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Transitioning from School to Adulthood

Practical Activities for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Other Disabilities

by Jeanne Hager Burth, illustrated by Anthony Marghella

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2020
Pages: 314
ISBN-10: 1627343067
ISBN-13: 9781627343060
Categories: Research & AdministrationEducation


Just as schools educate young people to become responsible citizens who can navigate the world of post-secondary education, careers, and social life, dedicated parents also want their child to mature and be independent and happy. Youth who transition to adulthood encounter many obstacles, including finances, skills for independent living, job security, and social connections. Transitioning from School to Adulthood: Practical Activities for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Other Disabilities is a collection of descriptions, instructions, and practice activities for young people who face more barriers than most emerging adults. These activities are helpful for teachers, service providers, and parents assisting individuals with ASD, along with other disorders, such as Cognitive Disorders, Developmental Delays, and Specific Learning Disabilities. The activities are designed by future teachers, undergraduate students in the education major.

Leaving the school environment and preparing for adulthood is a time of profound change. The adult world encompasses many firsts for young people. Planning for the changes enables more positive outcomes. The chapters in this book describe activities for independent life or supported environments, step-by-step instructions, and practice exercises. The areas of concentration include Socialization, Independent Living, Employment, Education, Self-Advocacy, and Health and Hygiene.


This book is an exceptional resource that provides practical, step-by-step activities to support students with autism and related disorders who are transitioning from school-age to adulthood. This great collection of ideas is a fantastic resource for teachers, families, and related service providers.
Jennifer Suppo, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Special Education from the University of Pittsburgh and parent of a beautiful daughter who is diagnosed with autism

Dr. Burth has deftly filled a niche in this book with great, aptly leveled, realistic activities that can help your child or client to be involved in making choices for an exciting future. Drawing upon excellent, field tested examples, you can tap into motivating exercises and discussions. As a program director devoted to foster children, I believe this collection can play a key role to engage ASD youth in transition to adulthood planning.
Karen Burns, Executive Director, CASA of Westmoreland, Inc.

I believe that Dr. Burth’s book offers an exceptional and realistic insight into the needs of special need students as they enter the adult world. Unlike many of the textbooks and resources available to instructors, that offer teaching strategies and pedagogy, this book offers insight from the student’s perspective. I believe that this book has the potential to be a tremendous resource for those involved in preparing our future teachers to deal with the challenges of special need students.
Dr. Daniel J Shelley, University Professor Emeritus, Robert Morris University

About the Author

Jeanne Hager Burth, EdD is a dedicated educator and child advocate who has been working in the field of education for 38 years. Currently holding the positions of Associate Professor and Director of Field Placement and Teacher Certification at University of Pittsburgh, she has also served in the roles of principal, Professor of Educational Studies, Professor of Literacy Studies, teacher of elementary, learning support, and gifted education. She acted as the Western PA Director for the PA Multi-region STEM Math and Science Partnership Grant, Director of Kids in College at Penn State University, and does consultation work in education.