MAR 11

6th International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications

IVAPP 2015   

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  11 Mar 2015 through 14 Mar 2015

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  07 Oct 2014


  Berlin, Germany

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  INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication


  Engineering & Technology > Computer/Informatics

Event description:

Scope: The International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Information Visualization. The conference will be structured along several topics related to Information Visualization. Conference Areas: 1 . Abstract Data Visualization 2 . General Data Visualization 3 . Spatial Data Visualization AREA 1: ABSTRACT DATA VISUALIZATION • Visual Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery • Visual Representation and Interaction • Data Management and Knowledge Representation • Mathematical Foundations of Interactive Visual Analysis • Display and Interaction Technology • Databases and visualization, Visual Data Mining • Graph Visualization • Interface and Interaction Techniques for Visualization • Internet, Web and Security Visualization • Software Visualization • Information Visualization • Visual Analytical Reasoning • Hardware-Assisted Visualization • High-dimensional Data and Dimensionality Reduction • Text and Document Visualization AREA 2: GENERAL DATA VISUALIZATION • Interactive Visual Interfaces for Visualization • Interpretation and Evaluation Methods • Knowledge-assisted Visualization • Large Data Visualization • Perception and Cognition in Visualization • Visualization Applications • Visualization Taxonomies and Models • Visualization Algorithms and Technologies • Visualization Tools and Systems for Simulation and Modeling • Time-dependent Visualization • Usability Studies and Visualization • Glyph-based Visualization • Collaborative Visualization • Coordinated and Multiple Views AREA 3: SPATIAL DATA VISUALIZATION • Biomedical Visualization and Applications • Flow Visualization • GPU-based Visualization • Image/Video Summarization and Visualization • Multi-field Visualization • Parallel Visualization • Uncertainty Visualization • Vector/Tensor Field Visualization • Virtual Environments and Data Visualization • Volume Visualization • Scientific Visualization

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25 June 2014
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