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November 2016

NOV 20


NOV 20


January 2017

JAN 12
The “European Journal of Economics, Law and Politics” (ELP) is a peer reviewed journal.ELP is quarterly publish jour...


May 2017

The event — hosted by Pepper Hamilton LLP and the Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic — will feature United States Congr...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States

MAY 24
Distinguished Colleagues, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Management International Confer...

Monastier di Treviso, Venice,

June 2017

The Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research Conference aims at presenting a platform to the researchers, academi...


August 2017

AUG 21
In today’s borderless world, policy-making has become increasingly challenging as not only domestic factors have to be...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

September 2017

SEP 28
●Publication &Indexing 1, All submissions will be peer reviewed by 2-3 experts. All the registered and presented pap...

Russian Federation

October 2017

OCT 12
Business Ethics, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Business Performance Management, Business Statistics, Curr...

Arusha City,
Tanzania, United Republic

OCT 19
2017 International Workshop on Energy Conservation Technologies (IWECT 2017)CFP October 19-22, 2017|Shanghai, China ...

Shanghai, China,

November 2017

All Registered and Presented papers will be included in the conference proceeding of ICAEST 2017,which will be indexed b...

Ho Chi Minh City,

December 2017

DEC 21
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Business, Econo...

Pacific Business Center, Taipei-Taiwan,
Taiwan, Province Of China

February 2018

FEB 28
IAARP is regular annually conference Organizer. IREEC 2018 provides an ideal academic platform for researchers to p...

United Arab Emirates

March 2018

MAR 12
Getenergy in association with the Energy Council will host the Mozambique Assembly in partnership with the government of...


MAR 13
The upcoming IntelliSub Europe conference will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany on 13th -15th March, 2018. The cas...


MAR 24
4th International Conference of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (MAT 2018) will provide an excellent inter...


April 2018

APR 25
The Department of Banking and Finance (Eastern Mediterranean University) cordially invites submissions of your research ...


May 2018

MAY 11


MAY 11
CKS 2018 is an international conference held in collaboration with Deusto University and Complutense University of Madri...


June 2018

JUN 20
The 2nd International Conference on ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT 2018 The International Institute of Knowledge Man...

Sri Lanka

July 2018

JUL 26
2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2018), organized by East Asia Research & supported by BEFfore ...


August 2018

AUG 19
The 2ndInternational Conference on Energy Research and Technology (ICERT'18) aims to become the leading annual conferenc...


AUG 23
在考慮職涯下一步?打算唸 MBA 或 MS ?想要拓展人脈?來台北的 QS 全球 MBA 巡迴展,和商學...

Taiwan, Province Of China

AUG 27
FOREIGN CAPITAL INFLOWS AND CAPITAL CONTROLS The growth momentum of the global economy seems to be satisfactory, ...


AUG 27
FOREIGN CAPITAL INFLOWS AND CAPITAL CONTROLS The growth momentum of the global economy seems to be satisfactory, ...


September 2018

SEP 17
The 2018 USAMV Bucharest Agricultural Economics and Policy Summer School aims to introduce the various concepts of defin...


SEP 17
The 2018 USAMV Bucharest Agricultural Economics and Policy Summer School aims to introduce the various concepts of defin...


SEP 19
On behalf of Organtransplantation2018, we extend our warm welcome to the distinguished Nobel laureates, Heart surgeons, ...


SEP 20
The Bank of Albania has the pleasure of announcing its second Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania, organised...


SEP 26
In recent decades, Brazilian social movements have denounced the racial inequalities to which people of color are subjec...


October 2018

Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Greetings! Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) & Greater Vision are greatly pleas...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

OCT 19
Welcome to 2018 2nd International Workshop on Energy Conservation Technologies (IWECT 2018). IWECT 2018 is co-organized...

Bangkok, Thailand,

November 2018

NOV 14
Day one of the course will delve into the evolution of the ALM function in the context of a changing European regulatory...


NOV 26
AI and Business: Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Artificial Intelligence Business, Economics and Marketing w...


January 2019

JAN 22
International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management (ISSSM 2019) is an international platform for scholars, resear...

Sapporo, Hokkaido,

April 2019

APR 4 The aim of the eCommerce Design Summit is to create greater dialogue across this specia...

