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Annual Vietnam Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences


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  07 Aug 2016 through 09 Aug 2016

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  20 Jul 2016


  Hanoi City, Vietnam

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  JA Alpha business Research & Publishers Pvt Ltd


  Business > Finance

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Conference Objectives! Changing Global Economic Landscape! The global economic landscape has been undergoing greater transformations during past ten to fifteen years. This transformation is led by a group of fast developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, aptly described as ‘Emerging Economies’ or ‘Growth Markets’ by the economists. These economies, by and large, display promising growth prospects and are predicted to be greater wealth generators in the ensuing decades by offering greater investment, employment and profit-making opportunities for those who are interested to invest. Apart from these economies, yet another set of highly promising economies, which includes countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, among others has been identified by the researchers that would make rapid progress in the next two to three decades. Economic Progress Alleviates Poverty! Emerging economies, over the years, have narrowed the gap between themselves and advanced economies as far as gap in the per capita income is concerned. These economies have lifted considerable amount of their population out of poverty and sown seeds for greater investments with promising returns for investors. Liberalization and globalization measures introduced by these economies have started yielding greater dividends over the years. The strong institutional, infrastructural and other pragmatic changes have made rapid progress, possible. The clear lesson one can learn from these economies is that economic progress and growth are the only way by which the standard of living of the masses could be improved, in the long run. Tangible investments coupled with a visionary leadership would ensure greater progress for any economy. Undoubtedly, the economic progress should include every segment of the population to make it inclusive and sustainable. In a nutshell, ‘inclusive and sustainable economic growth’ is the only way to rapid economic progress. Against this backdrop, the upcoming conference in the beautiful country of Vietnam makes an attempt to achieve the following objectives; Conference Objectives: a) Identify and analyze the major drivers of economic progress for the developing and emerging economies; b) Systematically ascertain the most important contributory factors that would assure sustainable and inclusive economic growth; c) Provide an ideal platform for researchers, economists, bankers and practitioners to share their research and practical experiences in all the major issues highlighted, as above; and d) Offer suitable solutions to ensure an orderly growth of the global economy and bring prosperity and sustainable economic development to the World, in the long-run.

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04 September 2015
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