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Partners in Excellence 2018: Networking Event in Athens By Z empire


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  26 Apr 2018 through 29 Apr 2018


  Athens, Greece

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(www.zempire.solutions) Partners In Excellence 2018 will once more gather some of the world’s biggest companies of the electronics industry, with Apple distributors, Huawei Distributors, Samsung Distributors etc as well as electronic product manufacturers, electronics retailers this year’s convention will surpass the previous in both quality and quantity Previos Event Reviews Forbes KZ “The whole organization of the event is very beautiful, people are very hospitable here and they know what they are doing.” InfoQuest Technologies (400 million turnover) “The business that came here knows what it wants to buy, and knows what it wants to sell. All the meetings that took place here are very interesting, and I deduced the motto of this event for myself - this is the focus on the result.” Gersim Impex (one of the biggest Samsung Distributor) “One of the best events in my life, because of the quality of the people, I was in Cebit, Barcelona, Dubai and many other events where I had to meet a lot of people and wasted my time, this time I didn’t waste my time .. I hope Z Empire Investments organizes this event two times a year” Exertis UK ( one of the biggest distributor in UK) “As Exertis we saw an excellent benefit from attending, solidarity of existing relationships and the opening of new ones is greatly underestimated in the professional world and your forum allowed us to do this in abundance. To be honest I have not attended such a well-constructed and well put together event in my professional life. For your next event I would recommend this to any business’ or partner of ours and would put it down as a MUST NOT MISS forum. I personally will be representing Exertis again next year and hopefully we can contribute in a greater capacity.” TIS MONTARA As Irelands leading distributor of IT, AV, Camera , SDA, Display & security products, we are invited to all the major (and minor) trade shows & events in Europe and throughout the world.Having been to most of them over the past 20 years, I personally now only visit a select few every year.I have only recently begun attending, but one convention that is firmly marked in my calendar & I would definitely not miss is the Partners in Excellence Convention.This is without doubt one of the best organised and thought out conventions & networking events that I have attended and one which I would highly recommend to senior executives in the electronics industry.TIS MONTARA is Already a sponsor of our next event Check out videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQbrsJsxx3tUCMPJoG7IbA companies Attended : https://www.zempire.solutions/companies Media Aticles: https://www.zempire.solutions/media

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21 January 2018
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