Greater London,
United Kingdom

May 2019

MAY 17


MAY 22
On behalf of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism Split, we are very excited to invite you join us in beautifu...


June 2019

JUN 26
The WCBM is on international interdisciplinary joint conference, focusing on both theory and practice of new ideas and p...

Kuala Lumpur,


July 2019

JUL 19
- The third edition of CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences will be held in Prague from July 19 to July 27, 2019....

Czech Republic

JUL 25
2019 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2019), organized by East Asia Research & supported by Universi...

singapore city,

August 2019

AUG 21
The conference is promoted by the International Journal of Business, Human and Social Sciences. The conference is or...

United Kingdom

AUG 24
The SGEM International Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts examine the nature of disciplinary and interdisciplinary ...


September 2019

SEP 11
1st ANDRAGOGY & ADULT EDUCATION CONFERENCE psychological, sociological, economic and cultural dimensions of development ...


October 2019

The conference is promoted by the International Journal of Business, Human and Social Sciences. The conference is or...

New York, New York,
United States

OCT 11
2019 TBILISI 14th International Silk Road Conference on Globalization: Trends and Perspectives. ORGANIZED by Interna...


OCT 15
Chief Data and Analytics Officers, Financial Services (CDAO) Europe arrives in London, 15-16 October 2019 for two days o...

United Kingdom

December 2019

Invitation and Call for Papers 13th South-Eastern European Economic Research Workshop Organized by the Bank of Albania...


January 2020

JAN 20
Asia-Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science (APCBSS) is an international platform for scholars, researchers and...


JAN 20
Conference Theme: SMART CITY Smart Cities will be bringing human society new economic benefits and delicate lifestyle...


March 2020

MAR 13
International Symposium on Econometrics (ISE 2020) will be held during March 13-15, 2020 in Guilin, China. This Conferen...


April 2020

APR 25
All Selected papers will be published conference proceedings having ISBN and few high-end papers will be published in i...


May 2020

As the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) becomes an understood requirement for orga...


Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting live...


MAY 15
2020 International Conference on Economic Management and Big Data Applications(ICEMBDA2020)will be held in Nanjing, Chin...


MAY 22
2020 International Conference on Language, Art and Cultural Exchange(ICLACE2020) will be held on May 22-24 in Xiamen, Ch...


June 2020

JUN 24
EVENT INFORMATION The central motive of the International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Pers...


July 2020

The WCBM is on international interdisciplinary joint conference, focusing on both theory and practice of new ideas and p...


The 14th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal, which will take place at Católica Porto Business School, Un...


International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies (ICEEPS 2020) will take place on July 7-...


JUL 31
GBRJ aims at bringing together academicians, researchers, industry experts and scholars from different parts of the worl...



by Terence C. Burnham


Ever since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859, genetic evolutionary theory has increasingly served as the foundation for fields that deal with organisms that arose by natural selection. This thesis argues that economic theory should integrate with Darwinian theory through the creation of a "genetic evolutionary economics". The promise of genetic evolutionary economics is a better understanding of human nature and, consequently, a more accurate and comprehensive economic science. Economic theory rests on a set of assumptions about human nature. These economic axioms concern human genes, but there is no explicit connection between genetic evolution and economic theory. As a result, human behavior and economic predictions of that behavior diverge in a va...

Easy Essays on Economics

Concise Coverage of Complex Concepts

by Paul C. Bennett, PhD, MSF, CFP®


Most books about economics either focus granularly on extremely complex subject matter or conversely, provide a cursory overview of topics that require more in-depth review. Easy Essays on Economics was written to bridge the gap between the technical and simplistic explanations routinely found in economics books. Beginning with the history of economic thought in ancient times, Dr. Bennett explains the foundational elements of the social science of economics, presenting the economic explanations behind selected significant historical events of the past 200 years. He proceeds to discuss the origin of money, the Federal Reserve, and the banking system as it began and as it exists today. Additional topics covered include the theory of the firm and principal agent theories, the much-maligned...

