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Microsoft Outlook Power Tools: Rules, Quick Steps, Macros, and Scripts


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  05 Jun 2018 through 05 Jun 2018


  Aurora, Colorado, United States

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  Training Doyens


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OVERVIEW Automated features in Outlook include built-in tools like Rules, Alerts, and Quick Steps, and the programmable features like macros and scripts. In this webinar, we’ll deal with each of these segments, illustrating how they can form a full system of automations to get you out of your Inbox, and into the more creative, valuable parts of your job. The sheer volume of messages and information we receive each day is not abating, so we’ll be going hands-on with various features to demonstrate how you can take your hands off the controls and let Outlook do the work for you. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND Unlike many webinars, Neil’s sessions are 100% hands-on real-world examples of the skills he’s presenting. After this session, you’ll have a screenshot-laden step-by-step guide to performing the techniques we cover, as well as copy-and-paste scripts you can use to automate dozens of tasks. You’ll be able to apply these skills directly to your Inbox with almost no adjustment, and with a very gentle learning curve. AREAS COVERED Create automated Rules that are triggered by incoming and outgoing emails for inbox handling and other useful tools: • Rerouting emails from specific users or regarding specific projects to the folders, categories, and users that are related to them. • Automatically handling emails with responses, printing, or triggered events. • Stealing Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ feature with one quick trick. • Add custom buttons and keyboard shortcuts with the Quick Step tool to perform multi-step processes on emails you couldn’t have predicted, all without any coding knowledge at all: • Responding to and building action items from emails that need your interaction. • Filing and organizing emails with a single click. • Building best practices into your existing habits with no pain. Find, edit, and construct code snippets that perform tasks that are unique to your situation, and not yet covered by the existing tools in the Outlook platform: • Reply with a rich library of templated emails with a single button press or keystroke. • Automatically print or save all the files connected to a given email. • Automate your contact building in the background. LEARNING OBJECTIVES A recent survey put our average number of emails per day at 121, taking one-third of our work hours. At that volume, we MUST automate our processes to reclaim our day.Building an inbound email rule is simple and painless, and creating a new Quick Step gives you a keyboard shortcut to accomplish nearly any task in an instant. These skills are too easy to master and too valuable to skip over. The return on investment is nearly infinite. WHO WILL BENEFIT • Business Owners • Managers • Administrative Professionals • and anyone with email For more detail please click on this below link: https://bit.ly/2FkEGmh Email: support@trainingdoyens.com Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

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11 May 2018
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