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February 2021

ACC-2021 brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working on various aspects of Catalysis. The partic...

Bangkok, Thailand,

FEB 22
United Scientific Group (A nonprofit organization) like to extend our heart full thanks to the scientific committee, our...

San Francisco, California,
United States

May 2021

MAY 17
Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum is organized by Continuum Forums and will be held from May 17-19, 2021 in...

London, Uk,
United Kingdom

MAY 17
Magnus Group is proud to announce that 7th Edition of International Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering and Te...


September 2021

SEP 27
Scientia Meetings cordially invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “Chemical Engineering and C...

Washington DC,
United States


by Harshad Joshi


Processive enzymes are a special class of enzymes which presumably remain attached to their polymeric substrates between multiple rounds of catalysis. Due to this property, the substrate slides along the enzyme and reduces the time for the random diffusional enzyme-substrate encounters thereby increasing the efficiency of these enzymes manifold. Although structural information from many processive enzymes is available, the atomistic details of particularly the substrate sliding process, which is an inherently dynamic process, remain largely unknown. We take first steps to understand the sliding process by investigating a prototypic processive enzyme: Streptococcus Pneumoniae Hyaluronate lyase, a bacterial enzyme that degrades the polysaccharide substrate hyaluronan. Here we have investiga...