Transport Economics Matters

Applying Economic Principles to Transportation in Great Britain

by David J. Spurling, John Spurling and Mengqiu Cao


This book reveals and discusses existing and potential problems derived from the transport economics domain in relation to their environment, and the social, political and economic impacts, with reference to a wide range of transport modes. It is suitable not only for academics or students, but also for people working in the transport industry. From this book, readers will learn how to apply economic principles to transport, drawing specifically upon a number of case studies of different areas of Great Britain. This book is particularly useful for those who are interested in the subject of transport economics, but may not have studied economics, statistics or mathematics. REVIEWS A useful collection of concepts on transport economics for all of us that work in the transport field, and ar...

by John M. Cobin


Free market economics has made many advances during the past thirty years. These advances are due to the maturing of public choice theory and empirical studies, along with a resurgence of interest in Austrian economic themes like free banking, market process entrepreneurship, and the critique of socialism and interventionism. In addition, new avenues have opened in law and economics and regulatory studies which favor free market ideas. The purpose of this book is to introduce and summarize some of the important advances in contemporary free market economics and policy by introducing the key concepts of public choice, public policy, Austrian economics, and law and economics. This volume is a non-technical compendium of thought which incorporates long quotations from important scholars in e...

Introduction to Transport Economics

Demand, Cost, Pricing, and Adoption

by David J. Spurling


Introduction to Transport Economics looks at the different modes of transport and investigates the past and present influences on their behaviour. The author's experience of teaching and working in the industry has led him to believe that it is difficult to understand the present without some knowledge of the past. He discusses the future of transport; in the light of climate change and likely fossil fuel shortages, it is important to have a clear idea of what we wish to achieve with a transport system. Also included are a chapter on developing countries, as well as a chapter about international transport as a whole. Too often transport has been a political shuttlecock without any long-term vision. Part of the aim of this book is to enable people who read it to have a greater idea of what...

Frontiers of Business, Management and Economics

An Interdisciplinary Collection of Managerial Research Findings and Breakthroughs

by Mehran Nejati


This edited book is a compilation of research studies conducted in the areas of business, management and economics. These cutting-edge articles will be of interest to researchers, academics, and business managers.

Economics in Antitrust Policy

Freedom to Compete vs. Freedom to Contract

by Mark Steiner


In the field of antitrust, the freedoms to contract and compete can and do contradict. Profit-maximizing companies desire perfectly competitive input markets to minimize their costs, but want monopolistic markets for their outputs to maximize their profits. Consequently, they have strong incentives to undermine competition in their output markets. In a world without antitrust laws, many companies would thus eliminate competition by using their freedom to contract, either by entering into legally enforceable agreements which fix prices or divide up markets, or by merging and acquiring rivals to gain market control. Therefore, guaranteeing and safeguarding companies' abilities to compete comes at the cost of restricting their freedoms to contract. The states role in this task is a delicate o...

Financial Economics of Index Annuities

An Analysis of Investor Returns

by Paul C. Bennett, PhD, MSF, CFP®


Average investors hold their equity mutual funds slightly over three years, which significantly hinders their long-term performance. This study found that there is a statistically significant difference between the investor returns of index annuities and the investor returns of equity mutual funds for six distinct time periods starting from 1997-2011 and ending with 2002-2011. Additionally, the risk-adjusted investor returns of index annuities outperformed the risk-adjusted investor returns of equity mutual funds for the same time frame. The aforementioned outperformance was termed the “Index Annuity Investor Return Spread” (IAIRS) by the study. Investor return is often not reported nor written about in the financial press, as the media tends to focus on investment return which is defi...

Software-Agents and Liberal Order

An Inquiry along the Borderline between Economics and Computer Science

by Dirk N Wagner


"Liberal order and software-agents" - long-established ideas and modern technology are bridged. The impulse for undertaking this effort comes from the observation that it becomes difficult for computer science alone to create order for and within machines. The growing complexity of computer systems, open networks like the Internet, and the increasingly social role of software entities push the traditional quest for total global control out of reach. Economic theory of social order offers extensive experience with such conditions, so that it can complement and guide research in computer science. It is shown that a common understanding between economics and computer science's sub-field of distributed artificial intelligence is possible on the level of software-agents. On this basis, four fun...

by James J. Cook, Ph.D.


The principal question addressed is the extent to which American organizations source legal services they require in a manner consistent with transaction cost economics and agency theory. Transaction cost economics (TCE) is an interdisciplinary undertaking which joins economics with aspects of organizational theory and contract law. TCE views frequency, uncertainty and asset specificity (the extent to which assets have little utility or value except in the context of a particular transaction or relationship) as key variables in determining how a transaction will be structured. Agency theory focuses on identifying the most efficient contract form for a relationship taking into account certain assumptions of self-interest, bounded rationality, risk aversion ...

