Four Keys to the Natural Anabolic State

The Pathway to Health, Fitness, Faith, and a Huge Competitive Edge

by William G. Alston
184 pages 2023
The Scourge of Terrorism from the Middle Ages to the Twenty-First Century

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

by Marian Leighton
410 pages 2023
Fundamental College Composition

A Grammar and Style Guide (2nd Edition)

by William P. DeFeo
248 pages 2023
Governance for Nonprofits

A Board of Directors Guide to a Profitable Not-for-Profit Corporation

by Ted E DeGroot
264 pages 2023
When The Rooster Crows

God, Suffering and Being In the World

by Vincent L. Perri
288 pages 2023
Beyond the Handsomeness

A Biography of Thomas Schippers

by Nancy Spada, Foreword by Steven Monder
166 pages 2023
Imposter Doctors

Patients at Risk

by Rebekah Bernard, MD
270 pages 2023
The Case of the Welched Reward

Spies, the FBI and Pursuit of Peru's Most Infamous Fugitive

by Mark A. Cymrot
236 pages 2023
Fluid and Thermal Dynamics Answer Bank for Engineers

The Concise Guide with Formulas and Principles for Students and Professionals

by Ethirajan Rathakrishnan
362 pages 2023
Remarks on The Classical Theory of Fields

Corrections and Supplements to the Classical Electrodynamic Part of Landau and Lifshitz's Textbook

by Eliahu Comay, Ph.D.
100 pages 2022
The Heart of Drawing

Stories and Images from Around the World

by Michael J. Strauss; Mags Phelan Stones; Abrah Griggs
136 pages 2022
World Class Shipboard Hospitality

Practical Guide to Post COVID Cruise Ship Guest Satisfaction and Service Personnel Operating Standards

by Paolo Benassi
322 pages 2022
Children Who Society Has Lost or Abandoned

A Parent and Family Guide for Neuropsychiatric Health Issues Faced by Children and Adolescents

by Michael W. Simon, M.D., Ph.D.
240 pages 2022
Because of Eve

Historical and Theological Survey of the Subjugation of Women in the Christian Tradition

by Joseph E. Early, Jr., Ph.D.
370 pages 2022
How to Stay Safe When Entering the Healthcare System

A Physician Walks across the Country to Raise Awareness of the Need to Improve Healthcare Safety

by David B. Mayer, MD
208 pages 2022
Information Systems Analysis and Design (2nd Edition)

Systems Acquisition Approach

by Shouhong Wang, PhD & Hai Wang, PhD
190 pages 2022
In Harmony

The Complementary Musical Tales of the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, Sharon Civic Orchestra, and Sharon Community Chamber Orchestra

by Dr. Lisa Redpath
474 pages 2022
Business Database Technology (2nd Edition)

Theories and Design Process of Relational Databases, SQL, Introduction to OLAP, Overview of NoSQL Databases

by Shouhong Wang, Ph.D & Hai Wang, Ph.D.
280 pages 2022
Embracing Senior Leadership

Three Critical Factors Needed to Reach the C-Suite and Thrive

by James W. Browning, Ph.D.
276 pages 2022