OCT 04

Green Energy Doors Open: Innovation at its Finest

GEDO 2014   


Seminar/trade show (noCPF)




  04 Oct 2014 through 04 Oct 2014


  Toronto, Canada

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  The Conservation Council of Ontario


  Business > Industry-Specific, Life Sciences > Plant-Biology

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The Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) is honoured to be a part of the historic, unique and innovative space that is the Robertson Building. Currently, the Robertson Building is the home to a bio-filter green wall, a rooftop wildflower garden and numerous solar panels that help create a cleaner, more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing green space for its tenants and visitors alike. The CCO will be hosting a highly informative guided tour of this distinct building and its green additions on Saturday October 4th 2014 from 1:00pm-3:00pm at 215 Spadina Ave, Toronto, beginning in Suite 120. If you are interested in this event, register early as there are a limited number of spots available. In order to reserve your spot, please contact The Conservation Council by phone/email at 416-533-1635 or info@weconserve.ca. For more information about this and upcoming events you can visit our website at www.weconserve.ca or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at The Conservation Council of Ontario and @ccoweconserve respectively. We hope to hear from you soon! About The Conservation Council of Ontario The Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) is a provincial organization, founded in 1952, whose main goal is to promote voluntary conservation initiatives among individuals and corporate businesses alike. The council is comprised of individuals, municipalities and businesses that both acknowledge and value conservation practices and also actively encourage society to become more environmentally conscious. The CCO strives to develop projects aimed towards current conservation endeavors throughout Toronto and its neighbouring municipalities. Recent efforts in creating fun and informative programs have also provided an effective networking platform for environmental stakeholders while simultaneously educating the general public of innovative and affordable ways to conserve in their everyday lives.

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17 September 2014
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