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April 2017

Overview: Statistical textbooks, manuals, and even most software rely on the assumption that processes conform to the...

United States

APR 18
Overview: The program will review how to establish an effective artwork change management and approval system, includ...

United States

APR 25
Overview: The webinar will first present the key differences between ISO 13485 2015 versus ISO 13485 2003.Next, the s...

United States

APR 25
Overview: This applied to his logistics system, which another reference depicted as a "continent spanning conveyor," ...

United States

August 2017

Overview: In this webinar you will learn about the types of FDA inspections, preparations such as assigning dedicated p...

United States

October 2017

OCT 14
OBJECTIVES : ➢ To upgrade the knowledge and skills on advanced manufacturing processes. ➢ To gain knowledge on the...


January 2018

JAN 18
CDAMIES 2018 invites research papers that encompass manufacturing, industrial engineering and relevant field of speciali...


March 2018

MAR 12
Materials science has been pushed to the forefront of research and development not only in universities but in industrie...


April 2018

APR 28
The conference is supported by *National University of Science and Technology, Russia*, *Chiang Mai University, Thailand...

Russian Federation

APR 28
Conference official website: Meeting time:April 28-30, 2018 Meeting place:Moscow,Russia Ac...

Russia Academy of Sciences,
Russian Federation

May 2018

●Publication and Indexing All the registered and presented papers will be included in the conference proceeding whic...


July 2018

JUL 23
●Publication and Indexing All the accepted papers will be published in the volume of Conference proceeding, which wi...

Bangkok, Thailand,

August 2018

AUG 29
●Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: Additive Manufacturing Surface Engineering/Coa...

Cape Town,
South Africa

September 2018

SEP 18
Lernen Sie, wie Sie Probleme schneller losen und kostspielige Reparaturen in Zukunft vermeiden – mit der KT-Erfolgsmet...


SEP 26
The decrease of natural energy reserves encourages researchers to search for alternative energy and more efficient equip...


October 2018

OCT 12
●Publication and Indexing 1. All the registered and presented papers will be published in the volume of IOP Conferen...


November 2018

NOV 27
Many governments in the region have started encouraging more investments in the local pharmaceutical manufacturing, eith...

Saudi Arabia

March 2019

Publication: All the accepted papers of ICITM 2019 will be included into Conference Proceedings which will be published...

United Kingdom

MAR 22
Accepted and registered full papers will be published into IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering(ISSN...


April 2019

APR 12
The ICMSMT 2019 aims for a great gathering of both industrial and academic professional from across the world in the fie...

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,

APR 30
OVERVIEW Ms. Nash-Hoff’s presentation will cover how supply chain management is affecting the decision of where to so...

United States

May 2019

MAY 22
The aim of the conference is to facilitate interaction between the research and industrial community and discuss the lat...


MAY 24
Conference official website: Meeting time:May 24-26, 2019. Meeting place:Phuket, Thailand/CA...


September 2019

SEP 12
OVERVIEW Human error is known to be the primary cause of quality and production losses in many industries. Although it ...

United States

October 2019

OCT 16
The success of Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry comes on the back of ever-increasing global demand for paper. Despi...


February 2020

FEB 27
Call for Papers 5th International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, Modeling and Mechatronics (IC4M 2020) 27-...


April 2020

Materials science and manufacturing process is one of the significant symbols of modern day’s high-tech revolution. Th...

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,

APR 22
3D Printing Technology & Innovations conference is going to be held at Berlin, Germany during April 22-23, 2020 with the...


August 2020

ICEIT 2020 conference covers a wide range of fields in science and engineering innovation and aims to bring together eng...


AUG 13
The conference 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering-2020 is organized...

United States

September 2020

Agriculture 4.0 is set to provide an interactive platform to discuss the opportunities offered by disruptive digital tec...

Bangkok, Thailand,

SEP 14
Pangea Global Events welcomes you to attend the Manufacture and Industrial Engineering Conference at Brussels, Belgium d...


October 2020

OCT 29
6th International Symposium on Manufacturing Science and Engineering(ISMSE 2020) is organized by Hong Kong Society of Me...

Russian Federation


by Farayi Musharavati


Trends and perspectives in dynamic environments point towards a need for optimal operating levels in reconfigurable manufacturing activities. Central to the goal of meeting this need is the issue of appropriate techniques for manufacturing process planning optimization in reconfigurable manufacturing, i.e. (i) what decision making models and (ii) what computational techniques, provide an optimal manufacturing process planning solution in a multidimensional decision variables space? Conventional optimization techniques are not robust, hence; they are not suitable for handling multidimensional search spaces. On the other hand, process planning optimization for reconfigurable manufacturing is not amenable to classical modeling approaches due to the presence of complex system dynamics. Therefo...

by Yvan Poulin


To outsource or not to outsource its internal IT department? That is the question that many firms have been asking themselves. Outsourcing has been around for more then 20 years in the different manufacturing areas. At first, companies decided to outsource the manufacturing of components in countries which would be bringing cost benefits by reducing the overall cost of their products. With the Internet gaining momentum as a quick and reliable source of information transmission, many manufacturing firms are now evaluating the possibility to outsource their IT functions in order to focus their energy, efforts and capitals on core-competencies thus reducing costs and improving quality of their IT services. From the literature review, we understand that cost reductions could be obtain...