Information Systems for Sustainable Business Development

Proceedings of the International Information Systems Conference (iiSC) 2011

by Saqib Ali & Rafi Ashrafi (editors)


The Information Systems Department of the College of Economics and Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University organized an international conference on Information Systems (iiSC) in October 2011. The conference proceedings contain written versions of selected contributions presented during the conference. The conference theme was 'information systems for sustainable business development.' The conference provided a forum for discussion on current issues and challenges as well as recent and future developments across a wide range of areas in information systems including. - Trends in Information Systems - E-commerce and E-business Challenges - Knowledge Management and IS industrial applications - Trends in Web technologies - IS Security and Mobile Computing - E-Governmen...

by Steven Lee Yamshon


This research paper is the culmination of three years as a Visiting Scholar at The Anderson School and reflects the author's theories based on his research, personal practical experience, principles of economics learned from the Austrian School of Economic Thought, and the writings, research and teachings of Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Murray Rothbard, and Ludwig Von Mises.

Rewriting Psychology

An Abysmal Science?

by David Y. F. Ho


Of what use is psychology if it does not help to solve the pressing problems of the day at the individual and collective levels? This is no less a pointed question to the reader as it is to the author that sets the stage for an adventurous sharing of ideas. The author shies away from providing ready-made answers but spares no effort in stirring the reader to ponder questions about human nature and behavior. Soon, the reader will react with the exclamation, “Ah, this book is about me, useful to my life!” In this way, the book serves to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. As the reader may well expect, bold assertions may be found throughout this volume. For instance, Piaget’s stage of formal operations does not represent the final or highest level of cognitive dev...

Africa and the Democratic Option

A Quest for Effectiveness and Legitimacy in Governance

by Austin O. Ogunsuyi


The prospect for democracy in Africa is the central concern of this study. The factors that contribute to the existence of undemocratic or autocratic governments in most of Africa, therefore, become our major focus for evaluation.An analysis of the pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial political history of Africa attribute autocracy in Africa to irreconcilable differences between the African traditional institutions and the imposed colonial political and economic systems. This socioeconomic and political disharmony, orchestrated by the colonial economics of exploitation, set the tone for neocolonial African states fraught with economic and political instability.Our research strategy involved a qualitative technique of collecting and analyzing a significant body of data relating to the po...

Rewriting Cultural Psychology

Transcend Your Ethnic Roots and Redefine Your Identity

by David Y. F. Ho


This volume is addressed to scholars as well as a popular audience, aimed to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. It deals with "who we are," concerning our sense of self and identity; and "how we live," concerning our ways of life in diverse cultures. It affirms that we may transcend our cultural-ethnic roots and redefine our identities, individual or collective. Transcendence opens the door not only to personal transformation but also to confront ethnic stereotypes and prejudices. Readers will gain fresh cultural knowledge from both the East and the West and be attuned to the theme of letting no ethnic group be alien to us.This book is at once about the immersion of life in culture and the remaking of culture by human action--reciprocal influence at work. The idea of i...

by Wilson Ozuem, Elena Patten and Yllka Azemi


This book provides a contemporary theoretical insight into the fashion and luxury industry, addressing potential gray areas within the literature. The authors analyze the luxury and fashion industry using multiple perspectives, allowing for a critical comprehensive overview of the phenomenon across diverse streams. The book provides insight into fashion and luxury retailing in the context of both online and brick and mortar retailers based on a variety of market scenarios. It deciphers the rationale of customer behavioral and decision making in online and offline luxury and fashion purchasing contexts. It provides an overview of the challenges that the industry faces with the advent of the evolving omni-channel environment.The multiple theoretical and practical nuances of the fashion and l...

Nuclear Power or a Promise Lost

A Policy Maker's Guide for a Future of Carbon Free, Sustainable Energy

by Edward T. Burns


This book captures the status of current electrical energy markets including the principal forces affecting decisions on selecting an energy source. It represents a seminal work that lays out the electrical energy decision tree for selecting an energy source in a world that is on the verge of catastrophic global warming because of the choices that have been made in the name of cheap energy. The impetus for this book includes the dire need to mitigate continued anthropogenic causes of global warming by turning to carbon free energy sources.Nuclear energy represents such a carbon-free energy source and could be a partial solution to the existential threat facing future society---the threat of a warming planet and its consequential, catastrophic effects on future generations. The world is at ...

