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June 2019

OVERVIEW From robotic planting and harvesting systems through self-driving trucks, inspection systems, traceability, ro...

United States

August 2019

Call for paper 2019 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Technologies (AIAAT 2019)...


October 2019

OCT 17
Welcome to the official website of the International Conference on Robotics and automation. The conference will be held ...

singapore city,

November 2019

NOV 25
“Annual Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning” to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 25-...


December 2019

DEC 12
The ever-evolving digital age is becoming more intelligent and the future internet is shaping up. Technologies supportin...


February 2020

FEB 19
Conference official website: Meeting time:February 19-21, 2020. Meeting place:Hong Kong, Chin...

Hong Kong,

FEB 20
OVERVIEW From driverless cars, trucks, and delivery drones, from kiosks to chatbots, the impact of AI continues to grow...

United States

March 2020

3rd Annual Pharma AI, IoT & Blockchain 2020 “Competences to Combat Counterfeits & Impact of AI, IoT, Blockchain & Big...

 London ,
United Kingdom

April 2020

International Conference on Sentimental Analysis and Deep Learning (ICSADL 2020) is a prominent event organized with the...

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,

June 2020

JUN 18
The Robot Intelligence Technology & Applications Webinar (iRobot-2020) is the only 100% inclusive, 100% virtual event de...

JUN 20
6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ARIN 2020) June 20 ~ 21, 2020, Dubai, UAE https://csita20...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

October 2020

This conference unveils the latest trends of architectural technologies and computational thinking as a way of improving...

United Kingdom

OCT 14
ICARA 2020 brings together scientists, practitioners, researchers, and scholars to submit their research papers on all a...


OCT 23
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(ICAICE 2020)will be held on October 23-...


OCT 24
International Conference on Machine Learning Techniques and NLP (MLNLP 2020) October 24-25, 2020, Sydney, Australia...


November 2020

4th International Conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology [ICECA 2020] organized on 5-7, Novem...


NOV 19
Scientificmeeticon international Pvt Ltd is delighted to invite you to attend the "International Conference on Robotics ...


NOV 30
The A2IC conference aims to establish an international forum of reference for the latest advances in the field of Artifi...


December 2020

Our events bring together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to apply AI to solve challeng...

In today's world, Sustainable development is becoming a crucial part to meet the increasing demand of future generations...


DEC 11
Publication: All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings by IEEE, and sent to be reviewed by th...


DEC 21
2nd International Virtual Conference On Innovation in Engineering Sciences, Management and Technology - (ICIESMT 2020). ...


January 2021

JAN 24
Advanced Computational Intelligence: An International Journal (ACII) ISSN: 2454- 3934


JAN 26
This 4th International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems [ICISS 2021] organized on 26-27 February, 2021 by S...


JAN 28
5 in 1 Virtual Conference Experience 28 - 29 January 2021 - 8AM PST | 11AM EST | 4PM GMT The 5 tracks & stages inc...

February 2021

FEB 24
Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings, which is indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus, etc.


March 2021

MAR 11
4th Annual Pharma AI, IoT & Blockchain 2021 Integrating AI, IoT, Blockchain & Big Data in Pharma & Healthcare 11th Mar...

MAR 19
Publication: Accepted papers will be included into ICMAI 2021 Conference Proceedings, which will be published in the ...


MAR 25
Recent years have witnessed the evolution of Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques like deep learning, machine learnin...


MAR 27
8th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIAPP 2021)


April 2021

Accepted papers will be published in Conference Proceedings, which will be indexed by EI Compendex, Scopus, Thomson Reut...


APR 21
Publication: Accepted papers will be published into RAAI 2021 Conference Proceedings, which will be submitted to Ei C...

Hong Kong,

APR 23
Publication: 1. Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-8950-1): archived in ACM Digital Library, indexed by Ei Compen...


APR 24
Publication: Submitted paper will be peer reviewed by conference committees, and accepted papers will be included in ...


May 2021

MAY 22
7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ARIN 2021) May 22 ~ 23, 2021, Zurich, Switzerland https:/...


MAY 31
International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT) ISSN: 0975-3826(online); 0975-4660 (Prin...


June 2021

JUN 15
Conference Series LLC Ltd organizes conferences around the world on all computer science subjects including Artificial i...

United Kingdom

JUN 24
3rd World Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Robotics-2021) will be held at Saint Petersburg, Russia du...

Saint Petersburg,
Russian Federation

July 2021

Publication: All peer-reviewed papers accepted by AIET 2021 will be published in Advances in Intelligent Systems and ...


Conference Proceedings: All submissions will be peer reviewed, and the accepted papers will be published in the BDAI2...


JUL 12
Publication: Honorable authors are cordially invited to contribute their research papers. All papers submitted to the c...

United Kingdom

JUL 23
The 4th International Conference on Innovation in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence on 23-25 July 2021 in Sto...


JUL 23
Publication: All accepted papers after proper registration and presentation will be published in International Confer...


August 2021

AUG 20
Publication: Accepted papers will be published in PRAI 2021 Conference Proceedings, which will be archived in the Onlin...


September 2021

SEP 24
Publication: All accepted papers after proper registration and presentation will be published in International Confer...


October 2021

OCT 15
Publication: Paper accepted by ICOAI 2021 will be published in the following Journal after review process. Interna...


