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Effective Mentoring – What is it?


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  06 Nov 2018 through 06 Nov 2018


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OVERVIEW This webinar explores modern or effective mentoring and the shift from the traditional style of mentoring. The traditional style of mentoring was about the senior person mentoring the junior person. The mentoring process was very much one way. Fast forward to today and we see successful mentoring programs becoming more about a two way trusted relationship where both the mentor and mentee learn and grow together on a personal and professional basis. This webinar will explore effective mentoring strategies and how to be a good mentor in the workplace. We look at some of the best practices that have evolved as a result of this change in mentoring philosophy. This webinar will explore effective communication and building effective relationships in the workplace as the foundational pieces of mentoring. We will also explore the barriers to effective communication and a trusted relationship and how we might address those barriers. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND With the growth of effective mentoring initiatives on a global basis people and organizations have raised the expectation bar on the business value of mentoring. Mentoring programs typically fail because of four reasons: • Lack of corporate support • lack of structure • lack of training • a culture that will not support mentoring. Organizations are unsure of the path that they wish to take as failure is not considered an option. In some cases there is a lack of understanding of what is effective mentoring and what the value for embarking on a journey of this sort would be. For some, mentoring is an off shoot of coaching and with that comes the confusion of whether or not a mentoring initiative would be of any value and what the ROI would be for doing so. Some of the research has shown that 79% to as high as 90% of mentoring program fail and it is this stat that causes the most concern for senior executives who must make the decision of whether to implement or not. It is not all bad however and this webinar dispels some of the myths about failed attempts at implementing mentoring. This webinar will clearly demonstrate the high return on investment that can be realized through the sharing of “The Gift of Mentoring”. In a study done in 2017 63% of participants saw an increase in productivity, 54% saw an increase in engagement with the company they were employed by, 45% of the organizations believed that their mentor program helped them retain valued employees. This is most definitely a must attend webinar – “can you afford not to?” AREAS COVERED • What is effective mentoring • What is traditional style of mentoring • Transferable skill o Family o Community o Organization • Paradigm shift in mentoring • Two Primary skills o Relationship building skills o Effective communication • Building Trust o Sharing something personal o Story telling • Communicating effectively o Active Listening o Trigger Words o Deflections o Crucial Conversations o Conversational Pauses o How messages are received • Defining issues and how to address them • Issues when unaddressed become problems • Appreciation of issues and problems • Addressing barriers in a mentoring arrangement • The value of providing some form of training for mentors and mentees LEARNING OBJECTIVES There is a major paradigm shift in effective mentoring. Mentoring has evolved to become more about a two way trusted relationship versus the old traditional style of mentoring. This webinar will speak of the paradigm shift and will address some of the effective mentoring techniques that are now being used as best practices. WHO WILL BENEFIT This webinar is of value to all levels of an organization and to all organizations and associations. This webinar is designed to provide value to all who attend. For more detail please click on this below link: Email: Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

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16 October 2018
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