NOV 25

International Conference on London Studies


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  25 Nov 2017 through 25 Nov 2017

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  05 Oct 2017


  London, United Kingdom

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  http://London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research

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  London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research


  Arts & Humanities > History

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London exerts the charm of the vast setting that concentrates most, if not all, human experiences and nurtures a multitude of self-images, as a site of permanent metamorphosis and progress where individual histories melt into a collective syntagmatic narrative of autonomy, regeneration and assimilation. From ancient Londinium to the 21st-century metropolis, the exceptional metropolis has forged a particular code of conduct governed by imagination, originality and vision that generate almost endless significations of the self. The conference will explore the particular spirit of the English capital, one of the most influential cities in the world, aiming to identify some of the features that make up its inimitable personality. It will promote an interdisciplinary perspective on the various issues related to the process of making London into a powerful centre of economic and cultural authority. The conference will also focus on the distinctive symbolism of the city and the particular states of mind generated by the interaction with the global hub, and the way in which people - Londoners either by birth or adoption, as well as temporary residents and transient visitors - translate geographically recognisable sites into culturally constructed places. The main objective of the event is to bring together all those interested in examining the intersections between their professions and/or interests and some distinct aspects of metropolitan life, providing an integrated approach for the understanding of London’s complex nature. Topics include but are not limited to several core issues: London times: from prehistory to the 21st century melting pot or salad bowl? iconic symbols of London what is a Londoner? walking in London the Thames and the lost rivers representations of London in the arts the green capital the senses of London funny London death in London secret London and its tales

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28 August 2017
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