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June 2014

In a 2013 study, IBM found that 71 percent of the banking and financial firms report that the use of big data and Inter...

Hong Kong

August 2014

AUG 19
Process variation reduction does much good to manufacturing variation. Firstly, consumer’s second product experienc...

United States

AUG 28
Overview Join us for 90 minutes to learn how to put the powerful sensitivity tools of Microsoft Excel to work in yo...

United States

November 2014

NOV 13
The Activity Group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering focuses on research and practice in financial mathematics, c...

United States

NOV 20
Call for Papers 2014 4th International Conference on Information and Finance - ICIF2014 is the premier forum for the pr...


NOV 27
Following the success of the inaugural Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance held in 2013, the Geneva Finance Research I...


December 2014

Dear Colleagues, Economics Department of Economics and Business Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya, host the delivery of...


January 2015

JAN 22
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR EMERGING MARKETS “ Aligning Competitiveness and Business Sustainability towards the Vol...


JAN 23
With the advancement of technology, the opportunity to conduct business globally has increased. Global management combi...


JAN 26
Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC15) 19th International Conference January 26-30, 2015 InterContinental Sa...

InterContinental San Juan,
Puerto Rico

February 2015

FEB 23
The objective of the conference is to provide a forum to discuss, deliberate and conduct research based studies capturi...


March 2015

MAR 10
Come and share your knowledge and experience with, and learn from, a diverse cross-company and cross-industry community...


April 2015

Call for Papers! Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! ...


APR 29
We would like to receive original contributions that are on but not limited to the following topics. -Principles of I...

United kingdom

May 2015

MAY 22
Call for Papers! Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! ...

United Arab Emirates

June 2015

JUN 21
The ISF Program Committee looks forward to receiving abstracts and hearing inventive presentations that demonstrate aga...


JUN 22
he Academy of Business & Retail Management is proud to have an established record to organising and managing internation...


JUN 25
The 2nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE) will be hosted by the Univer...


JUN 25
"Training session for startups on the importance of investor relations, angel capitalists, venture capitalists, investor...

JUN 30
Join global leaders and practitioners who are changing the banking landscape through innovation. Banking Innovators 2...

United Kingdom

July 2015

JUL 17
Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Warm greetings! It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the Third Asia Pacific Conf...


August 2015

The annual International Conference is a forum for professionals from across countries to exchange ideas and experience...


October 2015

There is great excitement in the payments industry as new rules open up the field and new players enter the market bring...

United Kingdom

OCT 16
Dear Colleagues, Warm greetings! It gives us great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you to the Third Middle East C...

United Arab Emirates

November 2015

University of London, Senate House Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, UK. nternational Trade & Academic Research Conference...

United Kingdom

February 2016

FEB 12
About the Conference Industrialization has altered the composition of the global atmosphere. There has been huge impa...


FEB 12
The upcoming conference in the city of Mumbai makes an attempt to achieve the following objectives; a) Analyze the im...


FEB 29
There’s a right way and a wrong way to do digital banking, and this Masterclass will show you the difference. This is ...

United Kingdom

March 2016

MAR 29
PEX are gaining increasing importance in Asian firms unlike the past couple of years. Research with more than 50 key cro...


May 2016

MAY 30
Important Dates *Extended Full Paper Submission Deadline: 12 February 2016 Early Bird Registration Deadline: 4 March...


June 2016

JUN 22
The WCBM is on international interdisciplinary joint conference, focusing on both theory and practice of new ideas and p...


July 2016

This conference in Paris, France aims to closely examine the major factors that contribute to recession and undertake re...


Please submit your full research paper/abstracts/case studies/posters in all areas of research in business studies. We d...


Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, The Doctoral Research conference aims at providing a great platform for doctoral researcher...


JUL 14
The economic crisis in 2008 has deeply affected both European and Turkish labor markets. Recent data on unemployment rat...


August 2016

Conference Objectives! Changing Global Economic Landscape! The global economic landscape has been undergoing greater...

Hanoi City,

AUG 11
Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Warm greetings! You are hereby cordially invited to the Ninth Asia-Pacific Conference on G...

