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March 2014

MAR 18
The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovatio...

Kuala Lumpur,

March 2015

The conference aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications. The event will be he...

Academic , Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

June 2015

JUN 18
We invite you to participate in the upcoming IABE 2015 Conference: IABE-2015 Rome, Italy: Summer Conference, June 18-...


September 2015

SEP 11
The Conference on “Exploration of Computation and Information Technology for Disaster Management (ECITDM15)” is aime...


October 2015

OCT 15
Course “Verification vs. Validation - Product Process Software and QMS " has been pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for...

Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States

November 2015

NOV 26
This two day intermediate to advanced level programme will provide delegates with comprehensive training in the latest r...

United Kingdom

March 2016

You are invited to participate in The International Conference on Computing Technology, Information Security and Risk Ma...

Academic City,
United Arab Emirates

July 2016

JUL 26
You are invited to participate in The Second International Conference on Organizational Strategy, Business Models, and R...

United Kingdom

August 2016

AUG 15
The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp is a 6-day (+2 days conference) intensive, quantitative cours...

New York, New York,
United States

March 2017

MAR 16
Overview: Risk Assessment is a fundamental expectation in the regulated industries of pharmaceutical and medical devi...

United States

May 2017

MAY 27
You are cordially invited to submit your research manuscripts/case studies in all areas of business. In addition to pape...

United Arab Emirates

August 2017

AUG 14
This one-week, intensive, quantitative finance course, taught by Attilio Meucci provides broad picture and in-depth unde...

New York, New York,
United States

May 2018

MAY 10
OVERVIEW The 21st century business organization requires active and engaged risk management activities. Today's risk an...

Aurora, Colorado,
United States

August 2018

AUG 13
6-day Intensive Quantitative Course 13-18 Aug 2018, New York University In 6 intense days, the Advanced Risk and Po...

New York, New York,
United States

October 2018

OCT 22
PECB is announcing the 2018 PECB Insights Conference that will gather C-level professionals including top CEOs, Presiden...


February 2019

OVERVIEW Things are changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up. And it’s not just the speed of change that’s accele...

United States

May 2019

MAY 14
With today’s modern advancements in global banking and financial services technologies and interconnectivity, implemen...

Miami, Florida,
United States

December 2019

he huge volume of hydrocarbons transported through pipelines and by ships poses a continuous risk to the environment due...

United Kingdom

March 2020

OVERVIEW Every business faces legal risks and claims every day. Identifying, assessing and mitigating those risks will ...

United States

April 2020

APR 10
One of the primary motives of the 2nd International conference on Management, Engineering and Social Science (ICMESS-202...


June 2020

JUN 22
It is the objective of these meetings to bring together scientists and engineers from a wide range of academic disciplin...


JUN 23
The conference covers a series of important topics of current research interests and many practical applications. It is ...


JUN 30
This workshop will consider new insights through three recent experiences related to earthquakes and tsunamis that took ...

United Kingdom

JUN 30
The aim of this short course over two days is to introduce engineers, consultants and researchers to simplified methods ...

United Kingdom


by Rell Snyder


The purpose and overall goal of the study is to further develop an understanding of the degree to which Information Systems project managers have implemented risk management planning, identification, evaluation and strategies within projects. The population selected for study consisted of 651 Information Systems Development (ISD) project managers who are responsible for managing the ISD components of projects who are members of the Project Management Institute Information Systems Specific Interest Group (PMI-ISSIG). With almost 90,000 members worldwide, PMI is the leading nonprofit professional association in the area of Project Management. The survey was constructed using the Project Risk Management Processes Checklist to determine the nature ...

How to Manage Cybersecurity Risk

A Security Leader's Roadmap with Open FAIR

by Christopher T. Carlson


Protecting information systems to reduce the risk of security incidents is critical for organizations today. This writing provides instruction for security leaders on the processes and techniques for managing a security program. It contains practical information on the breadth of information security topics, referring to many other writings that provide details on technical security topics. This provides foundation for a security program responsive to technology developments and an evolving threat environment.The security leader may be engaged by an organization that is in crisis, where the priority action is to recover from a serious incident. This work offers foundation knowledge for the security leader to immediately apply to the organization's security program while improving it to the...

by Martin P. Wolf


The thesis starts with a short description of the credit derivatives' place in the credit risk management. Then it proceeds by outlining the basic forms of credit derivatives, their applications, and their contract elements. A short description of the two common pricing frameworks for credit derivatives, the Firm's Value Models and the Credit Rating Transition Models is given. The major approach reviewed in this thesis is the one of Duffie-Singleton for valuing credit derivatives with term structure models. This framework is also applied in a simulation and examines the importance of the different parameters on the outcome. Also examples for the valuation of Default Digital Swaps and Puts as well as Credit Default Swaps and Puts are given.

