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ISRConference On Mathematical Sciences, Friday 19 May And Saturday 20 May, 2017, Amman, Jordan, “Recent Trends And Future Directions In Mathematical Sciences Research”


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  19 May 2017 through 20 May 2017

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  20 Mar 2017


  AMMAN , Jordan

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  Physical Science & Math > Mathematics

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Welcome to ISRConference on Mathematical Sciences 2017, Amman, Jordan. We are pleased to invite you to attend and participate in ISRConference. ISRConference aims to bring academics, professionals and scientists to share and present the latest developments in the field of Mathematics. ISRConference is a peer reviewed conference and it covers all areas of Mathematics. ISRConference on Mathematical Sciences 2017, will be held during May 19-20, 2017, in Amman, Jordan. ISRConference organized by Rafale International for Education, Training and Scientific Conferences. At ISRConference you will be able to present your research findings and share your experiences in the fields of Mathematical Sciences. ISRConference will provide an outstanding opportunity to experience the latest development in the fields of Mathematics. Join scientists, academics, professionals, practitioners and researchers and experience one of the leading international conferences attended by participants from all over the world. Deadlines Abstracts submission deadline: 20 March, 2017. Abstract reviews results: within five days of submission Full paper submission: 15 April, 2017. Full conference registration payment for all presenters: 25 March, 2017. ISRConference dates: Thursday 19 May and Friday 20 May, 2017. Registration Fees Oral Presentation (single author) $300.00 Oral Presentation (two-authors) $500.00 Oral Presentation (more than two authors) $600.00 Online Oral Presentation $250.00 Poster Presentation $250.00 Audience (without oral or poster presentation) $200.00 How to Submit You need to register with the ISRConference online submission system. Create your account. Use your email address as your user name. You will then need to create a password. After creating your account, log in and submit your abstract of no more than 250 words. Submit well before the submission deadline to receive the review process results early. Your abstract will be reviewed within two to five days after undergoing a blind review. If your submission is made near the deadline, you will receive the results wihin two days. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to make the payment and submit your full research paper. Ways to Present at ISRC2017 Oral Presentation: Oral presentations are 20 minutes in length. Online Oral Presentation: Online Oral presentations are 25 minutes in length. Poster Presentation: this presentation gives the presenters an opportunity to share their research findings with a large audience of professionals directly. Poster presentations are 120 minutes in length. Scheduling Requests Due to the large number of participants, we cannot meet requests for specific times and days for presentations. Under exceptional circumstances, however, we may meet some requests. ISRC2017 Theme: “Recent Trends and Future Directions in Mathematical Sciences Research” The ISRC2017 theme is “Recent Trends and Directions in Mathematical Sciences Research”. You are kindly invited to approach this theme from different aspects, and you are welcome to submit other topics related to Mathematical Sciences. Submission to ISRC2017 will be organised into the following main thematic streams: General Mathematical Research Calculus of Variations, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Field Theory and Polynomials, Algebra, Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Matrix Theory, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Math Education. Approximation Theory, Coding Theory, Combinatorics, Control Theory, Cryptology, Geometry, Difference and Functional Equations Discrete Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics , Fourier Analysis, Functional Analysis, Functions of a Complex Variable, Fuzzy Mathematics, Game Theory, Graph Theory, Group Theory and Generalizations, Other related topics to Mathematical Sciences

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28 January 2017
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