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by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)

72 pages

CONTENTS 1. The Interactions between Entrepreneurial Orientation, Firm Resources and the Performance of Tourist Accommodations in the Central Region of Ghanaby Senyo Agbegblewu et al. 2. The Impact of Funding on the Sustainability of the Legal Assistance Centre, Namibiaby Vasisee Kuvare et al 3. Local Public Finance as a Determinant of Housing Values in Californiaby Frederick J. Oerther et al. 4. Historicity of Igbo Economic Relations, Resilience and Challenges in Post Civil War Era in Northern Nigeria by Lenshie, Nsemba Edward et al. About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3464 Organization development activities intervene in the interactions of human resource systems such as formal and informal groups, work culture and climate, and organization design to increase their effectiveness using...

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)

68 pages

CONTENTS 1.An Evaluation of the Marketing Strategy Employed by the NYCS in Omuthiya-gwiipundi Constituency, Oshikoto Region: Namibiaby Selma Ndapewa Ipinge et al. 2.Measurement of Total Factor Productivity Growth of Indian Electronics Industry from 2004-05 to 2011-12by Aditi Niyogi 3. The Relationship between Gross Domestic Savings and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ghanaby Isaac Kwaku Acheampong et al. 4. Growing importance of Behavioral Finance: A Studyby Rohit Garg About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3502 The driving force behind the cluster effort for a biannual peer-reviewed International Journal of Management and Transformation (IJMT) is in search of better perceptive of management-transformation-development policy linkages. The journal is designed within a distinctive, interdisc...

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)

59 pages

CONTENTS 1. Determinants of Uganda's Export Performance: A Gravity Model Analysisby Henry Karamuriro Tumwebaze et al. 2. Indicators of Stock Market Development in Botswanaby Goabaone Otisitswe et al. 3. Performance of Microfinance and Entrepreneurship in Botswana: The Role of Trustby Linnea Molin 4. Contractual Arrangements among Wholesale Traders in Vegetable Chains in Lushoto District, Tanzania Geraldineby Arbogast Rasheli About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3456 International Journal of Economics and Business Studies (IJEBS) is a peer-reviewed journal, which is intended not only to promote the discussion on challenging economic and business issues at applied and policy levels but also to disseminate research information and knowledge in latest developments in business and economics...

by Siddhartha Sarkar

43 pages

CONTENTS: 1. Validity of Retrospective Amendments to Indian Taxation Statutesby Tabrez Ahmad and Satya Ranjan Swain 2. Fighting Chronic Poverty, Inequality and Rural Development in Ghana: Issues for Considerationby Francis Enu-Kwesi 3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increase Global Warmingby H.K. Mohajan 4. Informal Microfinance and Primary Health Care in Ekiti Lga, Kwara Stateby M.A. Ijaiya et al. Click here to download full PDF edition of this issue (free limited time open access) About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3510 A biannual peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Economic and Political Integration (IJEPI) is the forum where there is an exchange of ideas across thesocial science disciplines - political scientists debate with economists, sociologists read what political ...

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)

108 pages

CONTENTS: 1. Measuring Changes in Liquidity Using the Bid-offer Price Proxy: Determinants of Liquidity in the United Kingdom Gilt Market by Moorad Choudhry 2. Impact of Electronic Tax Registers on VAT Compliance: A Study of Kenyan Private Business Firms by I. K. Naibei and E. M. Siringi 3. Foreign Direct Investment Inflows, Merchandize Trade and Economic Growth in India: An Analytical Study by Mousumi Bhattacharya 4. Extension of Technology Adoption Model (TAM) Intention to Use Internet Banking: Evidence from India by V.V.Ravi Kumar, S.K. Bose and P.V.Raghavan 5. Assessment of the Impact of Financial Risk and Market Variables on Expert Investment Preferences in Colombo Stock Exchange by M. M. Fonseka, A.M.T.P. Athauda and G. L. Tian 6. Assessing the Impact of Microfinance ...