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Agile Architecture Challenges & Best Practices


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  19 Aug 2014 through 19 Aug 2014


  ONLINE, United States

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  EITAGlobal an IT company


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Overview: For simple projects, developers can often work together to hammer out the design of their application as part of the routine within every sprint. When applications are more complicated, typically because they involve multiple distributed components, integration with legacy assets, or must run in a Cloud environment, then architecture becomes essential. The challenge, then, is to take an Agile approach - lightweight, team-driven, and focused only on the task at hand. It's important to allow the team to drive architecture, but still have architecture specialists who bring a higher level of design expertise to the project. The challenges then become avoiding "ivory tower" architecture, creating the minimum viable architecture, architecting for scalability, and soliciting stakeholder participation in the architecture. However, to build inherently flexible software, it's important to architect for future, as yet unknown requirements via change cases that describe the flexibility required. The secret to architecting for future requirements without overdesigning the software is to build the appropriate declarative abstract models into the software. Why should you attend: Many fans of Agile development see architecture as contrary to the principles of Agile. In reality, most Agile projects need architecture, especially in the enterprise. And yet, adding architecture to an Agile project doesn't make the organization any more agile. This Webinar unravels the challenge of Agile Architecture and lays out an approach for achieving technology-enabled business agility in the enterprise. Areas Covered in the Session: Incorporating architecture into an Agile project (Scrum, for example) Building inherently flexible software Team responsibility for architecture Deferring commitment on design decisions Resolving the overbuilding paradox Scaling Agile for the enterprise Coding for a declarative model Supporting abstract models in software Services and application assembly Who Will Benefit: Software architects Software developers Scrum Masters Project managers System Architects Solution Architects IT managers CIOs QA personnel DevOps personnel Speaker Profile: Jason Bloomberg is the leading expert on Digital Transformation through architecting agility for the enterprise. As president of Intellyx, Mr. Bloomberg brings his years of thought leadership in the areas of Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, and Service-Oriented Architecture to a global clientele of business executives, architects, software vendors, and Cloud service providers looking to achieve technology-enabled business agility across their organizations and for their customers. His latest book, The Agile Architecture Revolution (John Wiley & Sons, 2013), sets the stage for Mr. Bloomberg?s groundbreaking Agile Architecture vision.

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06 August 2014
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