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by Lawrence M. Johnson


This study examined whether the leadership experiences and leadership behaviors of United States healthcare facility Chief Executive Officers are affected by military or civilian experience. The study also investigated whether differences in leadership outcomes, as perceived by key subordinates, were affected by the CEO's leadership development experiences or leadership behaviors. The goal of this study was to investigate how occupationally similar, yet experientially diverse, military and civilian hospital CEOs differ in significant leadership experiences, behaviors, and three performance outcomes, namely perceived effectiveness, follower satisfaction with the leader, and willingness of subordinates to put forth extra effort. Responses from a national sample of civilian and military he...

Annals of Medicine and Healthcare Research

Proceedings of the 2009 International Online Medical Conference

by Forouzan Bayat Nejad & Mostafa Nejati (editors)


Annals of Medicine and Healthcare Research is the proceedings of the second International Online Medical Conference, which was successfully held in March 2009. This two day event brought together professors, researchers, experts, and academicians from across the world and provided them with the opportunity to discuss their research findings in the field of medicine. The conference papers have been received from all around the world and have been peer reviewed and judged by experts before being accepted for publication. The IOMC organizes an annual online conference ( where participants present their papers and research using web conferencing. This book will provide a complete and useful resource of the latest research findings and discussions in the field of medic...

African American Decision Makers in Healthcare

Exploring the Impact of Mentoring on Professional Advancement

by Deon L. Wolliston


This qualitative case study explored the impact of mentoring on professional advancement among African Americans healthcare professionals. A nonrandom purposeful sample was used to identify 21 African American hospital decision makers employed in the specialty areas of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and administration. Two central research questions were used to explore the role of mentoring on professional advancement and the participants’ perception of the importance of mentorship and empowerment on their professional advancement. Data was analyzed using Moustakas (1994) modified van Kaam method of analysis. Results of the study showed that mentoring plays an important role in the professional advancement of African American hospital professionals. Additionally, the study participants be...

by Jassin M. Jouria, Jr., MD


Anatomy and Physiology is effectively a broad introductory course that requires the student to devote an enormous amount of effort to understand it on even a basic level. While this necessitates time, it can be streamlined in the early stages of one’s learning so that the student may understand why he or she is required to invest such a large amount of time into learning - Clinical Applications of Human Anatomy & Physiology is the textbook that accomplishes this.Clinical Applications of Human Anatomy & Physiology is a book that combines both areas of knowledge for a full comprehension of the human body. It is targeted to healthcare students in need of a better understanding of human physiology to combine with their clinical training. The main objective of this book is to elucidate the or...


A Guide for Physicians, Medical Students, Nurse Practitioners, and other Healthcare Providers

by H. Thomas Milhorn, MD, PhD


Primary care providers are often the first, and sometimes the only, point of contact for many patients within the healthcare system. The standard 12-lead electrocardiogram is one of the most common tests obtained and interpreted by primary care providers, with most reading their own recordings and basing clinical decisions on their findings. Primary care providers can achieve proficiency in the interpretation of over 95 percent of all electrocardiogram findings seen in the primary care setting.Although computerized interpretation is widely available, it is considered unreliable in up to 20 percent of the cases, making interpretation by primary care providers an essential skill. This book provides the necessary skills for primary care providers to use in interpreting electrocardiograms, bot...

The Promise

An Introduction to the History of Medicine

by Kourosh Nazari, M.D.


For centuries, one principle has stood above all others in the medical field: First, do no harm. But has our basic healthcare lost this vital philosophy in its pursuit of advancement and profit? Follow the journey of medicine from its earliest beginnings at the dawn of humanity to the incredible technological advances of the 21st century. By examining key figures and events, this book’s focus on the rationales of pioneering practitioners and the philosophies behind major discoveries sets it apart from current medical and historical literature for both providers and consumers of healthcare.In the age of unprecedented advancements, the evolution of medicine and its underlying philosophies has been cast aside for the pursuit of the next, best development. In the search to provide the best c...

by Lucy Waruguru Mburu


Despite the fact the human computer interface is the main facilitator of communication between the user and the computer system, its importance has been highly disregarded by system designers. This has resulted in many undesirable consequences, and in prescription and other healthcare systems, these problems are aggravated by the fact that not only are the users inconvenienced, but there are potential threats to the well-being of the patients under care as well. Many healthcare systems are often designed without considering the potential users of these systems. Consequently, the systems are created ad hoc, there is general dissatisfaction and eventually most of these systems are abandoned. This wastes human as well as economic resources while creating a stigma among the users towards the u...

Emergency Medical Systems

Prehospital Trauma Care for Landmine and Ordnance Blast Injuries in Afghanistan

by Zohra Jalal


A formal training program with theoretical and practical components is essential for all emergency medical personnel involved in providing care for critically injured patients. Communication, effective first aid, and on time transportation to a health center play a major role in improving quality of care for critically injured patients. Using life experience examples, participants in the study emphasized the importance of each factor on the delivery of quality care for critically injured patients. Recommendations based on the study findings included two main categories. The first category illustrated recommendations to stakeholders, and the second category reflected recommendations for further study. Stakeholders in this study included healthcare leaders in Afghanistan, healthcare profess...


