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Online course on 'Taming Technology - Tips for Thriving in the Seemingly Etiquette - Free Zone'


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  06 Sep 2016 through 06 Sep 2016

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  06 Sep 2016


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  NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR


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Overview: At the height of his career in the early 1940's Albert Einstein said, "It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity." If he thought things were bad back then, just imagine what he'd say about the vast incivilities we encounter almost daily in the seemingly "etiquette-free" world of technology! Why should you attend: In a work-word almost entirely reliant on gadgets, your high-tech habits can help you or hurt you. Because "high-tech" often translates to "low touch", how you communicate can impact first impressions, relationships, and customer service. Your professionalism, whether you get promoted, and sometimes even profitability are impacted by how you manage your electronic communications and online reputation. Areas Covered in the Session: Avoid ineffective, and inappropriate, use of their gadgets can cost their reputation Recognize common technology timewasters Update their habits by applying current e-etiquette guidelines Incorporate 5 best practices for maintaining civility while benefiting from the conveniences of technology Who Will Benefit: Anyone who uses Electronic Communication in his/her daily work HR Professionals CEO Senior Vice President Vice President Executive Director Managing Director Regional Vice President Area Supervisor Manager Instructor: Lew Bayer A commitment to choosing civility and striving daily to practice what she preaches has made Lew Bayer an internationally recognized leader in her industry. For the past 14 years, Lew has lead the team at Civility Experts Worldwide- now 33 affiliates strong with representation in 12 countries- and earned the title of Canada’s leading expert on civility in the workplace. Lew is a recipient of the Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for International Business. She was also nominated for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In May 2010, Lew was the first Canadian to be awarded the prestigious AICI International Civility Star Award. Release of The Power of Civility in May 2011 makes Lew an 8-time published author. She is a national columnist who is frequently called upon for expert advice and she has worked with organizations large and small in a range of sectors all over the world. Lew takes the view that "civility is its own reward" and so encourages her team and clients to focus on the social capital outputs and less tangible benefits building social intelligence and culturally-competent communication consistently deliver. Lew is a graduate of McGill University, a member of the training team at Manitoba Tourism Education Council, Faculty at Georgetown University, Train Canada Corporation, and for the Canadian Management Center in Toronto. Additional credentials included Certified Culture Coach®, Master Certified Civility Trainer, and Project Manager/Essential Skills Practitioner with Workplace Education Manitoba. Lew is also founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Center for Cultural Competence, Chair of the Every Girl Can Canada® Initiative, Publisher of Civility at Work™ Magazine, Founder of the Macaroni and Please™ Manners at School program, proud mentor for The Etiquette House, and President of the International Civility Trainers Consortium. What's next? To meet growing demand for civility training, Civility Experts Worldwide launched the Civility Speakers Bureau 2011 and the flagship location of In Good Company Etiquette Academy and Finishing School is scheduled to open February 2013. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:

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19 July 2016
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