Soft-Computing in Capital Market

Research and Methods of Computational Finance for Measuring Risk of Financial Instruments

by Jibendu Kumar Mantri (editor)


Computational Finance, an exciting new cross-disciplinary research area, depends extensively on the tools and techniques of computer science, statistics, information systems and financial economics for educating the next generation of financial researchers, analysts, risk managers, and financial information technology professionals. This new discipline, sometimes also referred to as “Financial Engineering” or “Quantitative Finance” needs professionals with extensive skills both in finance and mathematics along with specialization in computer science. Soft-Computing in Capital Market hopes to fulfill the need of applications of this offshoot of the technology by providing a diverse collection of cross-disciplinary research. This edited volume covers most of the recent, advanced r...

Inevitable Incompetence

Soaring Medical Costs, Dangerous Medical Care

by Dr. Saul William Seidman


We have two choices. We can follow the delusion of "universal health care" or we can accept a market approach to health care. Putting patients in charge of their medical care is a market approach. It guarantees competence, at least. Universal health care is sickness care administered by politicians, bureaucrats, CEOs and other proven incompetents. None of these "medicrats" knows how medicine is practiced. All these administrators are driven by politics and economics. Excellence is destroyed in the initial stages of what is called "single payer" health care. The destruction of competence follows the destruction of excellence. Medicine was practiced. Medicine was a lifelong learning experience. Medicine was integrated. That was only yesterday. The present bureaucratized, fragmented and disi...

A Study of Business Decisions under Uncertainty: The Probability of the Improbable

- With Examples from the Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

by Andreas Stark


This dissertation will discuss the uncertainty encountered in the daily operations of businesses. The concepts will be developed by first giving an overview of probability and statistics as used in our everyday activities, such as the basic principles of probability, univariate and multivariate statistics, data clustering and mapping, as well as time sequence and spectral analysis. The examples used will be from the oil and gas exploration industry because the risks taken in this industry are normally quite large and are ideal for showing the application of the various techniques for minimizing risk. Subsequently, the discussion will deal with basic risk analysis, spatial and time variations of risk, geotechnical risk analysis, risk aversion and how it is affected by personal biases, an...

Modern Nature

Essays on Environmental Communication

by Luke Strongman


This book presents ten essays about environmental communication. Chapter one introduces the concept of environmental communication and the ways in which it was conceived, imagined, and developed as a form of interdisciplinary enquiry. Chapter two explores the concept of green communication and education for the sustainable development movement. Chapter three is concerned with one of the major underlying socio-cultural influences of the human/nature divide: that of anthropomorphic or anthropogenic reasoning. Chapter four takes an ecological view of economics and develops an argument for the place of economic intangibles in the modern political economy. Chapters five and six explore specialist aspects of environmental communication practices: Chapter five is concerned with the contexts of ps...

Investment in Developing Countries

A Thesis on the Rationales of Import Substitution Industrialization Strategy

by Hong Liang


The purpose of this research paper is to try to clarify and evaluate the major issues and arguments in the debate on Import Substitution Industrialization Strategy (ISI) between the neoclassical economists and the development economists. In particular, it will focus on some basic underlying models employed by the two schools of thought, rather than on specific policy recommendations given by either school. It will conclude that the critiques against ISI from the neoclassical economists are based on a static equilibrium model, which can not fully comprehend the dynamic relationship between growth and ISI at a macroeconomic level. This paper starts by examining the historical background and formative influences of ISI, then goes on to compare and contrast the structuralist rationales for IS...

by Maria Gabriela Fernández-Diaz


Cross Language Text Retrieval (CLTR) has been defined as the retrieval of documents in a language different from that of the original query. To make this possible some kind of mechanism has to be applied in order to translate the information contained in the source sentence. Many different approaches have been carried out with the purpose of transferring the information from the source language query to the target language one. Though all these methods deal with a way of translating as much information as possible from the source query, little research has been conducted in relation to the field of Machine Translation (MT). The purpose of this research work is to determine the feasibility of using MT techniques for CLTR. Specifically, I will describe how a MT system has been adapted withou...