Nueva Estación Médica de Electrocardiografía con Servicios de Información Secundarios

by Jose Rafael Magdalena Benedito


This thesis describes a telemedicine approach to a computer-aided healthcare system. NEMESIS is the Spanish acronym of New Electrocardiographic Medical Station with Information Systems. The application is a comprehensive tool set, structured around a main navigation bar, which leads to every sub-application. Those sub-applications are window based, user-friendly tools, comprising specific health tools for physicians, telemedicine/telematics tools and general-purpose tools. The whole application is built in a highly structured and modular way, which allows adding or excluding modules quickly. Portability is guaranteed and achieved by Java programming language, bringing independent platform software. All modules comply with international standards; namely, medical module...

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Case Management Activities for Diabetes

A Quasi-Experimental Study from One Medicare Advantage Plan's Perspective

by Felix J. Bradbury


The economic and human costs of diabetes in the U.S. population place an enormous burden on its healthcare system as well as on employers, diabetics, and their respective families. Many Medicare Advantage plans have responded to this burden by implementing diabetes case management programs (DCMPs) aimed at reducing inappropriate health services utilization, improving health outcomes, and containing costs. While the use of DCMPs is common to many health plans, the research regarding their effectiveness has been sparse or inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to help fill a critical gap in the research literature by evaluating the effect of a diabetes case management program known as CareContact on a Medicare population in Texas. The study population consisted of 2,972 confirmed diabet...

Steps Toward a Universal Patient Medical Record

A Project Plan to Develop One

by Michael R. McGuire


This book describes how an automated patient medical record could be built that could evolve into a universal patient record. Such a universal patient record would change medical care from a focus on short-term care to one oriented to long-term, preventive-care. It would remove patient care from being the province of the single physician to that of the responsibility of many different healthcare providers, possibly located anywhere in the world.


Computer Viruses to Twin Towers

by H. Thomas Milhorn, M.D., Ph.D.


Crime: Computer Viruses to Twin Towers is an overview of the United States legal system, with a brief introduction to Islamic and International law. The book is divided into six parts. Part I (The Legal System and Crime) introduces the U.S. legal system and the classification of crime. Part II (White Collar Crime) covers cybercrime, crime the old fashioned way, and healthcare fraud. Part III (Homicide) deals with simple murder, serial murder, mass and spree murder; and assassination. Part IV (Special Groups) covers the mafia; the family; the medical, legal, and teaching professions; the religion profession; celebrities; and stupid criminals. Part V (On the Edge) deals with topics I consider to be a bit strange; that is, quackery, innovative defenses, and dangerous cults. And finally, Part ...

Medical Informatics Around The World

An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues

by Andrew Steele


In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the use of computer technology in many facets of our lives. Many industries such as finance, manufacturing, and retail have embraced modern technological advances through the use of advanced computer and telecommunication technology. Unfortunately, the international health care community has been quite slow to effectively integrate new computer technology into the daily care of patients. Nevertheless, governments across the world are developing strategic plans and allocating financial resources to support the use of technology in healthcare. Medical Informatics Around The World: An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues provides a global snapshot into such activities in 13 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Ko...

by Matthew Hamilton


The results of previous investigations have revealed very sparse information concerning the real life effects of treating patients in a traditional pri-mary care facility. These patients were violent, hallucinatory, boisterous, and manipulative. In addition, the majority sought to avoid primary medical care on every occasion. The process by which they were admitted and treated has been observed and reported in detail. Two hundred and fifty-six patients were enrolled over a period of five months in an integrated medical facility design. This facility provided both primary medical care and behavioral healthcare services. All patients were diagnosed as Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted (MICA). These patients consisted of schizophrenics, heroin addicts and patients with a myriad of addictions. ...

by Elijah W. Bullard


This cross-cultural study investigates help-seeking for depression among Japanese primary school teachers. Help-seeking for depressive symptoms is examined quantitatively by administering the Help-Seeking Scale for Depression among participants. In addition, this study qualitatively examines the help-seeking pathways of participants according to Kleinman's explanatory model of help-seeking. The objective of the study was to determine possible motivators for Japanese and other Asian people to seek professional help for symptoms of mental illness. The participants consisted of 71 Japanese school teachers from four primary schools located in the Kansai region of Japan. Participants' conceptualizations of depression were assessed using the Help-Seeking Scale for Depression (HSSD) after read...

by Steven R. Pollock


This doctoral dissertation performs correlational analysis using a validated instrument to collect data from internal coaches and certified Six Sigma Green Belts about their perceptions of the key drivers of project outcomes. The data were collected from a large healthcare organization in the United States. The conclusion of the study is that internal coaching positively influences project outcomes. The internal coaches and Green Belts studied, however, do not agree on how collaboration occurs. The internal coaches did not perceive they support Green Belt teams in a consistent manner. The general theme for the internal coaches was the value they placed on their coaching expertise and education level when supporting Green Belts. On the other hand, the Green Belts perceived the support gi...

Indigenous People and the Roles of Culture, Law and Globalization

Comparing the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Africa

by Kennedy M. Maranga


This book explores the history, culture, rights and the effects of globalization on indigenous people in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Africa from an evaluative and critical perspective. Unlike discipline-based textbooks, this volume seeks to contribute to the social discourse around indigenousness and to engage readers in a shared sense of humanity and empowerment for these groups of individuals. Among the issues addressed are: who indigenous people are, culture and colonization, self-determination, the impact of legal theory and judicial decisions, land rights, poverty, lack of healthcare, international human rights law, tourism, treaties, and globalization. The book concludes by addressing what it means to be an indigenous person in the 21st century, and calling upon policymakers to ...