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Information Technology for Small Business

A Comprehensive Guide of Applications of End User Computing, Social Media, Cloud Computing, and Open Source Software to Business Process, Decision Making, and Outreaching for Students in Business Programs and Small Business Owners

by Shouhong Wang & Hai Wang


Information Technology for Small Business provides a comprehensive guide of applications of end user computing, social media, cloud computing, and open source software to business process, decision making, and outreaching for small businesses. It is designed for students in business programs and small business owners. The e-book highlights the most important concepts of information technology for small business, including information technology solution services and end user computing development. To maintain a well-rounded approach to the topics, both fundamental knowledge about information technology for small business and hands-on material are presented. Succinct tutorials for implementation of end user decision support systems and end user business intelligence in the end user computi...

The Role of Organisational Change Management in Offshore Outsourcing of Information Technology Services

Qualitative Case Studies from a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

by T.R. Ramanathan


This research study seeks to understand the nature of organisational change with respect to offshore outsourcing of information technology services in a multinational pharmaceutical company, and to examine the effectiveness of approaches used to manage this change so that lessons may be drawn from these experiences. Despite the abundant literature on effective organisational change management, the key factors that need to be managed properly at different stages of the offshore outsourcing process are not well understood. The research adopts a processual view to paint a broad picture of the issues involved in these different stages. A generic process model of change, based on the review of the change literature, was first developed to represent how change was intended to occur. This model f...

by Maria Mercedes T. Rodrigo


Both public and private schools in the Philippines are using information technology (IT) as a tool to improve teaching and learning. While both government and private sector initiatives indicate national commitment to IT in education, there is little up-to-date information on how extensively the Philippines are using computers and for what purposes. The researcher s goals were to determine the extent to which Metro Manila public and private schools used IT and to determine how these results compared with analogous data on schools in other developing and developed countries. The researcher gathered data with mail-in questionnaires adapted from the International Assoc...

by Marcia V. Reid


The purpose of the qualitative case study was to explore and identify the patterns and types of obstacles women in the information technology (IT) field experience in advancing to leadership positions and to explore the mentor-mentee relationship of female organizational leaders in the IT field and its effect on the advancement of women to leadership positions. The sample consisted of two groups of women, one in leadership (10 cases) and the other in nonleadership (10 cases) positions, in the IT field in the eastern United States. Content analysis and NVivo 7 software were used to analyze the interview transcripts and observations for common themes. The results revealed (a) mentor-mentee relationships play a key role in women's advancement in the IT field, (b) gender discrimination still e...

by Ralf Muller


Communication is frequently identified in the literature as a major factor impacting Information Technology (IT) project failure. The importance of communication is amplified in buyer - seller relationships through the long-term impact of project failures on the future business of IT vendors with their customers.The formal communication between IT project sponsors from buyer firms and project managers from IT vendor firms within business to business markets is investigated through this study. Typical communication patterns between project sponsor and manager in high and low performing projects are identified. The antecedents of these patterns are assessed and the effectiveness of project sponsor - manager communication investigated. A multi-method approach is used with a quantitative analy...

by Yvan Poulin


To outsource or not to outsource its internal IT department? That is the question that many firms have been asking themselves. Outsourcing has been around for more then 20 years in the different manufacturing areas. At first, companies decided to outsource the manufacturing of components in countries which would be bringing cost benefits by reducing the overall cost of their products. With the Internet gaining momentum as a quick and reliable source of information transmission, many manufacturing firms are now evaluating the possibility to outsource their IT functions in order to focus their energy, efforts and capitals on core-competencies thus reducing costs and improving quality of their IT services. From the literature review, we understand that cost reductions could be obtain...

by Bahram Sadeghi Bigham (editor)


The 2012 International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Computer and Information Science (CICIS 2012) is a conference where new advances and research results in the fields of computer science and information technology are presented. CICIS 2012 brought together leading researchers, engineers and scientists from around the world engaged in computer science and related interests. This, the third annual conference, was held with special concentration on Graph and Geometrical Algorithms, Intelligent Systems, Bioinformatics, and IT and Society.

by Petros Michaelides


This project is concerned with the factors that are responsible for the failure of Information Technology outsourcing in reducing the costs for companies. Even though there is a substantial amount of evidence in the literature that confirms the problem of IT outsourcing ineffectiveness, researchers and practitioners are still a long way from adopting a common view on the factors that can lead to inefficient outsourcing. This lack of understanding has serious managerial implications since it is hindering the ability of managers to make outsourcing decisions and manage their IT functions in a cost-efficient way. Case study research, involving interviews with IT managers, was consequently undertaken in an attempt to shed more light on the complex issues that affect the effectiveness of ...

