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December 2013

The 2014 DIFC will be a leading conference related to digital and intelligent oilfields in recent 10 years i...


March 2014

This session is devoted to present the newest methods of signal processing and pattern recognition developed for the ne...


April 2014

APR 17
The Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference will take place on April 17-18, 2014 in Moscow supported by the Ministry of...

Russian Federation

January 2015

JAN 10
The 2015 2nd International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2015) is the premier forum for t...

United Arab Emirates

April 2015

APR 12
Dear Colleagues, We are very pleased to announce the start of the Abstract submission for the EGU General Assembly 20...


APR 12
Dear Colleagues, We are very pleased to announce the start of the Abstract submission for the EGU General Assembly 20...


APR 27
This loading master certification course tackles mastering the art of loading and unloading activities and carrying the ...


May 2015

From 8-10 June 2015 the 10th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) will take place in Berlin, Germany. Since 2006, the...


MAY 17
The congress is the biggest meeting for the national and international oil and gas companies in the Middle East region ...

Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

MAY 17
The World Maintenance Management Congress is the biggest meeting for the national and international oil and gas companie...

United Arab Emirates

June 2015

NEXT GENERATION TERMINALS, TANKS, AND TANKERS is a premier learning and networking conference which will showcase innova...

December 2015

Petroliferous Basins-2015 is going to be held during December 07-09, 2015 in Philadelphia, USA to share the advancements...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States

January 2016

JAN 12
2016 3rd International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2016) Penang, Malaysia January 12-...


November 2016

NOV 26
International Workshop on Material Science and Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed academic event held annually. The...


NOV 28
Petrochemistry-2016 addresses issues involved in asset condition evaluation for exploration, drilling, production system...

Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

April 2017

APR 26
The First International Conference on Energy, Power, Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (E3PE 2017) http://sdiwc...


August 2017

AUG 24
Petrochemistry-2017 addresses issues involved in asset condition evaluation for exploration, drilling, production system...


AUG 27
Organized by Higher Education Forum (HEF), the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering and Applied Science (APCEAS) i...


October 2017

OCT 31
Conference Main Goals: • Exploring investment potentials for launching new disposable plastic production and packagin...


December 2017

DEC 21
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Business, Econo...

Pacific Business Center, Teipei.,
Taiwan, Province Of China

June 2018

JUN 28
Biocore takes immense pleasure & feel honored in inviting the contributors across the globe to attend the World Congress...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

October 2018

OCT 23
Workshop Overview: There are two approaches towards microbial corrosion cases: ” study of the case as per the syste...


December 2018

The SGEM Vienna GREEN 2018 Conference is organized as an extended Scientific Sessions of the SGEM International Scientif...


"Conferences Series LLC LTD is organizing the 10th Asia Pacific Congress on Oil and Gas during December 03-04, 2018 Bang...


DEC 10
The ECOWAS Commission, the Government of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire and AME Trade Ltd are delighted to invite you t...

Côte D'Ivoire

April 2019

APR 28
The 1st International Offshore Development Congress (IODC) 2019 is set to be held annually in GCC and will be the region...

Abu Dahbi,
United Arab Emirates

December 2019

he huge volume of hydrocarbons transported through pipelines and by ships poses a continuous risk to the environment due...

United Kingdom

Period: 9 – 12 December, 2019 Venue: Palais Niederösterreich, Vienna, Austria Address: 1010 Wien, Österreich A...


April 2020

APR 20
The International Conference on Applied Science and Engineering is going to be held amid April 20-21, 2020 at Dubai, UAE...

United Arab Emirates

August 2020

AUG 10
Scientific Meet Icon invites participants from all over the world to attend 2nd World global Summit on Oil, Gas & Petrol...


December 2020

Conference Series LLC Ltd. invites all the participants across the globe to attend the "4th World Congress on Petroleum ...



