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Physics Practical for Engineers with Viva-Voce

15 Classic Physics Lab Experiments for Engineering Students

by Chandra Mohan Singh Negi


Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2018
Pages: 164
ISBN-10: 1627347011
ISBN-13: 9781627347013
Categories: Physics & ChemistryTextbooks & Study Guides


This is one of enumerable self-help or how to books with an emphasis on Engineering Physics Practical. The basic premise of the book is that there are certain simple experiments, involving no more than rudimentary Physics laws and the very basic laws of Engineering Physics for undergraduate college engineering students. But these practical are often not done or taken lightly, for several reasons. First, people don’t realize how easy they are to do. Second, and more fundamental, they are not done because it does not occur to people to do them. Finally, and tragically, no one in their elementary, middle, or high school educational experience has stressed the importance of doing them, and of course neither did they teach to do them. This book is to reveal to you what the experiments are, make them readily understandable, and by means of a very easy-to-use illustrations.

The main thing you should expect from this book is the theories and practical related small information more precisely about experiments. You will get a rudimentary understanding of the basic concepts behind the Engineering Physics experiment that governs the fundamental daily life questions that challenge us in life. The book is divided into seven major categories and Fifteen chapters. In this book the students will find solutions to experimental obstacles normally faced by undergraduate college engineering students. students. In summary, you don’t need any special background or ability to profit from this book.

About the Author

Chandra Mohan Singh Negi is Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Science. Nanhi Pari Seemant Engineering Institute, Pithoragarh, India