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles

Exploring the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles Among Information Technology Professionals

by Eniola O. Olagundoye


All around the world, information technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and it could be challenging keeping up with the growing changes that we are witnessing with it. This paper explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership styles among information technology professionals. Does emotional intelligence predict leadership style and do leadership styles predict emotional intelligence components? A total of 185 participants were involved in this study. The leadership styles, which are comprised of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant, were measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire - MLQ 5X (Bass & Avolio, 1995). The emotional intelligence components, which are comprised of perception of emotion, managing own emotions, managing others...

Accelerating Transformation

Process Innovation in the Global Information Technology Industry

by Behnam N. Tabrizi, Ph.D.


This book describes a detailed process methodology for speeding innovation, and thereby leading to a firm's transformation. Anyone who is interested in managing under uncertainty and implementing fast and effective processes would be interested in reading this book. The results presented in this book are based on several years of research, examining 72 projects from 36 leading companies in United States, Asia, and Europe. The methods described are adopted by many firms in the industry. Paperback edition: US $25.95 Hardcover edition: US $35.95

Excellence in IT

Achieving Success in an Information Technology Career

by Warren C. Zabloudil


Excellence in IT reminds you that IT is an all or nothing career with too many people depending on you for the job to not be done well at all times. Everyone working in IT should rise to the occasion and seek to deliver the highest quality workmanship possible. The book covers all those things that keep IT professionals awake at night and offers advice on how to work around stress, work easier and faster, deal with problematic personalities, keep up with the never-ending chase for new knowledge, and, ultimately, how to stay competitive in your career for a long, long time. Excellence in IT provides answers to virtually everything a computer career involves and outlines how to rise to the top of your field while looking after your personal happiness too. It's not just another bone dry t...

Medical Informatics Around The World

An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues

by Andrew Steele


In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the use of computer technology in many facets of our lives. Many industries such as finance, manufacturing, and retail have embraced modern technological advances through the use of advanced computer and telecommunication technology. Unfortunately, the international health care community has been quite slow to effectively integrate new computer technology into the daily care of patients. Nevertheless, governments across the world are developing strategic plans and allocating financial resources to support the use of technology in healthcare. Medical Informatics Around The World: An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues provides a global snapshot into such activities in 13 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Ko...

How to Manage Cybersecurity Risk

A Security Leader's Roadmap with Open FAIR

by Christopher T. Carlson


Protecting information systems to reduce the risk of security incidents is critical for organizations today. This writing provides instruction for security leaders on the processes and techniques for managing a security program. It contains practical information on the breadth of information security topics, referring to many other writings that provide details on technical security topics. This provides foundation for a security program responsive to technology developments and an evolving threat environment.The security leader may be engaged by an organization that is in crisis, where the priority action is to recover from a serious incident. This work offers foundation knowledge for the security leader to immediately apply to the organization's security program while improving it to the...

Networks of Design

Proceedings of the 2008 Annual International Conference of the Design History Society (UK) University College Falmouth, 3-6 September

by Fiona Hackney, Jonathan Glynne, & Viv Minton (eds.)


Networks of Design maps a new methodological territory in design studies, conceived as a field of interdisciplinary inquiry and practice informed by a range of responses to actor network theory. It brings together a rich body of current work by researchers in the social sciences, technology, material culture, cultural geography, information technology, and systems design, and design theory and history. This collection will be invaluable to students and researchers in many areas of design studies and to design practitioners receptive to new and challenging notions of what constitutes the design process. Over ninety essays are thematically organised to address five aspects of the expanded notions of mediation, agency, and collaboration posited by network theory: Ideas, Things, Technology,...

by Thomas Magnuson Coe


Driven to improve their competitive advantages, manufacturers are looking to electronic supply chain collaboration (ESCC). The benefits of ESCC have long been described in the literature, but only recently, after considerable advances in the capability of information technology, have these benefits been verified by empirical studies. The high cost of ESCC has limited its early application to larger companies. Although interest in ESCC is high in business and information systems circles, the large group of small manufacturers has received meager attention. Theory suggests, however, that ESCC benefits are maximized as more supply chain partners integrate their information systems into a supply chain network. This exploratory triangulation study considered the current state and future implica...