Hong Kong

September 2016

This second edition of the P2PFISY workshop will bring together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in the...

United Kingdom

SEP 19
The conference will take place at Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea, Wales UK. on Monday 19 September to Wednesday ...

Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea, Wales UK,
United Kingdom

November 2016

Dear Colleague, You are invited to attend the second International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) Future of Ageing ...

United Kingdom

NOV 20


December 2016

Invitation and Call for Papers - 10th South-Eastern European Economic Research Workshop...


January 2017

JAN 20
We invite full papers/abstracts/case studies in all areas of research in Business Studies. In addition to paper presenta...

Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

February 2017

FEB 16
Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) and SDMIMD (SDM Institute for Management Development) invite submission of prop...

Bangkok, Thailand,

FEB 20
"This 2-day event brings together more than 1,000 finance, credit and accounts receivable leaders and practitioners from...

Spring, Texas,
United States

March 2017

Overview: Any company that submits IRS Forms 1099 to the IRS can possibly benefit from using the IRS Taxpayer Identif...

United States

MAR 10
Overview: Grab a cup of coffee and join us to learn how to analyze the numbers, and use this intel to juice up virtua...

United States

MAR 14
Overview: In this webinar, we apply the Theory of Lean documents and its corollary Theory of Lean Configuration to pr...

United States

MAR 29
Overview: Financial institutions have long been the payments engines for their customers. However, with heightened co...

United States

MAR 30
The ICED 2017 is an interdisciplinary International Conference that invites academia, scholars, researchers, economists ...

Sri Lanka

April 2017

APR 12
Overview: This course will cover not only these common mistakes but make suggestions regarding the contents of each B...

United States

APR 21
May we invite full papers/abstracts/case studies in all areas of research in Global Business, Economics, Finance and Bus...

Las Vegas,
United States

APR 21
May we invite full papers/abstracts/case studies in all areas of research in Global Business, Economics, Finance and Bus...

Las Vegas,
United States

APR 30
The inaugural Oman International Business and Investment Forum held in partnership with Ministry of Commerce and Industr...


May 2017

MAY 10
Overview: Instructor will cover customer benefits and value proposition regarding International ACH and why it may be...

United States

MAY 24
Distinguished Colleagues, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Management International Confer...

Monastier di Treviso, Venice,

MAY 27
The upcoming conference provides opportunities for researchers from multiple streams to share their projects, research w...

United Arab Emirates

June 2017

As financial markets integrate and business operations diversify, the need for adoption of common global accounting prac...


July 2017

JUL 20
This third edition of the P2PFISY workshop will bring together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in the ...

United Kingdom

August 2017

The Annual Singapore Academic Research Conference titled, ‘Thirteenth Asia-Pacific Academic Research Conference on Glo...


October 2017

We invite participants to present and share their research outcomes, findings, novel ideas in all major fields and subfi...

United Arab Emirates

November 2017

NOV 15
OVERVIEW Fraud is of more concern to banking leaders today than ever before. This is driven by national media coverage...

Aurora, Colorado,
United States

December 2017

DEC 21
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Business, Econo...

Pacific Business Center, Teipei.,
Taiwan, Province Of China

February 2018

OVERVIEW The rise of anonymous companies has frustrated the efforts of law enforcement and financial regulators to tr...

United States

FEB 15
OVERVIEW The new IFRS 9 specifies some changes in many areas including initial measurement of financial instruments, ...

United States

March 2018

The 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Advanced Research (APCAR- 2018) will be held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March 2018 in M...

Melbourne, Victoria,

MAR 14
EuropeanPaymentSummit (EPS) offers a unique 2 day dual program featuring key developments in the payments/transaction sp...

The Hague,

April 2018

APR 25
The Department of Banking and Finance (Eastern Mediterranean University) cordially invites submissions of your research ...


June 2018

JUN 22
We, the conference organisers invite you to participate in this event where you can: Strengthen your professional tie...


July 2018

JUL 26
2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2018), organized by East Asia Research & supported by BEFfore ...


December 2018

Invitation and Call for Papers 12th South-Eastern European Economic Research Workshop ...


