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December 2015

DEC 28
College of Veterinary Medicine, Chungnam National University (CNU) , South Korea,The International Center for Research &...

Sri Lanka

August 2016

AUG 24
3rd International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture (ICFA 2016) will be held on 24 - 25 August 2016 in Negombo Sr...

Sri Lanka

August 2017

AUG 24
4th Annual International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2017 will be held in Colombo Sri Lanka under the theme ...

Sri Lanka

May 2018

MAY 24
11th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries is scheduled to be held from May 24th to 25th, 2018 in the beautiful city ...

Osaka, Japan,

November 2018

NOV 27
The Aquatek 2018 Conference is the best platform for the Fishery & Aquaculture researchers from both the industry and ac...


March 2019

MAR 23
The 5th Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference (FAC 2019) will be held from March 23 to 25, 2019 in Xi'an, China. This Con...


May 2020

MAY 20
Magnus Group takes great pleasure to invite you for “World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference” (WAC 2020) schedule...

Tokyo, Japan,

June 2020

JUN 26
Herald Meetings with great pleasure organizing “2nd International Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries 2019” sche...

Kuala Lumpur,

August 2020

AUG 19
Aqua 2020 Committee is enchanted to welcome the participants from all over the world to attend the prestigious 4th Inter...

London, Uk,
United Kingdom


Organisational Culture

Creating the Influence Needed for Strategic Success

by Richard J. Black


The strategy team have technology ideas and frameworks that represent the best body of knowledge for creating real business value from technology, but only other teams not the strategy team can create the value, by broadly completing the strategy team s ideas. The delivery teams often ignore the ideas. Sometimes real conflict emerges. It feels like the other teams think differently in a deeply rooted way. Could differences in organisational culture be to blame? This dissertation examines the organisational culture perceived within BP's energy trading technology team known as Integrated Supply and Trading Digital Business (ISTDB). The focus is on the Strategy and Architecture team (S&A) who are responsible for assuring the long-term viability of technology delivered to the business by ...

by Carol A. Parker


Women in Hawai`i graduate at slightly higher rates than men at three of the four major institutions of higher education in Hawai`i (Institute for Women's Policy Research The Status of Women in Hawaii 2006) as compared to up to seventy-three percent of men at these same Hawai'i institutions and compared to nearly eighty-five percent of women who enroll at women-only colleges. With fewer than half of all enrolled women students at the four major Hawai`i institutions graduating, it is important to understand the possible influences that may contribute to this problem -- one of which is observable institutional culture. Considerable research on the influence of elements of institutional culture has been done at most major institutions of higher education in the continental United States. Ho...

Organizational Culture, Macro and Micro Empowerment Dimensions, and Job Satisfaction

An Application of Concurrent Mixed and Multi-Level Methods in the Federal Sector

by Timothy L. Bailey


This dissertation examined the interrelationship of organizational culture; macro (structural) and micro (psychological) empowerment; and job satisfaction. Specifically, this dissertation: (1) built upon the insights and framework of prior research literature that suggest the relationship of macro (structural) and micro (psychological) empowerment and its effect on job satisfaction (2) expanded existing empowerment models by introducing organizational culture as an influential organizational phenomenon (3) assessed the level of degree how organizational subculture groups perceive organizational culture, macro (structural) and micro (psychological) empowerment; and job satisfaction contextual attributes. The dissertation utilized mixed method research combining both a quantitative and qual...

by Andrew Lee Smith


The purpose of this quantitative study was to discover the perceptions of school culture and correlate those perceptions with standardized test scores in elementary and secondary schools in southwestern Arizona. The intention of this study was to contribute to the field of education leadership related to student achievement and factors contributing to student achievement including organizational culture. A survey of teachers and administrators in participating schools in southwestern Arizona was completed and correlated with existing student achievement data for those participating schools. The School Culture Survey by Leithwood, Aitken, and Jantzi (2001) was used for the survey instrument, and the Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition, was used to measure student achievement. ...

by Gregory Shafer


Social scientists are only beginning to question the idea of culture and the way it comes to be part of who we are as a people. While most would suggest that culture emanates from our values and traditions, this book wonders if it is given to us by corporations, media, and political institutions as a way to keep us docile and compliant. So much of what we do, how we dress, and what we value is actually a manifestation of government propaganda and advertising. And so, we embrace sentimental notions about our founding fathers, about marriage, our political system, and time honored rituals. While we think of ourselves as free, we are deluged with messages from powerful conglomerates who want us to dress and act a certain way and who have clear agendas for what they want us to believe about o...

