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The Delusion of Progress

A Fallacy of Western Society

by Pierre A. Chomat

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2008
Pages: 225
ISBN-10: 1599429861
ISBN-13: 9781599429861
Categories: Political Science


In The Delusion of Progress Pierre-Auguste Chomat portrays a young individual who gradually becomes an unconditional believer in progress and a full member of an industrial society that sets almost no limits to its material development.

The case presented by the author defines Western Society as a whole. Industrialized countries take for granted that Progress characterizes Man and is a natural movement of his being. We have faith in Progress. We do not question its values. Progress “exists” the way God “exists.” We have become fundamentalists of Progress.

Our societal behavior has some severe flaws. Most critically, it is exhausting the resources on which it is based and the damage that it is inflicting on Earth is often irreversible, putting life as we know it in jeopardy. The momentum that maintains our civilization is suicidal. We are on the brink of an ecosystem and economic planetary crisis never before seen in human history.

Chomat thrusts upon us quintessential questions. Why, in the name of Progress, do we behave like an irresponsible species? Will we be able to exist outside of our cybernetic world? Do we still know how to live in a sustainable manner? How to be a being?

About the Author

Pierre A. Chomat participated in major technological developments in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. His reflections on his professional experience have led him to an unconventional view of the future of our industrial society.