November 2021

NOV 19
Publication: Accepted and selected papers will be recommended to be published in the WAIE Conference Proceedings Series...



by Praneel Chand


This thesis focuses on the development of an artificial intelligence system for a heterogeneous ensemble of mobile robots. Many robots in the ensemble may have limited processing, communication, sensing, and/or actuation capabilities. This means that each robot may not be able to execute all tasks that are input to the system. A hierarchical system is proposed to permit robots with superior processing and communication abilities to assign tasks and coordinate the less computationally able robots. The limited processing robots may also utilise the resources of superior robots during task execution. Effective task allocation and coordination should result in efficient execution of a global task. Many existing approaches to robot task allocation assume expert knowledge for task specification....

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

A Critique of the Mechanistic Theory of Mind

by Rajakishore Nath


This book deals with the major philosophical issues in the theoretical framework of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular and cognitive science in general. The researchers in AI are concerned with the issues of consciousness, human subjectivity, creativity, etc. Cognitive Science and AI argue that consciousness can be artificially created and comprehended in the function of robots. The robotic activities explain the mechanism involved in computation, language processing, sensing the information, etc. Contrary to this thesis, the philosophical study tries to show that human consciousness, thinking, imagination, etc. are much larger concepts and need to be delved into in the broad theoretical framework. This book is a critique of the mechanistic theory of mind. It shows the basic founda...

The Hidden Pattern

A Patternist Philosophy of Mind

by Ben Goertzel


The Hidden Pattern presents a novel philosophy of mind, intended to form a coherent conceptual framework within which it is possible to understand the diverse aspects of mind and intelligence in a unified way. The central concept of the philosophy presented is the concept of “pattern”: minds and the world they live in and co-create are viewed as patterned systems of patterns, evolving over time, and various aspects of subjective experience and individual and social intelligence are analyzed in detail in this light. Many of the ideas presented are motivated by recent research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and the author’s own AI research is discussed in moderate detail in one chapter. However, the scope of the book is broader than this, incorporating insight...

Vision-based Robot Navigation

Quest for Intelligent Approaches Using a Sparse Distributed Memory

by Mateus Mendes, A. Paulo Coimbra, & Manuel M. Crisostomo


Starting with a summary of the history of Artificial Intelligence, this book makes the bridge to the modern debate on the definition of Intelligence and the path to building Intelligent Machines. Since the definition of Intelligence is itself subject to open debate, the quest for Intelligent machines is pursuing a moving target. Apparently, intelligent behaviour is, to a great extent, the result of using a sophisticated associative memory, more than the result of heavy processing. The book describes theories on how the brain works, associative memory models and how a particular model - the Sparse Distributed Memory (SDM) - can be used to navigate a robot based on visual memories. Other robot navigation methods are also comprehensively revised and compared to the method proposed. The per...

Decision Making in Uncertain Situations

An Extension to the Mathematical Theory of Evidence

by Fabio Campos


The main problem addressed by this work is how to model and combine bodies of knowledge (or evidence) while maintaining the representation of the unkowledge and of the conflict among the bodies. This is a problem with far-reaching applications in many knowledge segments, in particular for the fields of artificial intelligence, product design, decision making, knowledge engineering and uncertain probability. It must be kept in mind that knowledge based systems depend on algorithms able to relate the inputs of a system to a correct answer coming out of the knowledge-base, and both the inputs and the knowledge-base are subject to information imperfections caused by the unknowledge and the conflict. There are several formalism to deal with knowledge representation and combination, among them...

Double Helix of Phyllotaxis

Analysis of the Geometric Model of Plant Morphogenesis

by Boris Rozin


This book is devoted to anyone who is in search of beauty in mathematics, and mathematics in the beauty around us. Attempting to combine mathematical rigor and magnificence of the visual perception, the author is presenting the mathematical study of phyllotaxis, the most beautiful phenomenon of the living nature. The distinctive feature of this book is an animation feature that explains the work of mathematical models and the transformation of 3D space.The analysis of the phyllotactic pattern as a system of discrete objects together with the mathematical tools of generalized sequences made it possible to find a universal algorithm for calculating the divergence angle. In addition, it is serving as a new proof of the fundamental theorem of phyllotaxis and analytically confirming well-known ...

Software-Agents and Liberal Order

An Inquiry along the Borderline between Economics and Computer Science

by Dirk N Wagner


"Liberal order and software-agents" - long-established ideas and modern technology are bridged. The impulse for undertaking this effort comes from the observation that it becomes difficult for computer science alone to create order for and within machines. The growing complexity of computer systems, open networks like the Internet, and the increasingly social role of software entities push the traditional quest for total global control out of reach. Economic theory of social order offers extensive experience with such conditions, so that it can complement and guide research in computer science. It is shown that a common understanding between economics and computer science's sub-field of distributed artificial intelligence is possible on the level of software-agents. On this basis, four fun...

On Perl

Perl for Students and Professionals

by Jugal K. Kalita


The book has an introductory chapter that gets the reader started quickly with programming in Perl. The initial part of the book discusses Perl expressions, statements, control flow, built-in data types such as arrays and hashes, and complex data structures built using references. The chapter on regular expressions is exemplary with about fifty well-motivated example programs that make this useful topic particularly accessible. The book has an excellent chapter on modules and object-oriented programming. On Perl has several chapters covering specialized topics. The chapter on socket-based network programming deals with forking and using fork to write complex interactive client-server programs. There is a chapter with in-depth discussion of CGI programming including error-ha...