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10th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

GRAPP 2015   

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  11 Mar 2015 through 14 Mar 2015

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  07 Oct 2014


  Berlin, Germany

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  INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication


  Engineering & Technology > Computer/Informatics

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Scope: The International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Computer Graphics. The conference will be structured along five main tracks, covering different aspects related to Computer Graphics, from Modelling to Rendering, including Animation, Interactive Environments and Social Agents In Computer Graphics. Conference Areas: 1 . Image Formation and Preprocessing 2 . Image and Video Analysis 3 . Image and Video Understanding 4 . Applications and Services 5 . Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision AREA 1: IMAGE FORMATION AND PREPROCESSING • Image Formation, Acquisition Devices and Sensors • Device Calibration, Characterization and Modeling • Image Enhancement and Restoration • Image and Video Coding and Compression • Multimodal and Multi-sensor Models of Image Formation • Image Generation Pipeline: Algorithms and Techniques AREA 2: IMAGE AND VIDEO ANALYSIS • Image Registration • Segmentation and Grouping • Early and Biologically-inspired Vision • Color and Texture Analyses • Shape Representation and Matching • Features Extraction • Visual Attention and Image Saliency AREA 3: IMAGE AND VIDEO UNDERSTANDING • Cognitive Models for Interpretation, Integration and Control • Machine Learning Technologies for Vision • Face and Expression Recognition • Content-based Indexing, Search, and Retrieval • Object and Face Recognition • Object detection and Localization • Categorization and Scene Understanding • Event and Human Activity Recognition • Computational Photography • Near Duplicate Image Retrieval AREA 4: APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES • Entertainment Imaging Applications • Camera Networks and Vision • Document Imaging in Business • Medical Image Applications • Pervasive Smart Cameras • Human and Computer Interaction • Digital Photography • Media Watermarking and Security • Multimedia Forensics • Mobile Imaging • Imaging for Cultural Heritage (Modeling/Simulation, Virtual Restoration) AREA 5: MOTION, TRACKING AND STEREO VISION • Image-based Modeling and 3D Reconstruction • Stereo Vision and Structure from Motion • Active and Robot Vision • Optical Flow and Motion Analyses • Tracking and Visual Navigation • Video Surveillance and Event Detection • Vision for Robotics • Video Stabilization

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25 June 2014
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