A Road Not Traveled Alone

The Lived Experience of Rural, Reentry Women and the Relationships that Sustain Them

by Cassandra Robison


Although the literature contains much research about reentry women in past decades, that research focused primarily on white, middle class women. It is rich with studies in mentoring, but previous studies rarely explored the crucial connections between reentry women and mentoring. This study bridges the gap by exploring the experiences of 10 multicultural, reentry women in the rural South at a small community college. The researcher conducted audio-taped interviews of all participants and collected several prose artifacts offered by participants. Initially, the typed transcripts were analyzed and coded into major categories; codes were collapsed and meaning making continued until 5 themes emerged that best evinced the essence of the participants' experience. The findings show that reentr...

by Adelbert L. Wilber


Co-teaching originated in the 1960’s, when it was popularized as an example of progressive education. Progressivism mandates that schools should be "child-centered" with the curriculum and instruction tailored to facilitate the development of the individual, based on scientific methodology. John Dewey was instrumental in advancing the merits of a progressive education and co-teaching is just one tenet utilized to advance his theories for development and learning. Due to the ever-changing nature of education in an increasingly more diverse society, modified forms of instruction, such as co-teaching, are becoming more widely utilized in the effort to increase the effectiveness of educating America’s youth. Federal legislative changes, such as those required by the Individuals with Disabi...

by Samia A. Wahab


There is a need to understand the factors correlating with teachers' instructional use of computers, because much of the present research focuses on students rather than teachers. This study examines several factors relating to the use of computers in the classroom by teachers. The factors examined include teacher attitudes, emotions, beliefs, and outside influences. This was done by a review of the present literature, administering two surveys, and analyzing the survey data. Questionnaires were distributed to faculty at five randomly selected high schools in a Midwest city participating in the study. Data from the survey was then examined to determine which factors correlate with teacher computer use in the classroom. The results of this study will help improve understanding of teachers' ...

by Dr. Veneisha Johnson


The focus of this study was to gain an understanding of six military wives experiences while their husbands were deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. There were three themes that were derived from the literature and they were explored with the six wives: communication, reintegration, and self-esteem. The analysis of the research was qualitative, utilizing a phenomenological approach, consisting of structured interviews for the participants whose husbands were deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. To analyze the data Giorgio’s (1985) phenomenological approach was used. The structured interviews were used to explore and gain an understanding of how the three themes impacted the wives while their husbands were deployed. The results showed that all three themes impacted the wives...

by Patricia Fioriello


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the way and extend to which the elementary school is meeting special needs of students of gay and lesbian parents, in regard to school environment that provides support, protection, inclusive curriculum, principal and assistant principal involvement, and involvement of parents of these children in the life of the school. Methodology: The student consists of two types of research: a descriptive study and a qualitative case study. Questionnaires and semi structured interviews were conducted with elementary principals enrolled in the University of La Verne doctoral program and working in school districts throughout California. The survey instrument included five categories of the role of the elementary school with...