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OPTIM 2014 : 14th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment


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  22 May 2014 through 24 May 2014

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  03 Mar 2014


  Transilvania University Brasov, Romania

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  Engineering & Technology > Electrical/ Electronic

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OPTIM 2014 is an IEEExplore and ISI biannual International Conference that is organized and sponsored by Transilvania University of Brasov and co-organized by University Politehnica of Timisoara and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. OPTIM 2014 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE-IES, -IAS, -PELS & IEEE Romania Section, IET & IET Romania Section, Romanian Academy, Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences.


TT01: Power Systems and Electromagnetics.
Electric Circuits and Networks, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Materials, Components and Applications, EMC/EMI, Power Systems, Transmission, High Voltage, Electrical Apparatus, Electric Arc, Plasma, Power Quality, Utility Applications, Safety and Reliability in Power Engineering.

TT02: Electrical Machines, Industrial Drives and Control.
AC/DC Motor Drives, Motion and Drive Control, Sensorless Control, Electric Propulsion, Automotive Applications, Electrical Machines Design and Modelling, Thermal, Noise and Vibrations Issues, Electric Generators and their Control, Testing and Diagnostics.

TT03: Power Electronics and Power Conversion.
Power Electronics Modelling, Simulation, Design, Control, DC/DC Conversion, AC/AC Converters, Rectifiers, Inverters, PWM Systems, Converters for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Power Electronic Devices and Systems, Semiconductors, UPS, Active and Hybrid Filtering, Power Line Conditioning, DSP and Microcontrollers for Power Electronics and Control.

TT04: Renewable Electric Energy Conversion, Processing and Storage.
Wind Energy, Photovoltaics, Hydro and Micro-hydro Power, Battery Technologies, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Storage, other Energy Storage Technologies, Distributed Generation Systems. SmartGrids, Intelligent Environment, Building Management Systems.

TT05: Mechatronics, Industrial Automation and Control.
Mechatronics, Robotics, Human-Machine Interface Technology, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Process Automation, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Agents, Factory Automation, Safety and Reliability, Signal Processing, Modelling, Simulation, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Control of Linear and Non-linear Systems, Adaptive, Robust and Variable Structure Control.

TT06: Applied Electronics and System Integration.
Image Processing, Audio and Video Signal Processing, Multimedia Applications, Networking Applications, Communication Systems, Measurements and Data Acquisition, Metrology, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, HDL or High Level Language Hardware Design, System-on-chip Design, FPGAs, Embedded Systems.

TT07:Electrical Engineering Education and Emerging Technologies.
New Educational Tools, Continuous Learning, New Educational Materials and Methods, Distance Learning, Information and Communication Technologies in Laboratories, University-Industry Collaboration, Symbolic Approaches in Electronics, Novel Holistic Systems Modelling (Modelica, System-C, etc.), other Technologies.

OPTIM 2014 has 9 invited speakers:
Professor Johann Kolar (Switzerland) - power converters
Professor John Hung (USA) - optimal solutions for mobile robots control
Professor Leopoldo Franquelo (Spain) - renewable energy systems
Professor Kamal Al-Haddad (Canada) - electrical machines control
Professor Babak Fahimi (USA) - electric motors / generators
Professor Shankar Madathil (UK) - new semiconductor device topologies+industry
Dr. Vladimir Blasko (USA) - electrical drives (closing session)
Professor Marco Liserre (Germany) - reliability (closing session)
Dr. Pedro Rodriguez (Spain) - distributed power plants control (closing session)

Instructions for submission and templates can be found at the conference website:

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24 October 2014
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