by Kathleen K. Roth, DBA


"This study is an early evaluation of the benefits of using the internet and information technology for Human Resources programs and practices by a sample of large public and private for profit and not for profit organizations. The respondents themselves were higher in transformational leadership. Additionally, those with higher transformational scores were more likely to use IT for Human Resources Management. The use of IT enhanced accessibility, timeliness, and HR decision making. We are likely to see in the years to come many more evaluated shifts of HR programs and practices from paper to PC." -Bernard M. Bass, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Management, Binghamton University "I have gone thru [your] results and they make a lot of sense as you noted. I wish that we ...

by Debaprosanna Nandy


The Committee on Financial System (CFS), popularly known as Narasimham Committee, was set up in 1991 to make recommendations for bringing about the necessary reforms in the financial sector. Narasimham Committee appraised and acknowledged the success and progress of Indian banks since the major banks were nationalized on 19 July 1969. Unfortunately, the developments were witnessed only in the field of expansion and spread of bank branches, generation of huge employment and mobilization of savings rather than also in improvement in efficiency. Besides, corruption, fraud, misutilization in public money, outdated technology, and politicization in policy making were found to be major drawbacks in the real progress of the banks. As the banking sector plays an important and crucial role in the e...

Soft-Computing in Capital Market

Research and Methods of Computational Finance for Measuring Risk of Financial Instruments

by Jibendu Kumar Mantri (editor)


Computational Finance, an exciting new cross-disciplinary research area, depends extensively on the tools and techniques of computer science, statistics, information systems and financial economics for educating the next generation of financial researchers, analysts, risk managers, and financial information technology professionals. This new discipline, sometimes also referred to as “Financial Engineering” or “Quantitative Finance” needs professionals with extensive skills both in finance and mathematics along with specialization in computer science. Soft-Computing in Capital Market hopes to fulfill the need of applications of this offshoot of the technology by providing a diverse collection of cross-disciplinary research. This edited volume covers most of the recent, advanced r...

by Dr. Timothy Lee Doré


Software developer turnover can have disastrous effects on an organization due to the loss of business process knowledge, as well as acquired technical skills. Annual rates of turnover in information technology (IT) departments have been estimated at 20% or more with the cost of replacing technology workers ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 times annual salaries. This study purposely focused only on software developers as opposed to IT employees in general due to the critical nature of their work. The factors leading to turnover intention in this field are poorly understood; therefore, this study was designed to further understand the relationships between job characteristics, job satisfaction, and turnover intention among software developers. 326 web surveys were completed that contained questions...

by Wilson F. Ozuem


There has been a lot of interest among marketing practitioners and researchers in the concept of marketing communications as related to computer-mediated marketing environments as a result of the commercialization of the World Wide Web (WWW) as a marketing and communication medium. Despite growing interest, there is a dearth of research on the processual nature of communication between marketers and consumers. The overall aim of this study, therefore, is to expand our understanding of marketing communication within the computer-mediated marketing environments. This understanding is achieved in the thesis by incorporating ideas from traditional marketing communication models those based on a one-way, general outbound, linear model in which marketers deliver communication to customers and pr...

by David L. Richter


Scope of Study: This dissertation summarizes the current use of concurrent software engineering (CSE) by information technology (IT) organizations in the United States and its effectiveness in improving software delivery time, quality, and cost. From a total population of 7,173 IT organizations, a one-third sample of 2,391 were surveyed. A net valid response of 142 organizations was received, which represents a valid return rate of 6.2 percent. The responses were then analyzed against software development time, quality, and cost metrics according to the software development methodologies used. Findings and Conclusions: This study shows the extent to which pure CSE and CSE in combination with the traditional system development life cycle (SDLC) are used in the United States. There are...

The Top 25 Strategic Management Mistakes

What You Can Do to Prevent Them

by Michael F. Latimer


This book is the first of its kind to offer readers a comprehensive view of the complex array of executive, operational, financial, human resource, technological and other management issues that collectively impact organizational performance. Utilizing real-world accounts, each section examines one of the major strategic management mistakes that companies have made when trying to resolve problems with their performance. You will gain valuable insight into the underlying issues in each case, including: An understanding of the detrimental effect that departmentalized business structures and functions have had on organizational decision-making. An appreciation of the strategic importance of the Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology functions. Greater awareness of th...

by Viatcheslav V. Chiline


Where banking is going in the future? What do banks want to see from the regulators of their particular niche of the banking industry? What do they expect customers to want from the new and exciting delivery channels that are coming into being? What major trends are going to matter during the next five and ten years? How do institutions see their own financial future?; These are main probing questions that we have been asking ourselves during the course of the research. The presentation of this work is organised to give the reader flexible means of understanding the major trends of the Global banking development. The material is largely non-technical--it is the ideas and concepts that are challenging, not the statistics.One of the unique features of this work is that it is based on the ide...