February 2019

FEB 15
An exclusively limited availability one day MiFID II regulatory compliance training course that provides unique and comp...

United Kingdom

FEB 28
Since 2015, Bitcoin Events’ annual Blockchain Africa Conferences have been the first of their kind in Africa. They...

South Africa

May 2019

MAY 24
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies/ posters in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Busine...

Las Vegas,
United States

June 2019

JUN 24
CALL for PAPERS Economic and Financial Track - Crypto Valley Conference Zug, 25th June 2019 The “Economi...


July 2019

JUL 25
2019 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2019), organized by East Asia Research & supported by Universi...

singapore city,

August 2019

This upcoming conference in Singapore provides opportunity for academicians, researchers, industry experts and scholars ...


The upcoming conference aims to bring together academicians, researchers, industry experts and scholars from different p...

Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

AUG 24
The SGEM International Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts examine the nature of disciplinary and interdisciplinary ...


December 2019

Invitation and Call for Papers 13th South-Eastern European Economic Research Workshop Organized by the Bank of Albania...


January 2020

Fintech and the New Business Landscape Fintech is reimagining the traditional role of business and financial service...

Korea (South)

February 2020

FEB 12
The Canadian Institute for Knowledge Development (CIKD) in collaboration with Aydin University is pleased to announce th...


March 2020

MAR 13
The 3rd International Conference on Business Economics and Finance (BEF 2020) will be held during March 13-15, 2020 in G...



Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance

The Case Analysis from Australia

by Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad


Theory and Practice of Modern Islamic Finance seeks to contribute to the existing body of work in the area of Islamic finance through examining the extent of divergence in practice of Islamic financing from the traditional Shari`ah in the Australian context. The author makes a discursive analysis of the regulation of Islamic finance in Australia in terms of (a) the financing instruments used, (b) certainty of transactions between participants in the system, and (c) institutional risk management of Islamic financial institutions. The work's objectives are two-fold: (a) to analytically study the extent to which Islamic Financial Services Providers (IFSPs) of Australia differ from the traditional Shari`ah in their current practices of Islamic legal financial system by their use of different f...

by Kenneth K. Mwenda


This book examines contemporary legal and policy issues facing banking and micro-finance supervision and regulation in Zambia. The book sets out an interdisciplinary exposition of the law. It provides an interface of financial services law and practice. Relevant aspects of business management and economic theory are examined as well. The book attempts to permeate intellectual spheres that have not been explored in depth before. In essence, this is not a simple textbook on the introductory aspects of a particular field of law, as is often the case with many books that have titles such as "Introduction to Business Law" or "Fundamentals of Tort Law", and so forth. By contrast, the book breaks new ground in the area of financial services regulation. Indeed, a law in context approach is present...

Two Essays in Finance

Market Response to Catastrophic Losses on the Insurance Industry and Return on Investment of the University of Illinois to the State of Illinois Treasury

by Ward R. Kangas


Based on data on publicly traded insurance firms, the first essay examines questions about the effect of large catastrophic events on insurance firms. Rather than looking at a single event, thirty catastrophic events were aggregated into quintiles and the cumulative abnormal returns around these events were found to be significantly positive over a 25 day trading window. There is no significant evidence that post-catastrophic stock returns are correlated to the magnitude of the catastrophe. The second essay analyzes the effect of a large land grant university, the University of Illinois, on the State Treasury of Illinois. If the State Treasury were acting as its own agent trying to maximize revenues, would it choose higher education as an investment versus other alternative investm...

by Christian Kahl


The famous Black-Scholes model was the starting point of a new financial industry and has been a very important pillar of all options trading since. One of its core assumptions is that the volatility of the underlying asset is constant. It was realised early that one has to specify a dynamic on the volatility itself to get closer to market behaviour. There are mainly two aspects making this fact apparent. Considering historical evolution of volatility by analysing time series data one observes erratic behaviour over time. Secondly, backing out implied volatility from daily traded plain vanilla options, the volatility changes with strike. The most common realisations of this phenomenon are the implied volatility smile or skew. The natural question arises how to extend the Black...

