Toward a Self-Centered Philosophy of Immortalism and Cryonics

by Robert C.W. Ettinger
427 pages 2009
X-Ray Vision

A Way of Looking

by Richard M. Swiderski
222 pages 2012
Writing Genre Fiction

A Guide to the Craft

by H. Thomas Milhorn, M.D., Ph.D.
361 pages 2006
Worldwide Research Efforts in the Fighting Against Microbial Pathogens

From Basic Research to Technological Developments

by A. Mendez-Vilas (editor)
271 pages 2013
World Class Shipboard Hospitality

Practical Guide to Post COVID Cruise Ship Guest Satisfaction and Service Personnel Operating Standards

by Paolo Benassi
322 pages 2022
Working on Texts

Reading Literature Critically

by Enrico Terrinoni
109 pages 2012
Work and Labor in World Languages, Literatures, and Film

Selected Proceedings of the 24th Southeast Conference on Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Will Lehman, Margit Grieb, and Yves-Antoine Clemmen (editors)
300 pages 2021
Woman X Turns Thirty

Myths, Mysteries and Mental Meltdowns

by Heidi E. Rehmann
83 pages 2000
William Walton and the Violin Concerto in England between 1900 and 1940

from Elgar to Britten

by Paolo Petrocelli
80 pages 2007
Will They Like It or Use It?

The Development and Use of an Instrument to Measure Adult Learners’ Perceived Levels of Computer Competence, Attitudes Toward Computers, and Attitudes Toward e-Learning Within a Corporate Environment

by Steven R. Yacovelli
219 pages 2005
Why Custer Was Never Warned

The Forgotten Story of the True Genesis of America's Most Iconic Military Disaster, Custer's Last Stand

by Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D.
240 pages 2017
White-Collar Crime

Detection, Prevention and Strategy in Business Enterprises

by Petter Gottschalk
197 pages 2010
What's Wrong With The Christian Right by Jan G. Linn
180 pages 2004