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Webinar on Curing the Noise Epidemic


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  13 Mar 2018 through 13 Mar 2018

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  12 Mar 2018


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  Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth


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Training Options Duration: 60 Minutes Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST Overview: This webinar will provide an effective strategy to understand what "noise" means in the healthcare setting and how patients and staff are impacted. What "heals" historically was placing a the sick person in an environment conducive to comfort. Most of those who became "sick" died. However, not every one. And, comfort, physical and spiritual, was the humane response to relieve suffering. Today, our healthcare system takes place in an environment driven by function rather than comfort, purposed and designed for function rather than the relief of suffering. We know that the result point to a mortality rate reflecting inefficient infection control, medical and nursing errors, and unforeseen complications that occur when there are more patients than caregivers can tend to. Hospital noise is not merely a challenge, but is most prominently a risk factor. It is the number one cause of sleep deprivation, which leads to delirium, slower recovery, and contributes to nursing and medical errors.It is also uncontrollable. It feeds on itself. 80% of hospital noise is caused by human activity, whether talking, walking, or using technology. This webinar will provide effective and immediate tools to bring noise within the domain of each unit or office, to not only control, but to sustainably control as an investment in the well-being of your staff and patients. Yes, it is possible. In addition to the webinar, participants will receive a downloadable white paper as reference materials for action. This one hour presentation will embed the issues of noise in the foundation of patient care provide both insights and frameworks for creating a healing, restful environment. Why should you Attend: The relevance of this webinar to nurses, physicians, and all other staff that interface directly with patients and families cannot be overstated. Every person who enters the patient domain, whether in the hospital room, in pre- or post-op environments, in all treatment areas and waiting areas, impacts the auditory environment, which, in turn, informs the patient experience, perception, and outcome. Areas Covered in the Session: Assess the existing environment of care to optimize the patient experience Identify the environmental risks that impact patient outcome List three documented symptoms/risks of noise abuse Identity two immediate steps to take to improve the auditory environment when they practice or work Who Will Benefit: Healthcare Professionals Patient Experience Officers Chief Nursing Officers Nurse Managers Quality Officers Pain Management Committees Medical Staff Speaker Profile Susan E. Mazer is the President/CEO, and co-founder of Healing HealthCare Systems, Inc. She is an author, educator, and speaker on in the areas of patient privacy, hospital noise management, operationalization of the healing environment at the bedside. Price - $139 Contact Info: Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth Phone No: 1-800-385-1607 Fax: 302-288-6884 Email: Website: Webinar Sponsorship:

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24 January 2018
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