Soft-Computing in Capital Market

Research and Methods of Computational Finance for Measuring Risk of Financial Instruments

by Jibendu Kumar Mantri (editor)


Computational Finance, an exciting new cross-disciplinary research area, depends extensively on the tools and techniques of computer science, statistics, information systems and financial economics for educating the next generation of financial researchers, analysts, risk managers, and financial information technology professionals. This new discipline, sometimes also referred to as “Financial Engineering” or “Quantitative Finance” needs professionals with extensive skills both in finance and mathematics along with specialization in computer science. Soft-Computing in Capital Market hopes to fulfill the need of applications of this offshoot of the technology by providing a diverse collection of cross-disciplinary research. This edited volume covers most of the recent, advanced r...

Developments in Islamic Banking Practice

The Experience of Bangladesh

by Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad


Developments in Islamic Banking Practice: The Experience of Bangladesh examines global developments in the Islamic banking practice, and provides an in-depth analysis of the theory and practice of Islamic banking in Bangladesh, the third-largest Muslim country in the world, with over 150 million Muslims. This book is the first of its kind to examine Islamic banking principles and practices in Bangladesh on such a broad scale. Learners, teachers, researchers, and those practically involved in the burgeoning financial industry will derive value from this book. Readers from all disciplines will become familiarized with the key differences between the principles and practices of two distinct banking systems: the interest-free Islamic banking and the interest-based conventional banking. Wi...

by Dr. Christopher K.L. Shun


The role of legal origin was first introduced in the Law and Finance Literature by La Porta et al. (1997) in an original study of legal determinants of external finance. Their study is timely given that investor protection is crucial because in many countries, expropriation of minority shareholders and creditors by controlling shareholders or corporate insiders is extensive. This dissertation intends to replicate the original La Porta et al. (1997) study for Property stocks in 23 countries whose legal jurisdictions falls into the four of the legal fraternities established by La Porta namely, English, French, German and Scandinavian. The primary motivations for this thesis, is that the Property stocks broadly captures several critical aspects of the original La Porta study. Specifically, Pr...

by Kenneth K. Mwenda


The book examines principles of arbitration law as they apply to many common law and civil law jurisdictions. In many countries, the use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve matters in areas relating to, say, foreign direct investment and industrial unrest has been heralded by many as a cost-effective way of settling disputes. Chapters in the book cover, among other things: the efficacy of the legal framework for arbitration in Zambia under the Arbitration Act 1933; the efficacy of the legal framework for arbitration under Zambia's Arbitration Act 2000; aspects of international law applicable to the legal framework for arbitration; and efforts to develop international and regional frameworks for arbitration.Other books by this author include: Banking Supervision and Systemac Bank R...

by Giray Okten


Quasi-Monte Carlo methods, which are often described as deterministic versions of Monte Carlo methods, were introduced in the 1950s by number theoreticians. They improve several deficiencies of Monte Carlo methods; such as providing estimates with deterministic bounds and avoiding the paradoxical difficulty of generating random numbers in a computer. However, they have their own drawbacks. First, although they provide faster convergence than Monte Carlo methods asymptotically, the advantage may not be practical to obtain in "high" dimensional problems. Second, there is not a practical way to measure the error of a quasi-Monte Carlo simulation. Finally, unlike Monte Carlo methods, there is a scarcity of error reduction techniques for these methods. In this dissertation, we attempt to pro...

The Islamic Moral Economy

A Study of Islamic Money and Financial Instruments

by Shafiel A. Karim


The Islamic Moral Economy is an academic book that analyzes the religious permissibility or lack thereof of the existing repertoire of financial instruments used in Islamic banking and finance. The work is both timely and sound, especially considering the growth of the international Islamic banking and insurance industries, and the Great Recession of 2007-2010. The Islamic Moral Economy is an excellent introductory book for academics and finance professionals wishing to gain a better understanding of Islamic moral constraints on economic transactions and how most current Islamic banking transactions are structured. More specifically, the author examines the utopian nature of the Islamic moral economy with a special emphasis on riba (i.e., financial interest and illogical increase), ...

by Ramona Ann Hall


The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990 drastically changed the state’s entire educational system in ways of curriculum, governance, and finance. KERA has served as somewhat of a blueprint for reform legislation in a number of other states. A literature review revealed that traditionally the relationship between K-12 reform and higher education (teacher preparation) in the United States has not been very strong. Although the connections between the two were unclear early on in Kentucky’s reform efforts, much progress has been made in linking KERA to the teacher preparation programs in the state. Some documentation on how the state colleges and universities have responded to the legislation exists. Very little literature, however, on how the private institutions have respon...