Towards Improved Project Management Practice

Uncovering the evidence for effective practices through empirical research

by Terence J. Cooke-Davies


Projects are important to industry, but project performance continually disappoints stakeholder expectations. Organizations react to this performance problem in many ways, and purchase consultancy, training, methods and tools as possible solutions. There is no published evidence that any of these solutions are consistently successful in improving project performance. This thesis answers the question, "What can be done to improve project management practices, and thus project performance?" by demonstrating that a novel form of continuous action research can contribute such evidence. Firstly a community of practice was formed from practitioners with major corporations interested in answering the question, and commercially motivated to implement changes. A programme was developed that c...

The Debt Delusion

Evolution and Management of Financial Risk

by Will Slatyer


In the twenty-first century, corporations delude themselves that their operations are capitalist. In fact the high levels of debt, based on dubious assets reflect "debtism" not "capitalism". Over the ages, debt has crippled countries and economies, companies, large and small, because of biased optimism by lenders and borrowers. Debt is the most common global financial risk and needs to be controlled at Board level, even before trained executives endeavour risk management. The Debt Delusion provides a history of money and debt that should lead all Directors and executives to study recommended ways to manage debt. Management of debt will be extremely important in 2008.

Can I See Your Hands:

A Guide To Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security

by Dr. Gav Schneider


The title of this book, "Can I See Your Hands" refers to one of the key outcomes of this book-- being able to tell whether or not people want to cause us harm. To put it very simply, if you can see someone's hands and they are not concealing them, holding a weapon or positioning to strike you, one's levels of trust and confidence can increase. This simple example can serve as a reminder to all of us in many of the complex moments we have to deal with, and difficult decisions we have to make, in everyday life. Click here for details about the Audiobook edition read by Graham Rowat. WORDS OF PRAISE You hold in your hands an amazing book, unlike any other on the subject. Many good books have been written about the critically important topic of protecting yourself and your loved one...

Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance

The Case Analysis from Australia

by Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad


Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance seeks to contribute to the existing body of work in the area of Islamic finance through examining the extent of divergence in practice of Islamic financing from the traditional Shari`ah in the Australian context. The author makes a discursive analysis of the regulation of Islamic finance in Australia in terms of (a) the financing instruments used, (b) certainty of transactions between participants in the system, and (c) institutional risk management of Islamic financial institutions. The work's objectives are two-fold: (a) to analytically study the extent to which Islamic Financial Services Providers (IFSPs) of Australia differ from the traditional Shari`ah in their current practices of Islamic legal financial system by their use of different f...

by Viatcheslav V. Chiline


Where banking is going in the future? What do banks want to see from the regulators of their particular niche of the banking industry? What do they expect customers to want from the new and exciting delivery channels that are coming into being? What major trends are going to matter during the next five and ten years? How do institutions see their own financial future?; These are main probing questions that we have been asking ourselves during the course of the research. The presentation of this work is organised to give the reader flexible means of understanding the major trends of the Global banking development. The material is largely non-technical--it is the ideas and concepts that are challenging, not the statistics.One of the unique features of this work is that it is based on the ide...

Prisons in the Neoliberal Era

Class and Symbolic Dimensions

by Dimitris Koros


The aim of this paper is to explore prison's class and symbolic dimensions in the Neoliberal Era. Neoliberalism was approached as the empowerment of the market which leads to the dismantlement of the social welfare state and to the strengthening of the penal state for the marginalised populations. Also, it was analysed as the 'conduct of conduct' in the Foucauldian sense, as it was argued that prison is a tool of government, functioning for the management of the marginalised populations. An effort was undertaken to discuss the differences of the US, the 'carceral example', with the European Union countries. The class and symbolic dimensions of punishment were first approached from a historical and a theoretical perspective respectively, before attempting to discuss neoliberalism, aiming to...