Overcoming Women's Subordination in the Igbo African Culture and in the Catholic Church

Envisioning an Inclusive Theology with Reference to Women

by Rose N. Uchem


When African scholars lament over the near destruction of African cultures, they do not reflect the reality of African women's historical traditions of empowerment and inclusion in pre-colonial/pre-Christian African societies, which were also lost in the same process of Western Christian cultural imperialism. Similarly, most male Church theologians writing or speaking about inculturation do not address the deeper cultural issues, which impact heavily on African women. As Nigerian theologian, Rose Mary Edet rightly observed, "policy-related and other research projects concerned with "women in development" often uncover cultural factors without associating them with religious beliefs and myths that rule women's lives" (in Life, women and culture, 1991, Introduction). Yet, these deeper cultur...

Disrupting Fraternity Culture

Folklore and the Construction of Violence Against Women

by Brandy Taylor Fink


Disrupting Fraternity Culture explores how young men and women perform male and female roles to "fit in" during the college or young adult years. It is arguable that many young men "perform" the role of the hegemonic male to fit in among peers, and that performing the hegemonic male is to perform acts of violence against women. This project actively examines university organizations and institutions, such as fraternities and sororities, which can encourage anti-female attitudes. All of the narratives used in this study were given willingly and given primarily by peers. The names of the individuals and the names of the fraternity and sorority houses the individuals belong to will not be revealed in this project. Fraternities and sororities are useful institutions to study because so many yo...

Indigenous People and the Roles of Culture, Law and Globalization

Comparing the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Africa

by Kennedy M. Maranga


This book explores the history, culture, rights and the effects of globalization on indigenous people in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Africa from an evaluative and critical perspective. Unlike discipline-based textbooks, this volume seeks to contribute to the social discourse around indigenousness and to engage readers in a shared sense of humanity and empowerment for these groups of individuals. Among the issues addressed are: who indigenous people are, culture and colonization, self-determination, the impact of legal theory and judicial decisions, land rights, poverty, lack of healthcare, international human rights law, tourism, treaties, and globalization. The book concludes by addressing what it means to be an indigenous person in the 21st century, and calling upon policymakers to ...

Media and the Politics of Culture

The Case of Television Privatization and Media Globalization in Jamaica (1990-2007)

by Nickesia S. Gordon


There is a great deal of discussion about media globalization, particularly television, especially as it is being driven by the spread of satellite technology and cable. While certain schools of thought view this trend as promoting cultural heterogeneity and the diversification of programme content, this book argues otherwise. It discusses the influence of globalization on Jamaica's television industry. Specifically, it looks at how market liberalization, globalization's twin force, has lead to government divestment of the television sector and increased private ownership and consolidation within this sector. It revisits the cultural imperialism debate within the context of media globalization and locates Jamaica's position within this milieu. It suggests that old concerns relating to cult...

Current Trends in Language and Culture Studies

Selected Proceedings of the 20th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Margit Grieb, & Will Lehman (editors)


This volume includes selected papers from the 20th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures and Film, held on March 2-3, 2012 at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. It represents a cross section of current approaches to questions of violence and trauma; identity subjectivity and the national; race and gender; and teaching in foreign languages, literatures and film.

Warsaw and Jerusalem

Polish-Jewish History, Culture, Values, and Education between Paradise and Inferno

by Nitza Davidovitch and Eyal Lewin


Warsaw and Jerusalem deals with different aspects of the inherent paradoxes of Jewish-Polish relations. Written by scholars from Israel and from Poland, who study history, culture, education, and politics, this book forms a unique interdisciplinary collage. Thus, it has a twofold advantage: as an academic insight in the field of Jewish studies; and as a social bonder of an academic community that has its representatives in universities in Israel and in Poland.This project is bound to be an inspiring source for scholars of Jewish studies and Jewish history. In college or university classes, the collection of a variety of chapters will aid students who compose their assignments and need brainwave resources in the field. With a contribution to the deep comprehension of the ongoing discourse a...

