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Getting The Most From Agile-Scrum: Building a Great Product, Increasing Efficiency And Quality, Reducing Risk and Rework



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  21 Aug 2014 through 21 Aug 2014


  ONLINE, United States

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Overview: Agile methodologies promote a project-management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, and a leadership philosophy using teamwork, self- organization and accountability. Implementation of Scrum across industry runs the gamut from organizations that use all of the practices to organizations that only use a few of them. This means that just declaring, "We use Scrum," or "We are Agile," does not guarantee any specific level of Agile usage or quality. This is a significant concern in a critical system environment (IT and safety-critical applications). However, Scrum can be used to develop critical software systems, but additional engineering and management practices need to be considered to ensure that robust products are developed and risk and inefficiencies are minimized. In this presentation we will explain how Scrum can be used in any organization and additions that can clarify customer needs, manage project risks and reduce inefficiencies while maintaining the benefits of Scrum. Areas Covered in the Session: Over-zealous use of the agile manifesto Having a good enough backlog - quality and review Do you have end-user involvement? No release plan, only scoping for one iteration at a time Embracing change - when is too much? Ensuring that everything that needs to be done (e.g., design and test) can be done in an iteration Managing Dependencies Managing surprises, managing risk Refactoring and code ownership isn't free Self-organizing teams - can they self-organize? Scrum masters don't like the things they have to do Be careful with the "Pigs and Chickens" terms What is design and where does it fit? Who Will Benefit: Senior Managers wanting to use Scrum and manage quality and risk Project or program managers leading teams using Scrum Scrum Masters / Coaches Internal company Project Management Office (PMO) leaders and members Internal process improvement coaches tasked with improving the organization's cost, schedule, quality performance and want to implement Scrum. Speaker Profile: Neil Potter is co-founder of The Process Group, a company formed in 1990 that consults on process improvement, CMMI, Scrum, software engineering and project management. He has 28 years of experience in software and process engineering. Neil is a CMMI-Institute certified lead appraiser for SCAMPI appraisals, Intro to CMMI instructor (development and services), Six Sigma Greenbelt and Certified Scrum Master. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Essex (UK) and is the co-author of Making Process Improvement Work - A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners, Addison-Wesley (2002), and Making Process Improvement Work for Service Organizations, Addison-Wesley (2012). The Process Group consults to software, IT, systems and hardware organizations.

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06 August 2014
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