Reengineering Strategies and Tactics

Know Your Company's and Your Competitors' Strategies and Tactics Using Public Information

by Benjamin T. Solomon


The Holistic Business Model identifies, in a structured manner, the 48 structural positions and 32 strategies your company can effect, resulting in 2 million variations in your company's strategic environment. This complexity is handled by three layers, consisting of the Operations Layer, the Revenue Transaction Layer and the Business Management Layer. Strategy is the migration from one structural position to another in the Business Management Layer. Therefore, the Model prevents investors, business owners and corporate managers from making incorrect moves, while both, enabling them to see their future options, and enhancing the quality of their management decisions. The Operations Layer explains why lean manufacturing (JIT and Kanbans) works when it does, when it does not, and the i...

Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking

Corporate Strategy Analysis of Four International Pharmaceutical Companies

by Hung-hsin Chen


This research of corporate strategy analysis implements comparative analysis and benchmarking to analyse and examine the corporate strategy of the pharmaceutical sectors of 4 international pharmaceutical companies. Most existing studies of pharmaceutical industry have been limited to some specific fields such as the R&D ability, new products launch time, acquisitions, and alliances. Little has been known about the analysis of corporate strategy and comparison of pharmaceutical industry by both internal and external factors. On the other hand, the comparative strategy and benchmarking have been frequently applied in analysing the corporate strategy mostly in public service industries, ...

by John L. Elson II


Expert and novice problem solving has been a subject of research for many years. Problem solving of textbook problems and case studies in various domains such as math, physics, chess, music, system design, medical diagnosis, and business sub-domains have been the norm as the subject of this type of research. Few if any research efforts have undertaken the study of real world problem solving that occurs over an extended time such as those solved by industrial engineers in a manufacturing setting. This research studies the expert and novice problem solving performance in a scaled-world simulation of a manufacturing company experiencing a high backlog of customer orders. Research time consists of eight hours of problem solving behavior for teams of two as they diagnose the problem and make de...

by Mamarinta P. Mababaya


This study investigated whether known economic and international business theories available in the literature are meaningful enough to explain the nature, existence and role of multinational companies (MNCs) in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. Two sets of questionnaires were distributed in major cities of Saudi Arabia -- one set for 100 multinational managers and another for 280 multinational customers. 234 questionnaires were collected -- 45 from multinational managers and 189 from customers. This represents a total response rate of 62 percent, which is adequate for this study.The empirical results, supported with comprehensive secondary data, confirmed virtually all of the research hypotheses. The study found that joint ventures are the dominant form of multinational business...

Investment in Developing Countries

Explorations in Capital Flows, Productivity and Microadjustment

by Alberto E. Isgut


The enhanced access of developing countries to the international financial market since the seventies has been characterized by boom-bust cycles of unfettered external borrowing followed by abrupt financial crises. The first chapter analyzes the macroeconomic effects of volatile capital flows to a developing country. The analysis shows that investment, consumption, and the current account deficit depend positively on the expected availability of external finance. If international investors may unexpectedly decide to reduce their exposure to financial assets issued by the country, the optimal cost of external borrowing should exceed the interest rate paid by domestic residents in the international financial market. In the absence of insurance markets for this type of risk, a tax on capital ...

by Alex Buchner


Context Mediation is a field of research that is concerned with the interchange of information across different environments, which provides a vehicle to bridge semantic gaps among disparate entities. Knowledge Discovery is concerned with the extraction of actionable information from large databases. A challenge that has received relatively little attention is knowledge discovery in a highly disparate environment, that is multiple heterogeneous data sources, multiple domain knowledge sources and multiple knowledge patterns. This thesis tackles the problem of semantic interoperability among data, domain knowledge and knowledge patterns in a knowledge discovery process using context mediation. Context fundamentals are introduced, which encompasses the concepts of context identity, sem...

Management of Systems

How to Follow the Path of Deming and Toyota

by Grigory Fidelman


This book describes a novel approach for transforming the management of a company to the type championed by Edward Deming and Toyota. The book guides company leaders through all the steps of the transformation: it shows how to start the transformation, what methods should be used and what methods should be avoided. The book also illustrates the deficiencies of some generally accepted formats of consulting.The required depth of the transformation and the necessity, from the very beginning, to act in accordance with the basic principles of Deming's management, in particular the rejection of the idea of punishment, distinguishes the proposed format from ordinary consulting methods. This holistic nature of this approach, unlike that of some particular and narrow-pointed techniques such as Kanb...

