of corporate strategy analysis implements comparative analysis and benchmarking to analyse and examine the corporate strategy of the pharmaceutical sectors of 4 international pharmaceutical companies. Most existing studies of pharmaceutical industry have been limited to some specific fields such as the R&D ability, new products launch time, acquisitions, and alliances. Little has been known about the analysis of corporate strategy and comparison of pharmaceutical industry by both internal and external factors. On the other hand, the comparative strategy and benchmarking have been frequently applied in analysing the corporate strategy mostly in public service industries, ...

Strategic Approaches to the Legal Environment of Business

A Game Theory Based Decision Making Guide for Managers

by Michael O'Brien, András Margitay-Becht


Current and future managers are regularly confronted with decisions that create risk in the legal environment of business. This book provides a framework for qualifying legal risk and then determining if the legal risk is worth taking. This framework begins by looking at the relationship between the firm, its suppliers, customers, owners, agents, and others in society as a whole to understand specific risks in personal injury, agreements, products, borrowing money, employees, independent contractors, and business entity selection. When the manager is aware of the magnitude of the risk and the likelihood of the risk, the manager is in a strong position to determine if the risk is worth taking. This book uses numerous applications from Game Theory to determine how risks of the firm compare t...

by Massimo Latour


Before the seismic events of Northridge (Los Angeles, 17 January 1994) and Hyogoken-Nanbu (Kobe, 17 January 1995), MRFs were supposed to be the most reliable seismic resistant systems due to the high number of dissipative zones that are able to develop. Before these earthquakes, especially in the United States, MRFs were realized, generally, by adopting fully welded connections, which, at the time, were retained to perform better compared to other joint typologies. In addition, the economic advantages deriving from the adoption of field fully welded connections strongly influenced choices of building owners and, as a result, led to the adoption of this joint typology in almost all pre-Northridge steel MRFs. After the Northridge earthquake, even though the loss of life was limited, the unex...