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Panama's Low-Income Consumers' Brand Loyalty

Panamanian Consumers

by Rossano V. Gerald

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Pub date: 2011
Pages: 191
ISBN-10: 1612337554
ISBN-13: 9781612337555
Categories: Business Management & AdministrationBusiness & EconomicsSocial Science


The research problem focused on Panama's low-income consumers' decision making process when shopping for consumer-products. The purpose of the research was to determine Panama's low-income consumers' consumption values, preferences, and loyalty towards a particular brand over another. The qualitative research method was employed in this study, and the data collection process consisted of observation and in-depth interview documents that were organized and categorized. The results of the study found that Panama's low-income consumers' brand preferences were widely varied and brand-loyalty behavior was influenced by consumers' knowledge, perceptions, and commitment towards a particular product and service provider. Recommendation for further study addressed the marketing strategy that could be used to identify consumers' consumption preferences and loyalty towards a particular brand.