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Membrane Separation Technology


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  15 Feb 2016 through 16 Feb 2016


  Ottawa, Canada

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  International ASET Inc


  Engineering & Technology > Mechanical/Industrial

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Membrane separation is a very diverse and rapidly growing field of technology. Membranes have gained an important place in chemical technology and are used in a broad range of applications. They offer energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in as diverse applications as water desalination, purification of natural gas, ultrafiltration of dairy products, artificial kidneys, and controlled release pharmaceuticals. This course provides a compact, intensive, hands-on introduction with engaging assignments and activities to membrane science and technology. Participants will get familiar with principles of membrane technology and engineering aspects of membrane separation processes, including gas permeation, pervaporation, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and dialysis. Special emphases will be given to mechanisms of transport in membranes, and design and modeling of membrane processes. Current trends and future directions of membrane technology will be presented. We will also provide a certificate to verify that you have completed the short course.

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14 August 2015
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