Barbie - The Icon, The Image, The Ideal

An Analytical Interpretation of the Barbie Doll in Popular Culture

by Kristin N. Weissman


This thesis is a cultural analysis of: a) women's idealized perception of the Barbie doll, and b) the construction of the Barbie doll image through marketing. In addition, both areas will provide a concentrated emphasis on "respectability." The analysis will be focused on Barbie's creation in 1959, and on the current practices of representations in 1999. The thesis is divided into two phases. Phase one illustrates the interpretation of how women perceive Barbie, and how they see themselves in her likeness. It further explores the determined impression of the doll as "respectable." Phase two examines the way that Barbie is presented in the market and the techniques used to formulate the intended representations of the doll. The analysis of the thesis focuses solely on her introduction ...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Performing Culture - Volume 8, 2005-2006

by Ilaria Serra, Marcella Munson, eds.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword ILARIA SERRA and MARCELLA MUNSON An Interview with Filmmaker Nancy Savoca ILARIA SERRA Creating Difference: Language Use in Interracial Cop Movies ARYN BARTLEY Here’s to Plain Speaking: The Condition(s) of Knowing and Being in Film Noir JOANNE TAYLOR Performance and the Power of Redefinition in The Vagina Monologues MICHAEL MODARELLI Performing Gertrude Stein: Faith Ringgold’s Signification on Primitivism in The French Collection LESLIE ATKINS DURHAM The editors of the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies literary journal invite submissions on any topic for upcoming issues. FACS is an interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for comparative study in the arts, humanities, language, culture and social sciences. Past topics have inclu...

Pragmatic Strategies and Power Relations in Disagreement

Chinese Culture in Higher Education

by Si Liu, Ph.D.


This study explores pragmatic strategies in disagreement affected by power relations in Mandarin Chinese with data collected in the People's Republic of China.This study first investigates in what ways power relations in Chinese university settings influence pragmatic strategies in disagreement. The study then shows with natural data that a new cultural orientation characterized by new features has emerged among the Chinese people. Thirdly, the author probes the controversial issue of pragmatics and power, and proves that the maxim of Relevance can be taken as a supermaxim of CP, which dominates the analyses of the relationship between language use and social parameters.Si Liu has successfully initiated a combination of statistical analysis and ethnographic approach in pragmatic research...

The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai

Chinese and Western Culture Differences in Narrative Cinemas

by Mengyang Cui


Wong Kar wai is one of the most famous Chinese directors in modern filmdom. The cinema of Wong Kar wai is important 20th century cinema in 90’s Hong Kong society, which was in a post-industrial and post-colonial situation. In this paper, I have chosen four of Wong’s films: As Tears Go By (1988), Happy Together (1997), In The Mood For Love (2000) and compared them respectively with American and British films Mean Streets (1973), Brokeback Mountain (2005), and Brief Encounter (1945) with similar themes. These comparisons will be used in order to explore the spiritual tendency of Wong’s cinema, and to discover its meanings within the context of Chinese culture. In addition, the aim will be to demonstrate the methods of imitation, reproduction and the mixing up of genres that are Wong Ka...

Kul'tura Kosmosa

The Russian Popular Culture of Space Exploration

by Andrew Thomas


This thesis argues that there is a popular culture of space exploration characteristic of a wider Russia; its roots lie in pagan times and it grew through Orthodox Christianity and Soviet Communism to the twenty-first century, where it is actively promoted by Russia and neighbouring nations. The key influences stem from Nikolai Fedorov, Kontsantin Tsiolkovsky, Friedrich Tsander and Yuri Gagarin. The narrative of the twentieth-century Soviet space programme is considered from this perspective and the cultural importance of Tsiolkovsky to this programme is acknowledged. This is an alternative perspective to the commonly-held Western view of the "Space Race". The manipulation of imagery and ritual of space exploration by Russia and other neighbouring nations is examined, and the effect on...

by Pamela S. Haley


This dissertation concerns the structures and individual agency of Filipina brides who met their American husbands through Internet or pen pal advertisements. Popular media, legal scholars, and some feminists have largely described the phenomenon in terms of its oppressiveness toward the women involved, thus dismissing any agency on the part of the women. Similarly, much of the scholarship has located the American Internet grooms as ogres who are out to exploit these women for domestic and sexual services. If prominent researchers of this phenomenon are correct in their assessments that Filipina Internet brides operate as effective agents, then one also assumes these women continue that agency when they settle into their new lives as Filipina wives married to American men. Therefore, my c...

