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2nd International Conference on Software Engineering for Service and Cloud Computing - SE-CLOUD 2019


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  18 Sep 2019 through 19 Sep 2019

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  12 Jul 2019


  Vienna, Austria

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  Business > Information-Technology

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Service oriented software engineering and cloud software engineering have emerged to address software as a set of services which deal with user needs. At the same time, we have seen a large number of downfalls due to software failures. This was in part due to the lack of adopting well designed software engineering practices. Now, there is a need to revise these practices given the emergence of service and cloud computing, which will revolutionize the next generation of software engineering. This conference offers a venue for presenting new approaches, processes, techniques, technologies and applications based on the paradigm of Cloud Software Engineering.
Cloud Software Engineering research is vibrant and encompasses many areas, like knowledge sharing, requirements engineering, organisational and business processes, project management, web and computational services, run-time re-configurability, integration, testing, componentisation and many others.
Conference Topics:
Area 1: Requirements Engineering for Cloud Computing
- RE Models and Visualisation Techniques
- Defining Service Abstraction and Visualisation
- Agile Requirements Engineering for Cloud Computing
- Automated Tools and Techniques
- Business Process Management: BPMN Tools and Automated Techniques to Drive Requirements and Services
- Elasticity, Multi-Tenancy, Security and Scalability Requirements
- Test-Driven Cloud Services
- Cloud Based RE as a Service (REaaS)
- Social Modelling Techniques, Visualisation, and Automation
- Cloud QoS Based Requirements Engineering
- Formal Specification Methods and Techniques for Cloud Services
- BPMN Based Simulation Techniques for Validating Cloud Services and Performances Requirements
- Reuse of Service Requirements
Area 2: Cloud Software Engineering and Project Management
- Cloudonomics: the Economics of Cloud Computing
- Estimating and Measuring Cloud Computing Projects
- Cloud Based Software Project Management and Software Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)
- Service Point Abstraction for Measuring the Complexity of Cloud Services
- Cloud Based Project Management Tools and Industrial Case Studies
- Secure Service Development Techniques
- Cloud Service Security Techniques, Methods and Tools
- Secure Development Based Tools for WSDL, BPMN, BPEL, SOAP, RESTful, Etc
- Automated Generation of BPEL, Services, RESTful APIs
- Generative Reuse of Services and Reuse by Service Composition on-the-Fly
Area 3: Cloud Design and Test Principles
- View-Driven Cloud SE and Single Underlying Model (SUM)
- Service Components: UML, SoaML and CloudML
- Service Design Paradigm for Cloud Computing
- Cloud Design as a Service (CDaaS)
- Enterprise Architecture for Large Scale Reuse: Approaches, Techniques and Tools for Integrating Enterprises with Cloud Services and Reuse of Cloud Services Approaches and Techniques
- Design for Reuse of Services
- Testing Cloud Services: Techniques and Tools
- Agile Based Test Approaches
- Testing as a Service (TaaS): Approaches, Techniques and Tools
Area 4: Software Engineering Innovative Applications
- Software Engineering for Big Data: Paradigm, Methods, Analytic Techniques and Tools
- Prediction Models Using Soft Computing Approaches
- RE and Design Techniques for IoT Based Cloud Applications
- Testing: Tools and Approaches for IoT Applications and Devices
- Cloud Based WSN for Natural Disasters Applications Such as Tsunami, Flood Alert Systems, and Earthquakes, Fire, Safety and Sustainability of Our Environment, Smart Living with ICT
- Cloud Based Services for Healthcare and Big Data Analytics

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06 June 2019
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