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Weeding Out the Bad Candidates: Best Practices for Sourcing, Resume Review and Pre-Screening


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  18 Apr 2018 through 18 Apr 2018


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  Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr,Aurora, Colorado


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OVERVIEW Save time and money with these effective prescreening tips and tricks from an active recruiter. Many human resource professionals are under intense pressure to perform their jobs without adequate training, especially in the sales arena called recruiting or talent acquisition. This topic will supply human resource professionals with the training required to create a solid foundation for their talent acquisition process. Using this process of sourcing and pre-screening, the company will be able to recruit and select top candidates. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND The selection of better and more engaged employees leads to greater profitability, fewer human resource challenges, and greater retention.This information is critical for employers and leaders who recognize the need to attract, identify and deliver better qualified candidates to grow their profitability and business. AREAS COVERED Recruiting mirrors the sales process Job description importance Candidate Sourcing Candidate Screening Hiring Manager Engagement Types of Interview Questions Prime Interviewer Behaviors Information Validation with Reference Checks LEARNING OBJECTIVES What is the most effective recruiting process to attract the best candidates? Why is a solid job description important? If the job description is so important, what element can we add that will attract the best qualified candidates? What is the best source of qualified candidates? What are some creative sources of candidates? Please define passive candidate. What is the most important action that Corporate Marketing can do to improve recruitment? I’ve read that you spend as little as 2 seconds on a resume to determine interest in a candidate. Surely that is not your only pass? Is it best to use one interview screen for all candidates, so we can be “fair”? Do you recommend other forms of interview questions in addition to the behavioral questions? What is the most important Interviewer behavior? Should every hiring manager spend their time to learn to be more effective interviewers? Really, how important are reference checks? WHO WILL BENEFIT HR: Recruiters, Generalists, Directors, HR Business Partners Executives: CEO, CFO, CHRO Business Owners: Small and Medium Sized Businesses Hiring Managers For more detail please click on this below link: http://bit.ly/2FAkGMR Email: support@trainingdoyens.com Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

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14 March 2018
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