A Study of Business Decisions under Uncertainty: The Probability of the Improbable

- With Examples from the Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

by Andreas Stark


This dissertation will discuss the uncertainty encountered in the daily operations of businesses. The concepts will be developed by first giving an overview of probability and statistics as used in our everyday activities, such as the basic principles of probability, univariate and multivariate statistics, data clustering and mapping, as well as time sequence and spectral analysis. The examples used will be from the oil and gas exploration industry because the risks taken in this industry are normally quite large and are ideal for showing the application of the various techniques for minimizing risk. Subsequently, the discussion will deal with basic risk analysis, spatial and time variations of risk, geotechnical risk analysis, risk aversion and how it is affected by personal biases, an...

The Properties of Star-Forming Galaxies at z~2

Kinematics, Stellar Populations, and Metallicities

by Dawn K. Erb


We study the properties of star-forming galaxies at redshift z~2, an era in which a substantial fraction of the stellar mass in the universe formed. Using 114 near-IR spectra of the H-alpha and [N II] emission lines and model spectral energy distributions fit to rest-frame UV through IR photometry, we examine the galaxies' star formation properties, dynamical masses and velocity dispersions, spatially resolved kinematics, outflow properties, and metallicities as a function of stellar mass and age. While the stellar masses of the galaxies in our sample vary by a factor of ~500, dynamical masses from H-alpha velocity dispersions and indirect estimates of gas masses imply that the variation of stellar mass is due as much to the evolution of the stellar population and the conversi...

by Ugochukwu Princewill Iheanacho


Exploratory activities carried out in the Anambra Basin have revealed that the basin has the potential of generating hydrocarbon. Subsurface core samples obtained from Enugu 1325 and 1331 wells within the Anambra Basin were utilized in this study with the aims of characterizing the organic matter as well as determining the maturity in order to deduce the hydrocarbon potential of the basin. The study was also aimed at determining the palaeo-depositional environment as well as highlighting the source input of the organic matter. The analytical procedure for total organic matter and rock eval pyrolysis was achieved by the use of LECO 600 analyzer. Soluble organic matter (SOM) was determined by the use of Soxhlet Extractor while whole rock analysis and biomarker distributions were determin...

by Ismaeel M. Bin-Jaliah, Ph.D.


The carotid body initiates reflexes aimed principally at the homeostatic maintenance of blood gas tensions. This thesis tested the hypothesis that the carotid body is also a physiological glucosensor, with a role in mediating exercise hyperpnoea. In anaesthetised rats, insulin-induced hypoglycaemia (from ca. 6.5 to 2.8 mmol L-1) caused an ca. two-fold increase of oxygen consumption that was associated with a significant, carotid body-dependent increase in ventilation (from ca. 420 to 640 ml min-1 kg-1) without change in blood gas tensions. This hypoglycaemic hyperpnoea was associated with hypokalaemia and no alterations of ventilation or metabolism were observed in euglycaemic, control studies, thus excluding any role for [K+] or insulin. During hypermetabolism, a proportional augmentation...

by Kevin Marvel


The dissertation presents the results of a multi-epoch very long baseline interferometric study of water masers located in the extended atmospheres of evolved stars. The research was performed using the Very Long Baseline Array and Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Optical monitoring of the stars was provided by the American Association of Variable Star Observers, the Variable Star Network and Dr. Bill Neely of the NF/Observatory. Water masers of found to exist in a region where a population inversion of the rotation transition of 22 GHz can be maintained by collisional pumping. The masers are identified as individual pockets of gas, which have the good velocity coherence and may be imaged using radio interferometry. Stellar winds are initiated in these sources...

by David R. Law


We study the spatially resolved properties of star-forming galaxies at redshift z ~ 2 - 3 on scales ~ 1 kpc using a combination of morphological and kinematic analyses in an effort to characterize the major mechanisms of galaxy formation in the young universe. Using a sample of 216 galaxies which have been spectroscopically confirmed to lie between redshifts z = 1.8 - 3.4 in the GOODS-N field we demonstrate that rest-UV morphology (as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope) is statistically uncorrelated with physical properties such as star formation rate and is therefore unable to support the hypothesis that the prevalence of irregular morphologies indicates a high major merger fraction. Further, we present a sample of 13 galaxies observed with the OSIRIS integral field spectrograph and the...