National Remuneration (Pay) Preferences

Cultural Analysis within the Hofstede Model Using Cultural Values to Untangle the Web of Global Pay

by Linda M. Herkenhoff


Remuneration may be viewed as more than merely a cost in doing business. It may be used as a motivational tool to help achieve a multitude of strategic goals. Within the global context, effective use of this tool requires addressing not only motivational factors but also cultural factors. In this thesis, factors are considered within a multinational corporate framework and within a Cultural Remuneration Model. The model defines corporate culture, professional culture, national culture and individual characteristics as factors influencing employee values associated with remuneration preferences. The theoretical development of the model required a statistically significant multinational sample. To achieve this, data was collected in 17 countries from one multinational corporation withi...

by Carol Elizabeth Reed-Jones


The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential for increasing informal music-making in elementary school culture, and create a model of such music-making. Precedence for this model can be found in the literature of ethnomusicology, educational psychology and learning theory, multicultural music education, and cultural anthropology. Literature from four distinct traditions and contexts of music-making in integrative sociocultural contexts—sub-Saharan African ngoma, and Community Music as manifested in New Orleans second lines, old-time music and dance, and summer camp music-making—was parsed with a philosophical lens to determine and assess possible areas of intersection between these four participatory cultures and North American public school culture. Each of these five ar...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Remaking Reality - Eroding the Palimpsest - Volume 10, 2007-2008

by Jill Kriegel and Emmanuel Alvarado, et al.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword EMMANUEL ALVARADO Artist’s Commentary CYNTHIA ZAITZ Indelible Ink of the Palimpsest: Language, Myth and Narrative in H.D.’s Trilogy MICHELE BRAUN Mary-ing Isis and Mary Magdalene in “The Flowering of the Rod”: Revisioning and Healing Through Female-Centered Spirituality in H.D.’s Trilogy JULIE GOODSPEED-CHADWICK Rethinking the Maya: Understanding an Ancient Language in Modern Linguistic Terms RHIANNA C. ROGERS Monarch of All I Can Sway: “Crusoeing” Alongside Oscar Wilde’s “The Decay of Lying” VAL CZERNY Mina Loy’s Design Flaws COLBEY EMMERSON REID Form and Function in the Social Perception and Appreciation of Web Sites EMMANUEL ALVARADO In Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things: An Introduc...

Aesthetic Alternative

Hip Hop as Living Art

by Shannon McCabe


With over thirty-five years in the making, hip-hop has grown and developed into a global phenomenon. Despite its global expansion from the Bronx, New York, in the 1970s, the hip-hop arts confront criticism, both aesthetically and culturally. Repeatedly criticized as an art that glorifies misogyny, pimping, prostitution, objectification of women, crime, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination, scholars denounce the hip-hop arts as ignorant, offensive garbage, devoid of any aesthetics and culture. However, this is a limited, one-sided view of the hip-hop arts and culture. From local urban streets to global metropolitan stages, the hip-hop arts and culture continue to evolve many artistic and cultural traditions from across the globe, which are in opposition with the image of commercial...

Rewriting Cultural Psychology

Transcend Your Ethnic Roots and Redefine Your Identity

by David Y. F. Ho


This volume is addressed to scholars as well as a popular audience, aimed to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. It deals with "who we are," concerning our sense of self and identity; and "how we live," concerning our ways of life in diverse cultures. It affirms that we may transcend our cultural-ethnic roots and redefine our identities, individual or collective. Transcendence opens the door not only to personal transformation but also to confront ethnic stereotypes and prejudices. Readers will gain fresh cultural knowledge from both the East and the West and be attuned to the theme of letting no ethnic group be alien to us.This book is at once about the immersion of life in culture and the remaking of culture by human action--reciprocal influence at work. The idea of i...

by Mamarinta P. Mababaya


The book focuses on the cultural aspect of the author’s published PhD thesis entitled “The Role of Multinational Companies in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia”, which he has carried out at the University of Westminster. It explores the success of multinational enterprises doing business in Saudi Arabia vis-à-vis their cultural awareness and responsiveness. The empirical findings discussed in this book reveal that international business success in a strange cultural environment depends partly on the ability of multinational managers to understand the local culture. The cultural subject in this book pertains to Islam in its entirety. The findings may seem strange to many readers who are not familiar with Islamic culture, in its purest form. Many newcomers to Saudi Arabia --...

