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Rockin’ it in Audit: How to become sought after as an Auditor and Trusted Advisor


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  12 Jul 2018 through 12 Jul 2018


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  Training Doyens


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OVERVIEW Careers in internal or external audit are punctuated with massive efforts guided towards learning the skills required to perform the function of an auditor. Over 90 percent of this training is focused on technical skills, i.e., completing workpapers, how to derive the best samples for testing, how to write audit issues, etc. While these skills are necessary they do not help you become an individual that stands out and provides real time high level value to your audit team, your organization or your client. This webinar will provide you a detailed road map for achieving those three excellent goals. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND If you want to be the best auditor that you can be and set yourself apart from others in the profession then this is a must attend webinar for you. Learn how to set yourself apart in ways that add value and can easily be recognized as audit excellence. The webinar is based on the book, Dare to be Different: An Auditors Personal Guide to Excellence which has been very positively received throughout the audit and consultative industry. AREAS COVERED There are three key areas that we will be exploring during this webinar. • Connecting the Dots – teaches anyone how to spend an additional 30 45 minutes a day during and audit connecting disparate information points together and then structuring issues in a way that provides immense value to your client. • Sending Difficult Messages – shares a process for assuring that the hardest messages that you have to send in your audit report are received well and constructively designed to help you client without offending them • Insight vs. Foresight – provides techniques to ensure that your observations and communication with your client represent more than Insight, they actually present foresight based on experience and a thoughtful process. LEARNING OBJECTIVES • How to link issue and fact together so the message is stronger • How to ensure audit tests generate the right information • Structuring your issues in a way that does not offend • Writing with empathy and sensitivity • Learn how to gain insight or use someone else’s in developing your ability to provide foresight • Best ways to communicate your results so that your brand is recognized for excellence WHO WILL BENEFIT • General Auditor • Audit Manager • Auditors • CFO’s • Risk Managers • Boards of Directors • CEO • COO For more detail please click on this below link: https://goo.gl/C22o3B Email: support@trainingdoyens.com Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

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27 June 2018
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