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Professional Presence: The Key to Boosting Confidence, Credibility and Composure


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  10 Dec 2019 through 10 Dec 2019


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OVERVIEW Presence is personality projected. A presence that speaks well of an individual is one that projects credibility, composure, and confidence. These behaviors are not spoken but rather are displayed through the sum total of the individual. This persona is built on a healthy foundation of positive self-esteem and rational thinking. Attending meetings, delivering presentations, conversing with colleagues: all these work events provide an opportunity to promote presence. Our appearance, non-verbal communication, voice and words all combine to demonstrate our persona and as such much be constructed in a way that consistently sends the right message. Learn to achieve your conversational goals with others by asking the right questions and actively listening to the answers. Instead of directing your way through interactions that may, “win the battle, but lose to war”, learn to maintain an open and positive climate of supportive communication. Lead by involving people in a way that galvanizes their support in the short and long term. Learn how to prevent communication breakdown in the workplace and make assertive, clear communication the norm for you and your reports by modeling assertive behavior with professional integrity day to day. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND To be at our best when we most need to be requires having the confidence and competence at recognizing potential problems and circumventing them before they escalate. Managing your emotions at work and being assertive in clarifying expectations early in the engagement is essential. Join us for this invigorating webinar to learn the importance of emotions in workplace, empower yourself to feel and be your professional and personal best. AREAS COVERED • Explore the role of non-verbal communication in enhancing composure and confidence • Think rationally to protect your positive attitude • Confidently express your ideas and feelings • Regain composure after a stumble • Maximizing our impressions management skills • Self-concept and its influence on our work • The importance of emotions in the workplace • How to be politically savvy through assertive communication • Dealing with difficult people • How to prevent communication breakdown in the workplace • Create and maintain a communication climate of support rather than defensiveness • Assertively handle conflict and create psychological comfort and inclusion • Managing your emotions at work and maintaining control in difficult to control situations • Manage expectations throughout the process to circumvent excessive demands • Use professional integrity as a tool to disarm difficult interactions • Identify and dispute the fallacies that create debilitative emotions • Incorporate rational thinking to maintain emotional control • Create and maintain a communication climate of support rather than defensiveness LEARNING OBJECTIVES To elevate the inner strength innate in all of us and to foster the confidence that leads to enhanced performance. No matter the endeavor, our performance is improved when we feel comfortable and confident. The question is how to create comfort and confidence. This webinar explores the underpinnings of managing your emotions at work, and keeping your composure and self-confidence high in the midst of hardship. It also discusses how to identify and overcome your self-imposed barriers and limits and how to improve professional presence. WHO WILL BENEFIT Executive level, Sales, and pretty much everyone else too! SPEAKER Mr. Paul Byrne is a senior partner and trainer with Mackay Byrne Group; he is also a professor of communication skills in Ottawa, Ontario. As a professor, he’s been formally recognized for outstanding achievements in teaching and curriculum design. Corporate clients have been consistently rewarded with his ability to translate academic theory and psychological research into practical communication techniques for the workplace. His training design and delivery skills have been applauded by clients coast to coast. Use Promo Code XMSNY19 and get flat 20% discount on all purchases. To Register (or) for more details please click on this below link: Email: [email protected] Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

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19 November 2019
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