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by Lawrence M. Johnson


This study examined whether the leadership experiences and leadership behaviors of United States healthcare facility Chief Executive Officers are affected by military or civilian experience. The study also investigated whether differences in leadership outcomes, as perceived by key subordinates, were affected by the CEO's leadership development experiences or leadership behaviors. The goal of this study was to investigate how occupationally similar, yet experientially diverse, military and civilian hospital CEOs differ in significant leadership experiences, behaviors, and three performance outcomes, namely perceived effectiveness, follower satisfaction with the leader, and willingness of subordinates to put forth extra effort. Responses from a national sample of civilian and military he...

by Aldith A. Bell


The purpose of the qualitative hermeneutic phenomenological study was to explore the influence of leadership development or succession-planning programs upon women's progression to high-level positions and their continued success in the executive ranks. A qualitative methodology provided a detailed and rich understanding of the experiences of women in high-level leadership from the perspectives of women who have experienced leadership development or succession-planning programs. Twenty women in high-level leadership positions employed in for-profit organizations in the eastern United States were the focus of the study. The results revealed that while some aspects of the programs were effective, upon promotion to their high-level positions, most of the women leaders expressed a lack of prep...

Program Evaluation of the Latinas Learning to Lead Summer Youth Institute

A Leadership Development Program for Young Hispanic Women

by Belinda M. Gonzalez-Leon


This dissertation was a summative program evaluation with qualitative inquiry of the Latinas Learning to Lead Summer Youth Institute. This week-long leadership development program is exclusive to college-age Hispanic women. To determine if the mission and its objectives were attained, program graduates completed a survey and were then invited to participate in an in-depth interview. Data gathered found that the program mission and objectives were met. Various themes of significance included a need for role models and mentors, increased confidence and motivation, sense of cultural belonging, and realization of self-truths. Further research should include a longitudinal study as well as research on those Hispanic young women who were not able to participate in this program.