Investment in Developing Countries

Explorations in Capital Flows, Productivity and Microadjustment

by Alberto E. Isgut


The enhanced access of developing countries to the international financial market since the seventies has been characterized by boom-bust cycles of unfettered external borrowing followed by abrupt financial crises. The first chapter analyzes the macroeconomic effects of volatile capital flows to a developing country. The analysis shows that investment, consumption, and the current account deficit depend positively on the expected availability of external finance. If international investors may unexpectedly decide to reduce their exposure to financial assets issued by the country, the optimal cost of external borrowing should exceed the interest rate paid by domestic residents in the international financial market. In the absence of insurance markets for this type of risk, a tax on capital ...

The Top 25 Strategic Management Mistakes

What You Can Do to Prevent Them

by Michael F. Latimer


This book is the first of its kind to offer readers a comprehensive view of the complex array of executive, operational, financial, human resource, technological and other management issues that collectively impact organizational performance. Utilizing real-world accounts, each section examines one of the major strategic management mistakes that companies have made when trying to resolve problems with their performance. You will gain valuable insight into the underlying issues in each case, including: An understanding of the detrimental effect that departmentalized business structures and functions have had on organizational decision-making. An appreciation of the strategic importance of the Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology functions. Greater awareness of th...

Medical Informatics Around The World

An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues

by Andrew Steele


In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the use of computer technology in many facets of our lives. Many industries such as finance, manufacturing, and retail have embraced modern technological advances through the use of advanced computer and telecommunication technology. Unfortunately, the international health care community has been quite slow to effectively integrate new computer technology into the daily care of patients. Nevertheless, governments across the world are developing strategic plans and allocating financial resources to support the use of technology in healthcare. Medical Informatics Around The World: An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues provides a global snapshot into such activities in 13 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Ko...

by Maria Gabriela Fernández-Diaz


Cross Language Text Retrieval (CLTR) has been defined as the retrieval of documents in a language different from that of the original query. To make this possible some kind of mechanism has to be applied in order to translate the information contained in the source sentence. Many different approaches have been carried out with the purpose of transferring the information from the source language query to the target language one. Though all these methods deal with a way of translating as much information as possible from the source query, little research has been conducted in relation to the field of Machine Translation (MT). The purpose of this research work is to determine the feasibility of using MT techniques for CLTR. Specifically, I will describe how a MT system has been adapted withou...

by Elnur Salihovic


Major Players in the Muslim Business World is a comprehensive guide for businessmen, researchers, and students who aim to learn more about the contemporary Muslim business world. Included are facts about the leading countries, companies and business persons in this world, as well as a brief introduction of Islamic principles related to business. Current information about opportunities and leaders in relatively new industries, such as Islamic Finance, Halal and Takaful sectors is also presented. Instead of the partial overview usually provided in competing guides, Major Players in the Muslim Business World offers a complete analysis of the most important topics, including the largest Muslim economies today, Muslim countries with the higest GDP per capita, Muslim companies on the Forbes Glob...

