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by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)

61 pages

CONTENTS: 1. Global Scenarios of Polymer Bank Notesby Srivasan Chinnammai 2. Critical Analysis of Company Perceptions on Graduate Employability Skills: The Perspectives of Employers in the UKby Mercy V. Chaita 3. The Nexus between National Healthcare, National Health Insurance of and Private Healthcare: A Clarion Call from the Periphery the South African Management Sectorby Stanton Thomas et al. 4. Comprehending Rising Food Prices: A Threat to Global Security and Human Sustainabilityby Paresh Soni et al. About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3510 A biannual peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Economic and Political Integration (IJEPI) is the forum where there is an exchange of ideas across thesocial science disciplines - political scientists debate with economists, sociolo...

by Siddhartha Sarkar

56 pages

CONTENTS: 1. A GGE Analysis of the Potential Consequences of Higher Food Prices for the Botswana Economyby Jonah Tlhalefang & Maduo Sebikiri 2. Towards improved Government Budgeting, Costing and Accountability in the Healthcare Sector: The Case of Hospital and Clinic Services in Botswanaby Percy Phatshwane & Pritika Singh Baliyan 3. Impact of Depository Receipts Norms on Indian IT Companies: A Case Study by Rachna Jain 4. Financial Development, Savings and Economic Growth in Lesotho: Evidence From Trivariate Causality Testby Ogbonnaya Ijeoma et al. Click here to download full PDF edition of this issue (free limited time open access) About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3456 International Journal of Economics and Business Studies (IJEBS) is a peer-reviewed journal, which is intended not o...