by Chengetayi Cornelius Rimayi


One of the major problems encountered in qualitative and quantitative determination of residual pesticides by gas chromatography is the matrix effects. Matrix components have a considerable effect on the way analysis is conducted and the quality of results obtained, introducing problems such as inaccurate quantification, low analyte detectability and reporting of false positive or even false negative results. It was aimed to develop and validate a suitable method for counteracting the matrix effects so as to improve the detection and quantification of selected organochlorine pesticide residues from real water samples. The real water samples used were sampled from three points along the Jukskei River catchment area in Gauteng, South Africa for a period of 7 months from January to July 2010 ...

The Zinc and Iodine Book

Building Fundamental Knowledge with Thematic Laboratory Activities for the Chemistry Educator

by Stephen DeMeo


This book is for chemistry teachers who are thinking about reinventing their laboratory experiments that they provide to their students. More than a collection of experiments, it is an example of using a chemical theme to teach chemistry. Instead of introducing many different chemicals per experiment as is the norm in most lab manuals, this novel resource focuses on two commonly found elements: Zinc and Iodine.So what is so special about these elements? At the heart of this resource is a colorful cyclic reaction between zinc and iodine, one that produces a compound that can decompose back to its original elements. This unique phenomenon demonstrates that matter not only changes, but is also conserved through a chemical reaction. Knowing that a compound can be the "same but different" than ...

by Naveen A. Reddy


We examine the census of star-forming galaxies and their extinction properties at redshift z~2, when a large fraction of the stellar mass in the universe formed. We find a good agreement between the X-ray, radio, and de-reddened UV estimates of the average star formation rate (SFR) for our sample of z~2 galaxies of ~50 Msun/yr, indicating that the locally calibrated SFR relations appear to be statistically valid from redshifts 1.5

by Nuria Marti Ortega


Anaerobic digestion is the most widely process used for the stabilisation of wastewater treatment sludge. Organic matter is transformed into CH4 and CO2 by the action of different bacteria groups. The main advantages are the reduction of the volume of waste sludge and the production of methane gas that can be utilized as energy supply for the process. During anaerobic digestion of activated sludge from enhanced biological phosphorus removal process (EBPR-process), most of the phosphorus eliminated during the water treatment, as well as that from cellular lysis, is released. So that, phosphorus concentration in the digester increases and precipitation problems can occur. In this work, anaerobic digestion process of waste activated sludge and primary pre-fermented sludge was studied in a pi...

Aquatic Biofuels

New Options for Bioenergy

by Antonio Piccolo


Recent talks have outlined the disadvantages of land based (agro-fuels) as feedstock for biofuels. This final dissertation for the MBA in Energy and Sustainable Development looks at these disadvantages and proposes an alternative scenario, i.e. the potential of aquatic alternatives. Aquatic Biofuels: New Options for Bioenergy looks at the potential of micro-algae and fish waste as feedstock for biofuel. Micro-algae come in different strains; strains differ in their composition some have more lipids/oils, others have more proteins and others yet have more carbohydrates. The chosen strain will determine what kind of biofuel can be produced or if the strain contains less lipids and more carbohydrates or proteins, the algae can produce bio-gas. Current technology in algae extraction is also c...

by Antonius Indarto


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and soot share the same origin (incomplete combustion or pyrolysis) and nature, namely structural and electronic features. The purpose of the research work discussed in this thesis is to offer a theoretical contribution to elucidate some aspects of PAH and soot particle formation. The interest in carrying out such a work lies on one hand in the ubiquitous presence of both species in the environment, on the other hand on the concern for their impact on both human health, specifically involving the respiratory system, and climate, in particular as regards global warming. Thus, a better knowledge on the formation mechanisms of PAHs and soot could then help the efforts to reduce their concentration in our atmosphere. Since the formation mechanisms still...

by Joshua A. Eisner


Young stars are surrounded by massive, rotating disks of dust and gas, which supply a reservoir of material that may be incorporated into planets or accreted onto the central star. In this dissertation, I use high angular resolution observations at a range of wavelengths to understand the structure, ubiquity, and evolutionary timescales of protoplanetary disks. First, I describe a study of Class I protostars, objects believed to be at an evolutionary stage between collapsing spherical clouds and fully-assembled young stars surrounded by protoplanetary disks. I use a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code to model new 0.9 micron scattered light images, 1.3 mm continuum images, and broadband spectral energy distributions. This modeling shows that Class I sources are probably su...