The Bipoint in the Settlement of North America

Trans-Oceanic Migrations and Settlement of Prehistoric Americas

by Wm Jack Hranicky


This 378 page archaeological publication covers the development, definition, classification, and world-wide deployment of the lithic bipoint and includes numerous photographs, drawings, and maps. The bipoint is a legacy implement from the Old World that is found through time/space all over America. It was brought into the U.S. on both coasts; the Pacific Coast introduction was around 17,000 years ago and the Atlantic Coast was 23,000 years ago. The basic bipoint is defined and its manufacturing processes are presented along with bipoint properties, shape/form, resharpening, and cultural associations. This publication illustrates numerous bipoints from the Atlantic and Pacific states (and within the U.S.) and presents some of their inferred chronologies which are the oldest in the New World...

by Geir E. Hovland


The problem of controlling sensory perception for use in discrete event feedback control systems is addressed in this thesis. The sensory perception controller (SPC) is formulated as a sequential Markov decision problem. The SPC has two main objectives; 1) to collect perceptual information to identify discrete events with high levels of confidence and 2) to keep the sensing costs low. Several event recognition techniques are available where each of the event recognisers produces confidence levels of recognised events. For a discrete event control system running in normal operation, the confidence levels are typically large and only a few event recognisers are needed. Then, as the event recognition becomes harder, the confidence levels will decrease and additional event recognisers are uti...

by Jibendu Kumar Mantri


Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) represents a milestone in the progression of a continuously advancing methodology for data analysis, which finds extensive use in industry, society and even in education. This book is a handy encyclopedia for researchers, students and practitioners looking for the latest and most comprehensive references in DEA. J.K. Mantri has specifically selected 22 research papers where DEA is applied in different fields so that the techniques discussed in this book can be used for various applications. In A Bibliography of Data Envelopment Analysis (1978-2001), Gabriel Tavares states that DEA is a mathematical programme for measuring performance efficiency of organizations popularly named as decision-making units (DMU). The DMU can be of any kind such as manufacturing ...

Human Resource Management Practices in Selected Ethiopian Private Companies

A Study to Increase Employee Productivity in Ethiopia

by Dirk J. van Wasbeek


This dissertation examines how human resources are managed at selected Ethiopian private companies, how Ethiopian human resource management practice is evolving and how it can be improved. The examination is qualitative and exploratory, since no comparative research on human resource management has yet been conducted at Ethiopian profit or non-profit organizations. An understanding of Ethiopian human resource management practice makes it possible to improve Ethiopian human resource management practice, and thus to increase employee productivity. The study took place at four manufacturing and four service companies in Addis Ababa, all representative of their sector. The research claim is that Ethiopian human resource management practices differ from human resource management practices in ...

Medical Informatics Around The World

An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues

by Andrew Steele


In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the use of computer technology in many facets of our lives. Many industries such as finance, manufacturing, and retail have embraced modern technological advances through the use of advanced computer and telecommunication technology. Unfortunately, the international health care community has been quite slow to effectively integrate new computer technology into the daily care of patients. Nevertheless, governments across the world are developing strategic plans and allocating financial resources to support the use of technology in healthcare. Medical Informatics Around The World: An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues provides a global snapshot into such activities in 13 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Ko...

Toluene and Ethyl Acetate Biodegradation by Peat Biofilters

Respirometric and Microbial Community Evolution Monitoring

by Javier Álvarez Hornos


Air streams discharged from industrial sources contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for which environmental regulations are being increasingly restrictive. Biofiltration is an environmentally friendly technology for treatment of waste gases containing relatively low concentration of VOCs, because of its simplicity, low cost and non-generating hazardous residues. In this work, three laboratory-scale peat biofilters were operated at 90s empty bed residence time for a continuous period of 7 months. Biodegradation of ethyl acetate, toluene, or a 1:1 mixture were investigated (these compounds are among the key pollutants in the exhaust air from printing and coating facilities, and paint manufacturing). A CO2 emissions monitoring and the determination the dynamics of living and dead cells, ...

by John R. Harrison


This book reviews natural health product laws and regulations for Canada's primary natural health products (NHP) trading partners, namely, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, USA, United Kingdom, and the European Union and compare them to Canada's natural health product regulations. The study was also undertaken to identify priority areas where policy research should be focussed and then propose strategies to address these selected policy research areas. The Canadian NHP definition was used to compare similar classes of products for these other countries. Further, the major components of the Canadian regulatory framework for NHPs that were used for research purposes were the following: Product Licensing including Standards of Evidence, Site Licensing, Good Manufacturin...