Cultural Democracy

The Way Festivals Affect Society

by Maria-Louisa Laopodi


The dissertation studies the extent to which festivals, from a popular event for the masses, evolved into exclusive events, and shows how festivals affect society and are affected by it through practices in accordance with cultural democracy. Festivals relation to society is explained through the following concept-areas: 1. The artist's role 2. The use of festivals 3. The European example 4. Cultural democracy 5. Cultural policy 6. Active participation 7. Cultural tourism 8. The media The dissertation identifies cultural policy, active participation and the media as key areas of concern in order to attain a coherent culturally democratic society. The study recognised that certain festivals and forms of art have been taken over by elite groups of ...

The Cultural Politics of the German Democratic Republic

The Voices of Wolf Biermann, Christa Wolf, and Heiner Müller

by Ann Stamp Miller


The Cultural Politics of the German Democratic Republic: The Voices of Wolf Biermann, Christa Wolf, and Heiner Müller, deals with the intricate connection between the political structure of the East German government and cultural politics. Specifically, it focuses on the relationship between the government agencies and three authors. The study covers the period of dissent which began in the 1960s and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The evidence I use are the works of the authors and the government documents that reveal how the government bureaucracy dealt with the authors. This text was written for not only scholars but a wider reading public to explain the predicament of writers governed by a socialist regime during the Cold War. It explores the difficulties the wri...

by Wm Jack Hranicky


This publication was written to provide a source for archaeological projectile point typology for a region of the U.S. that over the years has been traditionally divided into:Northeast culture area Middle Atlantic culture area Southeastern culture area These divisions are based primarily on lithic technology and settlement patterns. While this focus tends to serve archaeological investigations, most of the prehistoric Indian habitation/occupation requires greater definition and appraisal from other sources within the archaeological community. Even among artifact collectors, there is a tendency to parcel these areas into the classic culture area concepts. This publication makes no attempts to refocus archaeology, but to show the vast overlaps of numerous point technologies. This is especi...

Educational Qualifications of Middle-Grade School Teachers

What Principals of Schools Along the Texas-Mexico Border Seek in New Hires

by Mike F. Desiderio


Principals of middle-grade schools in port of entry communities along the Texas-Mexico border were surveyed to learn about the education and preparational experiences these principals believed novice teachers should have before coming to teach in their schools. Demographic data about themselves, teachers, students and middle-grade schools, along with suggestions for improving Texas teacher education programs were also obtained. Mexican Americans were the dominant ethnic group and culture in these schools for principals, teachers and students. Principals were mostly male, well educated, and certified for the position they held. Student populations ranged from 437--1,603 in rural, urban and suburban settings. Eighty-two percent of the student population participated in the Federal Free ...

Redefining Babes, Booze and Brawls

Men Against Violence -- Towards A New Masculinity

by Luoluo Hong


Despite evidence that 90% of violent crimes are committed by men, higher education professionals and researchers still understand relatively little about the process by which male students acquire the attitudes, knowledge, values and skills which serve as deterrents to perpetrating violence against women and against other men. Men Against Violence is a peer advocacy organization at a large, public Research I institution in the South which focuses on the special and unique responsibility men have to end violence. Through participation in a wide array of service learning, community action and leadership opportunities, MAV members challenge cultural norms which link masculinity with violence. Types of violence targeted by MAV include: fighting, domestic violence, rape, vandalism, hazing, h...

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Factors Influencing Women's Attainment of Senior Executive Positions

by Carole K. Adair


Barriers which hinder career advancement of women are complex and varied. They have become top agenda items for most corporations and the gov-ernment. The "glass ceiling" is a term that symbolizes a variety of barriers that prevent qualified individuals from advancing higher in their organization. Although many women hold management positions, few have made the breakthrough to top-level positions. To determine what conditions are required for women to attain top executive positions, an ethnographic study was conducted at a hospital. The study was limited to four women who held executive positions: one associate administrator, one interim associate administrator, one director and the CEO. An in-depth data gathering technique using observation, interviews and documentation was used to ...

by Andrew Thomas


This study is the product of a long view of space exploration and the conversations about space in China. It locates the multiple conversations about space exploration and utilisation as they are in the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), within other conversations about space culture in the world. China is viewed by Western researchers though many lenses which are examined here critically. In previous studies, writers explain away China‘s space programme with the easy answers of a "Space Race" and a "China Threat", in which the space programme is seen as merely an example of global competition, or threat, but this thesis challenges those barriers to Western understanding of the Chinese public conversation of space culture. In this study, critical theory and an underlying epistemology wi...