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July 2019

JUL 19
The 4th Combinatorics and Graph Theory Conference (CGT 2019) Conference Date: July 19-21, 2019 Conference Venue: Gui...


May 2020

MAY 29
The 5th Combinatorics and Graph Theory Conference (CGT 2020) Conference Date: May 29-31, 2020 Conference Venue: Xiam...



Super Edge-Antimagic Graphs

A Wealth of Problems and Some Solutions

by Martin Baca and Mirka Miller


Graph theory, and graph labeling in particular, are fast-growing research areas in mathematics. New results are constantly being discovered and published at a rapidly increasing rate due to the enormous number of open problems and conjectures in the field. This book deals mainly with the super edge-antimagic branch of graph labeling. It is written for specialists, but could be read also by postgraduate or undergraduate students with high school knowledge of mathematics and a vibrant interest in problem-solving.