by Jiban Shrestha


A field experiment was conducted at farmer’s field of Anandapur, Mangalpur VDC-3, Chitwan, Nepal during winter season from September 2006 to February 2007 to study the effects of nitrogen and plant population on maize. Fifteen treatment combinations consisting of five levels of nitrogen: 0, 50, 100, 150 and 200 kg N/ha and three levels of plant population; 55555 plants/ha (60 cm × 30 cm spacing), 66666 plants/ha (60 cm × 25 cm spacing) and 83333 plants/ha (60 cm × 20 cm spacing) were tested in factorial randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 3 replications. “Rampur Composite” variety of maize was planted on sandy silt loam and strongly acidic soil having medium in total nitrogen (0.123%), high in soil available phosphorous (77.56 kg/ha) and low in soil available potassium (2...

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)


A biannual peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Economic and Political Integration (IJEPI) ISSN 0974-3510 is a forum for the exchange of ideas across the social science disciplines, e.g. political scientists debate with economists, sociologists read what political scientists have to say, historians study what economists have to say regarding political integration and economics.

by J. D. R. de Raadt


Leaders who must deal with crises afflicting their communities often discover that these crises depend upon normative factors transcending mere economics. The factors include such things as ethics, justice and belief. They also discover that there are not many tools available to analyse them and to assist their decision-making. The author presents a method to identify the primary factors that are threatening communities, to collect information about such factors, organise it and analyse it. More importantly, leaders can develop models to examine how factors interact with each other to sustain or to threaten the viability of a community. These models can also be used to redesign and manage the community and ensure its long-term viability. Although solidly based on theory, the object o...

Risk Factors and Business Models

Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk and the Causes of Business Failure

by D. Anthony Miles


One of the primary concerns in a small business is the problem of risk. Many who begin the start-up process terminate it in less than one year. Of those that survive, many are unable to achieve sustained growth and profits. Small-to-medium business enterprises (SME) have a 50% to 90% chance of failure within the first five years. While there are measures of personal risk behavior of entrepreneurs, the literature contains no measure of risk orientation for the enterprise. The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a researcher-designed instrument to measure the critical forces of business risk. The 37-item Entrepreneurial Risk Assessment Scale (ERAS) was developed from key theoretical concepts grounded in economics, marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship literatu...

A Practical Guide to Airline Customer Service

From Airline Operations to Passenger Services

by Colin C. Law


A Practical Guide to Airline Customer Service is written for airline executives and undergraduate students who are preparing for a career in the airline service industry. Those working in similar functions and fields can also benefit from this book. This book primarily focuses on the importance of customer service in the airline industry. This includes basic airline operations and essential communication skills, and how airline service agents interact with passengers at every contact point of the travel process. It is a useful guide for anyone seeking a successful and rewarding career in the airline industry. TEACHING MATERIAL for INSTRUCTORS Contact Publisher for PowerPoint companion slide presentation available for each chapter for classroom use. Samples chapters below Chapter 1 - Air...


A Social Milestone or Millstone?

by Herbert B. Siegel


When politicians redistribute public wealth by privatizing State-Owned Enterprises ( SOE ), they divest themselves of public accountability, and profoundly affect laws, economics, and social behavior. Data gathered from respondents in twenty-eight countries including lawyers, investment bankers, bureaucrats, and educators, identify beneficiaries and victims of privatizing processes. Results are then explained by statistical analysis, concluding with compensatory arrangements that can humanize privatizing.

Language Across Disciplines

Towards a Critical Reading of Contemporary Academic Discourse

by Marc S. Silver


Academic discourse is the principle means by which knowledge is constituted in the world today and English is the globalized language in and through which such knowledge most often gets constructed and transmitted. Be it in the form of specialized books, disciplinary journals, international congresses or university lectures, the influence and power of such discourse is enormous. Most students and scholars, however, concern themselves almost exclusively with 'what' is written or said within such discourse, ignoring the often more important question of 'how' what is written or said is expressed or received. This book analyzes and contrasts ways in which writers from the disciplines of History and Economics present themselves and their knowledge claims to their readers, in an attempt to un...