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International Conference of Advanced Computational Applications of Geometric Algebra


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  02 Oct 2022 through 05 Oct 2022

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  15 May 2022


  Denver, Colorado, United States

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  Physical Science & Math > Mathematics

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ICACGA is an international conference focused on advanced computational applications of Geometric Algebra (GA) and related hypercomplex algebras. In recent years, it has been demonstrated that GA can serve as a natural tool for constructing solutions for pattern recognition, machine learning, data compression, games, robotics, quantum computing, and data encoding, to cite a few. GA is an efficient and complete solution for multiplying vectors in arbitrary dimensions. It can carry operations with multivectors as well as in any of its subspaces (scalars, vectors, bivectors, pseudoscalars, etc.), which allows one to efficiently represent and solve problems that involve complex numbers, vectors, matrices, lattices, and other algebraic structures, all in one compact mathematical framework. ICACGA is working with key industry players in the fields of design graphics, chip design, semiconductors, parallel and quantum computing to create a bridge between industry and academia as a strong partnership with the goal of channeling forefront academic results into real-world stages.

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03 December 2021
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