Isoquantal Capital Modulation

A Harmonic Modeling Approach to Understanding and Managing the Investment Decision

by William J. McKibbin


The purpose of business is to employ capital factors in such a manner as to generate value for its customers and profits for its owners. To achieve these ends, management must make at least three distinct decisions – the operating, investment, and financing decisions. The purpose of this study is to formulate a modeling methodology that harmonically analyzes and explains how the investment decision and capital elasticity influence competitive advantage. The research explores the descriptive literature for the current states of computational modeling, accounting theory and practice, managerial finance, macroeconomics, capital theory, and harmonic analysis in order to provide evidence supporting the content validity of a proposed modeling framework, which encodes, m...

by Christopher Titus North


The core issue underlying the bulk of scholarly research into the Japanese political economy is the relationship between the bureaucracy and the politicians. My study investigates whether there has been a relative decline in bureaucratic influence and whether politicians are displaying more independence in the policy making process than they did during previous decades. My main hypothesis is that the loss of bureaucratic influence has largely been a function of the declining position of former bureaucrats within the ruling Liberal Democrat Party (LDP), and that it has largely been politicians who were able to enter the Diet at a young age due to hereditary recruitment who have gained influence. Their ability to build up seniority has placed them at an advantage in promotion to key party...

by Andrew Ferraro


How to invest like the Very Rich illustrates the author's experience, knowledge and familiarity with the financial markets. It is skillfully written, clear and jargon-free. The historic references are timeless. Nelson W. Diebel, Jr., PhD Professor of History (retired) How to invest Like the Very Rich is an excellent, easy to understand, overview of financial investments written in an elegant style. Larry Bridwell, PhD Professor of Management Accounting Pace University This book puts a human face of the ghostly specter of money and finance. His historical references to the evolution of our system of financial markets demystify a rather complex international structure. Use his book as a compass to navigate your portfolio through the new millennium. Michael Servodidio, JD, CPA, ...

Managing Bids, Tenders and Proposals

Introducing the Bid.Win.Deliver Framework

by James Noel Smith


Managing Bids, Tenders and Proposals shows suppliers and vendors how they can gain competitive advantage by being more effective and productive when pursuing sales opportunities and competing to win new contracts. Suppliers and vendors can also learn how to identify and reduce delivery risk and commercial risk. Responding to requests-for-tenders (RFTs) and requests-for-proposals (RFPs) is frequently a challenging time for the supplier and vendor bid teams. Within tight timeframes, they must finalise their win strategy, determine their delivery plans and create compelling documentation that responds to the customer's questions and requirements. This essential reference work explores what needs to happen when responding to RFTs and RFPs and explains the essential knowledge needed by the bid...

Risk Factors and Business Models

Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk and the Causes of Business Failure

by D. Anthony Miles


One of the primary concerns in a small business is the problem of risk. Many who begin the start-up process terminate it in less than one year. Of those that survive, many are unable to achieve sustained growth and profits. Small-to-medium business enterprises (SME) have a 50% to 90% chance of failure within the first five years. While there are measures of personal risk behavior of entrepreneurs, the literature contains no measure of risk orientation for the enterprise. The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a researcher-designed instrument to measure the critical forces of business risk. The 37-item Entrepreneurial Risk Assessment Scale (ERAS) was developed from key theoretical concepts grounded in economics, marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship literatu...

by Rachel Cunningham-Day


It may not be polite to talk about money, but no-one said we shouldn't write about it. This accessible, humorous book is written to appeal to a broad spectrum of women irrespective of their age, lifestyle or level of financial awareness. This book is relevant to every woman who earns, or simply spends, money. This book aims to change the way women think about money - forever. Money provides protection. If you fall upon hard times, the money you have saved will support you. Money also provides freedom - freedom to travel, to educate yourself, to treat your family and friends. Making the most of your money, like everything else in life, is a matter of habit and discipline. This book aims to get you into the habit and give you that discipline. No matter how much money you have, this book...

by Rachel Cunningham-Day


It may not be polite to talk about money, but no-one said we shouldn't write about it.This accessible, humorous book is written to appeal to a broad spectrum of men irrespective of their age, lifestyle or level of financial awareness. This book is relevant to every man who earns, or simply spends, money. This book aims to change the way men think about money - forever. Money provides protection. If you fall upon hard times, the money you have saved will support you. Money also provides freedom - freedom to travel, to educate yourself, to look after your family and friends. Making the most of your money, like everything else in life, is a matter of habit and discipline. This book aims to get you into the habit and give you that discipline. No matter how much money you have, this book will ...