Calibration of Deterministic Parameters

Reassessment of Offshore Platforms in the Arabian Gulf

by Hassan Zaghloul


The Arabian Gulf oil and gas production reserves have made it one of the world's strategic producers since the early 1960s, with many of the existing platforms stretched beyond their original design life. Advances in drilling technology and reservoir assessments have extended the requirement for the service life of those existing platforms even further. Extension of the life span of an existing platform requires satisfactory reassessment of its various structural components, including piled foundations. The American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 2A (API RP2A) is commonly used in the Arabian Gulf for reassessment of existing platforms. The API guidelines have been developed for conditions in the Gulf of Mexico, the waters off Alaska and the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards of t...

by Pierre P. Infelta


The fundamental aspects of classical thermodynamics are presented in a simple compact way. The equations derived are illustrated by numerous (111) examples, often direct application of the relations just obtained. The (four) laws of thermodynamics are presented and illustrated. The need to define thermodynamic temperature, the meaning of auxiliary thermodynamic functions, the origin, usefulness and use of partial molar quantities are all examined. Gaseous systems, phase equilibria and chemical reactions are quantitatively treated. It is shown how chemical reactions can provide work. Ideal and non ideal solutions are presented with the various standard states and activity coefficients. This book will be of use to a wide audience of students and professionals in the fields of Chemistry,...

Two Essays in Finance

Market Response to Catastrophic Losses on the Insurance Industry and Return on Investment of the University of Illinois to the State of Illinois Treasury

by Ward R. Kangas


Based on data on publicly traded insurance firms, the first essay examines questions about the effect of large catastrophic events on insurance firms. Rather than looking at a single event, thirty catastrophic events were aggregated into quintiles and the cumulative abnormal returns around these events were found to be significantly positive over a 25 day trading window. There is no significant evidence that post-catastrophic stock returns are correlated to the magnitude of the catastrophe. The second essay analyzes the effect of a large land grant university, the University of Illinois, on the State Treasury of Illinois. If the State Treasury were acting as its own agent trying to maximize revenues, would it choose higher education as an investment versus other alternative investm...

Global Warming for Dim Wits

A Scientist's Perspective of Climate Change

by James R. Barrante


Human beings are not very bright. The power output of the human brain is about 40 watts, and that is indeed pretty dim. We definitely are all dim wits. This book was written for dim wits – from one dim wit to another, as they say. Its primary purpose is to address the controversy affectionately known as global warming. Written by a physical scientist with over 40 years of teaching experience, the book contains very little personal opinion, has no political agenda, and is loaded with well-documented and scientifically tested facts concerning the greenhouse gases and climate change. It contains material that you will want to share with your children. Global Warming for Dim Wits is written in simple language. Every attempt has been made to present the material in a way that the average p...

by Al Link & Pala Copeland


Adult content, beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit. - 111 erotic photos and illustrations - 165 hot links - additional exercises - sections on: ejaculation mastery, freeing female orgasm, health benefits of sex and more! - Get free updates in electronic format for one year after date of purchase. We make everything you need to live the good life-a sensual sexy romantic life-only a simple click away with this proactive and interactive ebook. It is proactive in that we encourage you to take positive action to put love, passion and romance at the center of your life together. We have distilled the essence of nurturing relationship, keeping monogamy hot, and sustaining passionate romance into 100 sexy activities you can implement immediately. We tell you exac...

by Joan Navarre


This study claims that scholars need to examine all twenty-seven English illustrated editions of Wilde's and Beardsley's Salomë to understand whether Beardsley's compositions do, or do not, illustrate Wilde's words. For the last one hundred years scholars have addressed the aesthetic function of Beardsley's compositions (whether or not Beardsley's compositions illustrate Wilde's words), and each scholar sees something different: Beardsley's compositions are "irrelevant" to Wilde's words; Beardsley's compositions are "relevant" to Wilde's words; Beardsley's compositions are both "irrelevant" and "relevant." What is at issue here is that this traditional dance of signification (scholars' interpretations of the aesthetic function of Beardsley's compositions) relies upon an interpretive str...

The Low-Fat Lie

Rise of Obesity, Diabetes and Inflammation

by Glen D. Lawrence


The advice to consume less fat "especially saturated fat" had a profound, adverse impact on public health. Although the percentage of fat in the American diet decreased, the percentage of carbohydrate and total calories increased, and sugar consumption skyrocketed. In The Low-Fat Lie: Rise of Obesity, Diabetes, and Inflammation, Dr. Glen Lawrence describes how the false condemnation of saturated fat arose from a misunderstanding of how our bodies regulate cholesterol. He explains how replacing saturated fat with vegetable oil stoked the fires of inflammation to cause pain and suffering, in addition to aggravating cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The mainstream health and nutrition authorities have long cautioned against consuming too much sugar because of the risk of tooth decay. Howe...

by Al Link & Pala Copeland


Adult content, beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit. - 108 pages - 21 black & white erotic photos and 14 illustrations - 125 internal links and 190 external links - Bonus Articles on aphrodisiacs, making first sex fabulous, how to be here now in bed, and more! - Get free updates in electronic format for one year after date of purchase. Is this an all too familiar scenario? Hot and heavy loving with hungry kisses and tender caresses that promise orgasmic bliss for both you and your eager partner when all of a sudden you're one thrust past the edge, the dam bursts and it's over. You're finished, "spent" and ready for sleep. She's still waiting for more. Most ordinary men believe that ejaculation is the best part of sex. But there is something better orgasms without...

by Lekha Yadav


Fungal spoilage during the storage of fresh produce is a major concern in the food industry. Several methods have been used in order to improve and increase the shelf-life of food such as pesticide treatment, but the safety issues and concerns about these methods has been questioned due to their observed ill effects on consumer health and environment. Thus, it leads to emergence of a novel alternative residue free treatment. Ozone is known to be a powerful oxidising agent having the ability to break down into harmless oxygen and interestingly leaves no residue. The potential of ozone to reduce food spoilage organisms is well documented and the use of ozone against food spoilage has been approved by US-FDA. The impact of ozone exposure on macroscopic development and morphological characters...

Awakening Women's Orgasm

A Guide for Women and Their Lovers

by Pala Copeland and Al Link


- Beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit - Downloadable PDF and LIT Formats - Internet Interactive Edition with more than 50 Color Photos & Line Drawings - Easy to navigate with 110 Internal Links & 145 External Links Women have a capacity for orgasm that is truly awesome. It is a power of pleasure that ranges from sweet to sublime to superlative and it is one that almost every woman can unleash. You simply need to learn a few new things and unlearn a few old ones. In this eBook you will learn about the many different types of orgasm a woman's body is waiting to give her. You will understand that sex is more than physical, it is also an emotional and energetic experience. Exercises for mind, heart and body help women open up to their sexual selves, on their own and with their partne...

Molecular Mechanism of Chagas' Disease

Lymphocyte activation by the Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase

by Wenda Gao


Polyclonal lymphocyte activation and hypergammaglobulinemia characterize the acute phase of Chagas' disease, a debilitating condition caused by Trypanosoma cruzi. Such pathogenic hyper-reactivities not only compromise specific host defense against the pathogen, but may also contribute to infection-induced chronic autoimmune responses. Characterizing parasite-derived factors driving non-specific immune responses will provide insights for parasite evasion of host specific immunity. This study shows that T. cruzi trans-sialidase (TS) is one such polyclonal activator for normal murine lymphoid and non-lymphoid cells in at least three aspects. First, TS induces aggregation of immune cells and secretion of cytokines, such as IL-6. Second, TS is a T-independent B cell mitogen, directly stimulatin...

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

LabVIEW-Based FPGA Implementation

by Nasser Kehtarnavaz and Sidharth Mahotra


Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are increasingly becoming the platform of choice to implement DSP algorithms. This book is designed to allow DSP students or DSP engineers to achieve FPGA implementation of DSP algorithms in a one-semester DSP laboratory course or in a short design cycle time based on the LabVIEW FPGA Module. Features: - The first DSP laboratory book that uses the FPGA platform instead of the DSP platform for implementation of DSP algorithms - Incorporating introductions to LabVIEW and VHDL - Lab experiments covering FPGA implementation of basic DSP topics including convolution, digital filtering, fixed-point data representation, adaptive filtering, frequency domain processing - Hardware FPGA implementation applications including wavelet transform, software-de...

Chronic Complex Diseases of Childhood

A Practical Guide for Clinicians

by Shahram Yazdani, Sean A. McGhee, E. Richard Stiehm


This new book is a practical guide for physicians and other professionals who care for children and adolescents with complex, chronic diseases. These disorders are a challenge because they require multiple services, the information about the disorders are scattered, and the exact treatments are not available in standard texts. To overcome these barriers, this book provides a summary of the clinical features, laboratory diagnosis, and the general and specific treatments needed for optimal care of these children. The key points are presented in a clear, succinct format, providing recommendations that can be implemented within the time span of an office or emergency room visit. Furthermore, pitfalls that are encountered are emphasized and alternatives are suggested. For example, this resour...

by Mahendra Gunathilaka Samarawickrama


The modern FPGAs enable system designers to develop high-performance computing (HPC) applications with a large amount of parallelism. Real-time image processing is such a requirement that demands much more processing power than a conventional processor can deliver. In this research, we implemented software and hardware based architectures on FPGA to achieve real-time image processing. Furthermore, we benchmark and compare our implemented architectures with existing architectures. The operational structures of those systems consist of on-chip processors or custom vision coprocessors implemented in a parallel manner with efficient memory and bus architectures. The performance properties such as the accuracy, throughput and efficiency are measured and presented. According to results, FPGA ...

Midlife Mavericks

Women reinventing their lives in Mexico

by Karen Blue


Midlife Mavericks chronicles a new trend--unmarried American and Canadian women building better lives for themselves in Mexico's beautiful colonial villages. Cozy up on a comfortable couch and share a margarita with successful women who have found an alternative to high-stress careers. Sip a glass of wine with empty-nesters seeking adventure and drink a glass of ice tea with retirees living in comfort on just their Social Security or disability income. You'll laugh and cry with these gutsy gringas as they journey from unfulfilled yearnings towards answers each woman must ultimately discover for herself. "Like the seafaring sirens, Midlife Mavericks, will lure reticent readers from their lukewarm existences into lives of discovery and purpose." Marilyn Davis, aut...

by William M. Gasser


The subtle nature of bias can cause leaders to be unaware of religiously based influences. The outcome can be both positive and negative. The leader can make decisions that are more effective by maximizing useful paradigms and constructs, or make less effective and inappropriate decisions through lack of evaluation of alternative approaches, data and responses. In either scenario, understanding one's internal nature is integral to maximizing one's leadership abilities. This qualitative study examined how United States commissioned and noncommissioned military leaders stationed in Europe described effects of religion and their religious upbringing on their decision-making process, and how they viewed the quality of those decisions. With one exception, all the leaders drew connections betwe...

by Seamus Breathnach


In December 1875 captain George ‘‘Bully’ Best found himself in Buenos Aires without a crew and without a cargo. His men had for the most part deserted him. Before making his way to Antofogasta, where he loaded up with Saltpetre (nitrate), he recruited a‘ mixed crew’ of Greeks and British. The British refused to sail with the Greeks, and rather than allow them onshore to see the British Consul, captain Best beat them and put them in irons.. Even before the Caswell sailed for Queenstown on January 1 1876, an Irishman and a German jumped ship and were never heard of again. Obvious tensions might lead one to expect a British mutiny. And perhaps this might have happened had not the Greeks beaten them to it. For some unexpla-ined reason the Greeks, under the influence...